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Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

Chapter 011 - Lazy dragon chapter 11

Episode 11

After receiving a love confession from Pigna, I leave in the morning to defeat the demon.

However I traveled alone. I couldn’t sleep because of the monster on the way. I think I will get some companion later.

The first one is a warrior called Broad. I met him on the way when he lost all of his money. It was stolen by his party then they abandoned him. He attacked me at first because he is now a bandit. However after I defeat him and tell him I am the hero, he is willing to help.

I will have taciturn expressionless genius magical girl Paula to help me. A genius child from Torumekia empire. She will accept to be my helper at the cost of me gathering materials for her research.

I have a hard time.

From rare medicinal herbs, internal organs of powerful monsters. Afterall is her research successful?

The last one is bloody priest Gorham. Rather than his healing capability, he was famous for repelling monster by beating them using a staff. The time he finished, his robe is dyed red with blood. He was feared by the people however he agreed to join me when I tell him that I want to defeat the demon lord.

Pigna, look at me now. I have dependable friends.

After that I come to Assurado continent. I will be going trough a rites of passage of the Guardian Dragon God of Sloth.

They said the first hero doesn’t need to do this, but since the demon grow stronger, we need to get the blessing to be stronger.

However, God of Sloth. Is it the real deal? I mean, getting stronger and “sloth” is like the completely different things.

Except from Gozman empire coronation ordeal, usually the area is off limits.

We asked Harold emperor which newly enthroned and he said.

“The shrine of God of sloth may not look promising. However the legend was true. If you could pass the lazy barrier, the Dragon God will give you his blessing. ”

I was asking about the detail but he said.

” Don’t worry. It’s something you could handle. However I wish for your success. ”

After that the guards take us to the shrine entrance. We enters afterwards.

” how long..? ”

” it’s far… ”

After a while we entered, no one is not complaining.

Hours! I’m tired physically and mentally.

” Why did the emperor said it was easy? ”

Broad sighed. Altough he loves training, just walking is boring.

” Assurado people is famous for hardwork. We need to be diligence. The seemingly endless cave is the embodiment of their national policy. ”

Gorham said that with a villainous facr that emerges under the torch light.

” This place have a great mana atmosphere. ” the eyes of always taciturn expressionless Paula is shining.

” The emperor said the barrier is making us lazy. ”

” also it was harmful to the body if we stayed too long. Will be too lazy to think, breath, and eventually died. ”

” How scary.. ”

Broad was groaning and sweating.

” This is truly a trial of God of Sloth. ”

” Just hang on. ”

I keep on yelling to keep our spirit up.

We finally arrived at the inner shrine.

What greets js is a incredibly beautiful woman. There is also a huge black dragon. It must be the Guardian Dragon God of Sloth.

It’s dangerous. Just facing him, my legs is trembling. The 3 people behind me also suffered under the pressure . However we can’t givr up.

“My name is Ars Funnel. I am here to ask for a blessing. ” it is the hero courage .

” Oh well. If that’s so, hero. Please be prepared. ”

He show his fangs, I’m not afraid. Absolutely not.

Pigna is waiting for me.


Oh, the hero have come again. I wonder when did I started the brave hero operation. Because I know the truth.

Makai world is a harsh world. Because of mana stream, they couldn’t cultivate enough food. Therefore to resolve it, the resident of Makai decided to invaded the ground. Therefore I was the guardian of this world. I also have a responsibility to protect it, regardless of race.

I want to create a peace between human world and Makai, however battle between race is hard to resolve.

There are races like elf, fairy, beast, dwarf and many more. They also have guardian god like me. However no one is liking my hero idea. How to solve it? Battle between races like elf trying to dominate using magic, beast race against slavery, it all run deep down. Like Makai against human, only time could tell. To resolve the dispute is my job as a Guardian God.

It was a happy future but it is a cumbersome work. I need to overlook the hero.

Well, I need to change my appearance because the pressure was too great for them. I jumped of my bed and lift my mana. I am a Guardian God but not exactly a Dragon. The Dragon shape was made by my consciousness by shaping mana. That’s the real form of Guardian Dragon God. It was made from my memory as a high school student.

I was in a pressence of almighty being. I was told that I will be the world’s guardian. To do that, I need to be the strongest. My thoughts was the strongest creature. Because of that, I ended up with a dragon shaped body.

Before I land, my makeover is complete.

It is my human form.

Dressed in scales instead of clothes, long black hair flowing, three pairs of wing and tail comes out from my back.

“Now, are you ready hero? ”

(TL note: the author put flashback inside of thoughts so it was kinda wierd. I hope you’re not confused.)