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The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

Chapter 002 - Lazy Dragon chapter 2 (v2)

Chapter 2 (v2)

“Now, let me clean your body first.”

Runamiria bows down and spins her body. The jet-black maid outfit that she is wearing instantly changes and a mop and bucket appears. She looks like she had gone through a magical girl transformation, but in reverse order.

“Guardian-sama. Please excuse me.”

Runamiria jumps softly onto my back and begins polishing my scales one by one with a happy expression.

If a normal person cleaned my body with a single mop, it will be a hell of labor. Even the fatigue would be immense. However because she is a spirit, she can’t feel physical fatigue.

” Runamiria.”

“Yes Guardian-sama. Is there a problem?

“If you had wanted to wash my body, you could have just used [acid rain] to get rid of all the dirt and dust. Then water-based wide area annihilation magic, [Tidal Wave], could have been used to clean up. It would have been much easier to clean my giant body”

“Using magic? Uuh… You’re so lazy.”

“What? It’s convenient.”

She shakes her head.

“Not good. [Acid Rain] may damage your scales and [Tidal Wave] is a high level magic. If something wrong were to happene to you, I can only blame myself.”

My scales are actually strong enough to withstand it. In the past I even flew to space to test my body.

“Alright, then at least you don’t have to do it one by one. After all my body is black. Dirt and dust aren’t really that noticeable.”

My body is covered in black scales. My eyes are also black.

“No! I will polish it carefully. I will make sure your scales shine.”

“Why do you bother to do such things?”

“To take care of you, Guardian-sama. You’re the reason that I live and I will continue serving you, as your happiness is mine too. I will continue to serve you in the future as I have in the past”

“What? It’s like you’re swearing a vow.”

“Of course, it’s a vow.”

Hmmm… There’s no way for me to change her mind.

In my previous life, I was an evil and lazy person, however I couldn’t win an argument against her.

Runamiria and I met 10,000 years ago. I saved her life due to some circumstances and in response she said “I will return the favour for saving my life.”

I didn’t take it too seriously back then. I had said that I was a lazy person and could sleep for years. However she didn’t listen.

After giving her numerous excuses, she didn’t back down.

Our conversation continued for three consecutive days and nights until I gave up. I accepted her.

Runamiria said to me that she would serve me with her life.

While immersed in the old memories, Runamiria finishes polishing my body. Now she’s on my wings.


If you saw her breathing deeply while cleaning with such a serious expression, you too will get mischievous thoughts.

I move my wings lightly to tease her.

“Aaahh! Guardian-sama… Stop that…”


I move my wings down again. When she is just about to clean it again, I move the wings in perfect timing.

“Puh.. Guardian-sama.. Please don’t tease me.” she says while pouting.

Seeing her face is worth my mischief.

“Your body is all clean.”

Runamiria bows down and give a smile of accomplishment. Seems like a whole day was consumed in the process of cleaning my body. I almost fell asleep but Runamiria kept scolding me.

“Guardian-sama. Pleaae praise me.”

(TL note: oh no it seems like I have fallen for her)

Runamiria looks at me with her dazzling eyes. However I now realize that she is covered in dirt. It doesn’t really reduce her charm but I can’t leave her like that.

“Runamiria, come closer.”

“Yes? Guardian-sama, what are you planning to do? Perhaps. Please, let me prepare myself first.” she blushed as she said that.

“No need. Just come here.”

“Please excuse me.” she stepped up and smiled.

“Stand still okay?”

“Eh? Yes.” with a puzzled expression she stood still.

I use my tongue and lick the dirt off her cheek.


The scream of a woman attacked by a pervert resounds inside the cave. At first she was shocked but after a short moment she realizes her situation.

“Ah.. Guardian-sama… Ah… Stop…. Ah… What are you doing?”

“You dirtied yourself cleaning me and now it’s my turn to clean you.”

With a bright red cheek Runamiria stares at me with watery eyes. Even though I’m a dragon, I’m still a man on the inside. Seeing a girl cry, I’m still too weak to that.

“If that’s so, let me lick your dirt too! I’ll clean you by licking from now on.”

Runamiria said that eagerly. I don’t have such a hobby but maybe being licked isn’t so bad.

“First of all, if you had used [Acid Rain] and [Tidal Wave] you wouldn’t be in this situation.”

It was something more important for her. My appearance is that of a dragon, but her’s is that of a human’s. Cleanliness should be more important to her than it is to me.

“I understand that. But, Guardian-sama, you didn’t have to lick me!”

She says that with her face in a fiery red colour. Well, licking a woman’s face may be considered sexual harassment even if lovers do it. However, our relationship is master and servant. In my mind appears the image of bald manager licking the face of a beautiful office lady. That is definitely sexual harassment no matter how you look at it.

“Sorry Runamiria. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“So, you will lick anyone that’s dirty then?” she was looking at me with a blank stare.

“No.. Of course not… I will not lick anyone else.”

“Ah… That’s fine if you understand that…. I’m… I’m not really angry when you licked me you know…”


Even for me who has lived for many years, a woman’s heart is and always will be a mystery.


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