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The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

Chapter 010 - Lazy dragon chapter 10

Episode 10

From 1 month of training, my ability is comparable to the Knights.

“The brave Ars, survived the painful training and grow in alarming rate. ”

” I give you this armor. From now on I hope it could help you. ”

The king bestow me a mithril armor and sword. Amazing. Even for adventurer, there is only a small number of mithril. The price of this probably 100 times my life income.

” I better work hard to meet everyone expectations. ”

I mark my promise with a heroish word.

” Today you’re allowed to go back to the village and rest. ”

Finally after one month I returned.

” Hey, you’re back! ”

” The pride of the village! ”

” I always know you’re designated for something big. ”

I was welcomed by food and drinks. They even made a bonfire in the middle of the village square. Although living in the palace was good, I missed my days in the village.

Everyone, one month ago was looking at me like a garbage. Hypocrite.

” Oh Ars is back. ” it was the mayor.

” Mayor isn’t it time to harvest? ”

Since the demon invasion, cultivation is hard. We even have to pay higher tax for failing harvest.

” Don’t worry. Because you’re the hero, our village was exempted from tax for 10 years. ”

” Huh? ”

It must be the true meaning of him rubbing his hand before. He made a negotiations with the knight.

” Ars? ”

.”Oh! Pigna.”

Pigna come and bring a lot of food inside her tray.

“So much, eveb a horse couldn’t eat it all. ”

” It’s for grandpa. ”

After that she quickly leave. Hmm… There is something strange..

After that I tell about my one month of training. Show some magic. Everyone eyes is shining hearing my story. I ate Mom cooking and it was delicious. I cried involuntarily.

At night I head out to a small hill. My favorite place. From here I could see the whole village. From such a tiny village, I am going to be the hero.

Suddenly my hands are trembling.

No way? I’m scared?

I practiced sword and magic. Yet, why? Why?

“I am a hero! No! I am a farmer! Don’t fight the demon. ”

Argh. I hit my head against the rock in vicinity.

Hit it again and again.

However a rock couldn’t even scratch my hero body.

” Should I ran away? Should I quit as a hero? ”

The moonlight shone and fall on a figure.

” Pigna? ”

” I was hearing someone shouting. I didn’t mean to. ”

” Don’t worry. I come here to see you. Whenever you have a gloomy expression you always come here. ”

” Will you quit being a hero? If you quit who will fight the demon? ”

” It’s…. You knoe, there used to be a hero that defeat the demon lord. Maybe a new one will appear. ”

” when the demon lord is defeated or when you die? ”

” Really I wonder why did I get chosen. ”

” You’re a lazy person, a coward, how can you be the hero? ”

” Hey, aren’t you saying mean things? ”

” Why Ars is the hero? ”

Pigna is crying and hugged me.

” Pi-Pigna? ”

” Ars just quit. Ran away. Why should you carried the burden? ”

” But if I escape.. The demon. ”

” It’s just that we will be invaded by demon. ”

” It will be dangerous. Even this village will be attacked. ”

Aaah. Finally I realized. This one month I traioto protect this village. My home, Mom, Dad, Pigna.

” Don’t worry. I made my decision. I will defeat the demon. ”

” But.. You said.. ”

” I want to protect the village. I want to protect you. ”

” me? ”

” Pigna? ”

” Listen to me. You have yo come back alive. ”

” Understood. Who am I? I’m Ars the hero. ”

Finally Pigna gives me a smile.

” Hey Ars… ”

” What is it? ”

Pigna began to squirm and her face turned red.

” If you’re okay with it, I’m willing to be your concubine. ”

It was sending me a shock.

” Where did you get the idea to be my concubine? ”

” Because once you defeat the demon lord, you will be married to the princess in the palace. ”

” You’re thinking too much. All the princess in our country is married. ”

To be exact, there is still one unmarried. But she was 5 years old. It is a crime to put your hands on her.

Hey.. Does it mean..

” Are you proposing just now? ”

” Ah.. That.. ”

Pigna face is like a boiled octopus.

” So, you are in a bad mood because I might marry a princess? ”

I don’t have problems because she looked so cute. I love her more and more.

” O-of course not. I just want to bear your child. Oh no. What am I saying? Just quickly defeat the demon Ars. ”

” Ah.. What.. Ah.. ”

Pigna send me strong uppercut. I was blown directly into the distant night sky. To be able to send me away with a blow, the hero. I shall be careful around her.

However with this it’s settled.

I will defeat the demon, come back alive and marry Pigna!