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The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

Chapter 007 - The Lazy Dragon Chapter 7 (v2)

“Welcome young Emperor.”

I was sitting lazily and looked down at the young man with a bossy attitude. Afterall, I failed to persuade Runamiria to lower the throne's height. So I now looked very imposing.

“Haha.. The 24th generation of Gozman Empire's Emperor, Harold. My name is Guardian Dragon God of Sloth.”

It was enough to scare the hell out of Harold. Direct gaze from above was pressuring him.

“The first Emperor of Gozman Empire was my ally. Those who have his blood is also my al-ugh..”

I bit my own tongue. It’s Runamiria fault, she said 'Please speak with dignity so the name of Dragon God won't be put to shame.'

“Ha ha.. Thank you for patronizing me.”

“Umm.. Well, you did a great job for reaching my throne. It was done half a day earlier than your successor.”

Actualy it’s a big deal. He reached my throne so quick. I was hoping to get a quick nap first. However it was a mere, simple barrier to make them think like me. Lazy, sloth, it can’t be broken by a regular person.

If not for the first Gozman Emperor, I would have sent him back right now.

If it was anyone else, and since I was ordered not to kill anyone, I would have threw them out.

However he came for a coronation ordeal. The test for the human's diligence was enough.

“Alright.. Now, you have completed the coronation first step. Please return to the empire.”

However just when I uttered that, Runamiria entered the hall.

“What are you doing Runamiria? ”

”Guardian-sama.. I was just. (how can I leave him alone with a man in a room).”

”Whatever. Anyway you have completed your ordeal. You should left this cave as soon as you can because if you stay here too long, it will cause be a harm to your body. Please return.. ”

”Please wait.. I want to ask the Sloth God. ”

”Hm.. What is it? ”

Is he trying to ask me about how to lead a country? My hobby in my previous life was sleeping. I don’t know anything about ruling a country.

”Sloth-sama.. In your mind, what is the perfect king like? ”

”The perfect king? ”

”Yes. My father Garandia was blessed by you with valor. Unparalleled talent in governing, he brought development to the empire. However, I am far from him. How can I be a good king? ”

Oh no. When did I give the previous Emperor a blessing?

”I confess that I am weak. If I became the emperor, the Empire will absolutely decline. If couldn’t lead the people, how can I lead a country?”

Aah.. I now remember someone who said the same thing.

“Hahahahahaha…. ”

”Sloth-sama? ”

”Forgive me. It was funny that someone once asked me the same thing. ”

”Someone asked the same thing? ”

”Five-hundred years ago. There was no empire, only countless wars reigned in supremacy. A farmer came to me and said: 'I want to end this war'. ”

“How come a mere farmer ask the Guardian God such a thing? ”

Oh, Emperor-kun showed a surprised face. It was natural. A farmer broke into my shrine. For the Emperor-kun who gone through the same test, he must be shocked.

”Of course I refused. As a Guardian God, I only solve problem and shouldn’t be biased towards the people. ”

Hearing my words Runamiria just nodded.

It was a true story, at least half of it. We Guardian Dragon God can’t side with the humans. If we help someone, many others will ask for our help too. Then it will be troublesome.

”However it was true that it will be better if the war ends. ”

”So? Did that farmer became the emperor? ”

In my previous life in Japan, there was a farmer named Toyotomi Hideyoshi that became a lord. Some famous figure lineage also came from a farmer family.

”The farmer was surprised whrn I toldhim this. The one who wanted to stop the war was him. So he should be the one who will stop it. ”

Emperor-kun was looking at me with a strained face.

”The farmer started to gather allies and united the continent. His name was Orlando, Gozman Empire's first Emperor. You are not worthy? Yes. However if you had reached my shrine, you should realize your own determination. The ideal king is something for you to decide. ”

“Sloth-sama ……”

“I, Harold Gozman, sorry for saying  nonsense earlier. ”

When I was cleaning the mana stream I also made some mistakes. Is there really a perfect being such as an ideal king?

”Listen to your heart. If you’re lost, ask around. If you’re wrong, there’s always a time to correct it. You can only keep moving forward. ”

Alright.. I thought that was a grand speech.

”Yes! ”

The Emperor-kun was crying in gratitude.

”Guardian-sama. It is time to send him back. ”

”That’s right.. Harold Gozman, I give you my blessing as the 24th Emperor. You can now return. ”

”Yes! ”

Emperor-kun gave a bow then went back with a face brimming with confidence.

”Runamiria, that should do it right? ”

”Yes Guardian-sama.. ”

It was tiring to keep my head high. I immediately threw my body down on the bed.

My jaw and tongue was cramped because of speaking some words that I don’t usually use. I opened and closed it several times to stretch it.

Five-hundred years ago when Orlando asked the same thing, I was surprised that he became the emperor. However, because of him, the crowning ceremony now includes coming to my shrine. It just added more trouble for me than helping him uniting the continent. Talking formally exhausted me.

“Thank you for your hard work Guardian-sama. ”

An appreciation from Runamiria gave me some energy.

”No problem. ”

”It is a problem to let a human enter your shrine but it was amusing to see the awe inspiring Guardian-sama when giving advice. Oh such a dilemma. ”

Runamiria then showed me her usual smile.


” Your majesty, the prince has come out. ”

”Harold? Hahaha. ” Garandia was surprised to see his son had finished the ordeal in less than a day.

”It seemed you have finished your audience with Sloth-sama. ”

”Yes, He also gave me a wonderful advice. ”

”What kind of advice? ”

”The ideal king. ”

Garandia was confused with Harold’s answer but he noticed his son’s air had changed.

”Now, let’s crown you as the 24th generation Emperor when we get back. ”

Then they left heading back to the empire.

Harold, from now on you will be burdened with a great responsibility. Thousands of people's fate now rest in your hand.

”I am Harold Gozman. The 24th Emperor of Gozman empire. We will continue to move forward. Please be my power and support me. ”

”Long live the Emperor! ”

On that day a new Emperor was born in Gozman Empire. He listened the people's advice. He carefully make decisions. With the diligence of Asuraddo people, the Empire developed even further.

Translated by SnowFallsDown 
Edited by Panda