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Chapter 009 - 09 – Leaving the village..

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Chapter 9

Five years ago, the villager doesn’t know an apocalypse has occured. Mythical beast from storm level to god level have stormed human and causing millions of live to be lost. It was caused when flaming boulders fall to the ground.

These flaming boulder contain large amounts of pure Chi. When they fall in the mythical beast territory, the pure Chi contained inside the boulder explode and contaminated the surrounding. Mythical beast with instinct tried to absorb it and evolve.

It was kind of survival of the fittest. If the mythical beast could absorb the Chi they will evolve and their rank increased by a huge amounts. However if their body couldn’t adapt it will explode and causing them to die. This is what happened when the mythical beast around the village dies. With the power increased and lots of god level mythical beast appeared they decided to show their power to the human. It is well known that calamity level mythical beast and above have a high level of intelligence.

Normal human couldn’t make their body absorb the pure Chi. But if they eat a mythical beast that have absorb the pure Chi from the flaming boulder, the Chi will flow naturally from the mythical beast to their body without resistance. However they could only absorb the Chi of monster from the same rank. Like pouring water to a glass, if the amount of water surpassed the glass capacity it will overflow. Causing the body to explode just like the earlier mythical beast that is trying to absorb the pure Chi.

So, how will one increased their power rank? The first one is by cultivate their inner Chi by using a special cultivation method. This one however could only be experienced by people from a special sect.

The second one is by training their body to increase the power they can hold. Stronger body could hold more Chi naturally. Like holding a water, the vessel need to be big enough to hold all of it.

Now, what really happened to Dong Lian?

Dong Lian is born from unranked lineage. When he is still small, he is forced to adapt in the kitchen where the temperature is higher than normal. This causing his body to have better resistance than average human. His body has been nurtured without him or his parent knowing.

The day Dong Xie feed Dong Lian is one day after the flaming boulder descent. That day various mythical beast is trying to absorb the pure Chi. It doesn’t exclude the existence of rain level monster which is so rare and considered as a legend.

Rain level myhtical beast is the lowest rank of mythical beast. If unranked level human want to increased their level fastly, they could absorb the pure Chi from within the rain level beast. How can they are so rare if they are the weakest form of mythical beast? Firstly, it could be like the blue chirping bird which is weak and be the higher rank beast prey or, it is so small until people doesn’t aware of their existence.

That day, the weakest of rain level mythical beast, soil eater worm is finally succeding in abosrbing the pure Chi. It’s level increased from first rain level to second rank rain level. However thay day it was also unfortunate that it is residing in a frozen cabbage which is harvested and cooked that day.

Without anyone noticing, it was cooked and within a spoonful of caring father it was feed into Dong Lian mouth. This being said it was a series of coincidence that ends up in Dong Lian absorbing his first pure Chi which causing him to caught a fever. It was because his body trying to absorb Chi which is greater than his body capacity. After that for a full four day Dong Lian body even though have a higher outer resistance than other kid undergoing inner body transformation.

So, did his unimaginable growth is because of that?

That’s entireley a mistake. The soil eater worm is just a catalyst. His growth is solely because of his persistence. He increased his Chi by accumulative mythical beast meat he absorb. He gained his eye perception by handling various ingredients and knowledge from his father. He increased his stamina by undergoing Xue Pan spartan training and his reflex trained in the third course.

Anyone could do the same thing and they may quit on the way but Dong Lian persistence lead him to where he is now. What’s more after playing in the surrounding village jungle he is absorbing Chi more than anyone could imagine.

Now, what’s the difference of cooking technique in the amount of Chi absorbed? Various mythical beast have different method in keeping their Chi. For example the horned rabbit Chi container is located in it’s horn. But the horn is extremely hard to open. By cooking the horn it will finally released the Chi and it could be utilized to its fullest.

To make it simple, if one want to drink water from a bottle, they could forcefully open it, drink using a straw or drink it normally. The process of cooking method alow the water to flow from the bottle naturally without inflicting damage to the water or Chi.

Today, the villager didn’t know about the truth and they considered Dong Lian as monster. Because when his body is struggling absorbing the soil eating worm, it has the same effect like the mythical beast in the surrounding. As one said, something that you don’t know and you don’t understand will scare you.

Now they are all gathered in the village plaza.
“Village elder, father, mother, today I will depart from the village.”

Xue Pan surprised to hear that and his face showing some concern and sadness.
(Dong Lian must have known what the villager is thinking)

“If that’s so, please take care in the journey.”
The elder said that but there’s no emotion behind it. He’s clearly happy but doesn’t want to show it.

His mother is crying hard and his father hold her in his embrace. His father couldn’t say anything, afterall they have discuss about it yesterday.

“I’ll take my leave.”
Dong Lian for the last time shift his gaze to his father and mother. His father nod his head then Lian turned his body.

That day the villager see Dong Lian small back with a wok tied to it leaving the village perimeter.
“Finally we can put our mind at ease.”
“Yeah, there should be no more problem within the village now.”

Two elder was chatting and showing their smile, it angered Xue Pan who then grab a hold of them in their collar.
“What are you two saying?”

The two elder doesn’t even look regretful or scared.
“You already know that it has to be done sooner or later.”
“Yeah.. You are the one who know him the best. There is a monster right under your nose yet you try to hide it.”

Xue Pan is trying to make the elders head to hit each other and will kill them immediately. But a hand stopped his movement. It was Dong Xie’s. He shook his head.
“There is nothing more we can do Pan. Dong Lian already left.”

Xue Pan regained his sense and let go of the two elder in his hand. Then he fall to his kness and burried his hands on his face.

“Dong Lian.. I hope you’re going to be okay.”

Dong Lian leave the village silently. Right now various feeling is running wild in his heart. The village is his hometown, he fill sad to leave it just like that. It has left so many memory in his mind as he grow up there. He also have to be seperated from his parents. Six years old boy now is forced to live alone. Anger? He held some resentment towards the villager. Afterall, he grow up while interacting with them. For them to throw him away and act like nothing has happened, surge of emotion flow from his heart causing stream of water to come out from his eyes.

“Hik..hik… Father… Mother….”

Altough infront of his parent he can play though, he is still a small child. He is crying now after have gone far from the village and curled himself in the middle of the jungle.

After almost one hour sobbing, he stand up and his eye is now different from before.
“Father… Mother.. I promised, one day after I reach the master or even the grandmaster level I will come back and make them all regret their decision.”

In the middle of the darkness of the forest, Dong Lian dissapeared.


One month after Dong Lian wandered in the wilderness the aura around him has changed.

Struggling in constant danger of survival in the jungle has make his senses sharper than before. At first his eye could discern the weakness of mythical beast as well as in cooking ingredients. Right now his hearing, touch, smell and taste is bringed to the edge showing its real potential.

Helped by his cooking experience, he can differentiate the smell in the air, allerting him if a wild mythical beast approaching. His taste bud is even so sensitive he could even taste the wind. If the taste is different, some unknown mythical beast may have approaching him stealthily. His hearing helped him to venture in the dark and not relying only using his eyes. His touch makes him know the condition of soil, trees, and anything in his surrounding.

In the wilderness, Dong Lian have lost the trace of time and everything else. Everyday he only strive to survive while keep increasing his strength. Nowdays he could absorb more than ten mythical beast a day. It all isn’t mythical beast he hunt but they are all coming to hunt him in the beginning before it all reversed. Even Dong Lian himself wasnt sure of his rank but he keep taking a note on the best way to cook mythical beast.

“I wonder if one day I could meet again with brother Shao. I don’t even know the way to Wing Chu city where Wing Chu school is.”

Lian is muttering to himself while eating thunder wolf, he doesn’t even know this monster rank yet he eat it. He didn’t even care of the possibility of his body exploded by absorbing Chi from a higher rank monster. In reality thunder wolf is a high rank storm level monster. But rather than judging the monster rank of power, Dong Lian is trying hard to figure his own level.

While enjoying his food, he suddenly heard a noise from the distance. Some loud noise occured and a fight may have occured not far from his location.


“What happened?”
Lian close his eyes and focus on his hearing. Even though it’s faint he could hear some voices.

“q.uck… Pr…tect…ncess..”


Then the loud roar could be heard even if he’s not focusing on his hearing.
“This is bad.. That roar just now carrying more force than the saber toothed tiger. I have to see what happened.”
Lian packed his things and quickly approached the sound source.

He arrived at the scene and the battle is nearing the end.
There’s a carriage surrounded by guards but most of them are heavily injured.

“This is bad. Who would have guessed that we encounter tempest level mythical beast on our journey. What’s more it is a high rank sky devouring lion.”
The voice come from a figure that is tallest from other guards and have an air of a leader.

“Sir, what should we do?”
The guards around him is waiting for his order.

“No matter what, we must protect the princess.”
Hearing his answer Dong Lian concluded that they are on a mission to escort a princess. But Dong Lian doesn’t even know the seriousness of this matter. Afterall he is living in a secluded village for so long.

“Should I help them? But I’m not sure how strong is that sky devouring lion and wether I’m able to kill it or not.”

For a six years old boy like him to not pee themself or even scream and run away is already something that could make Dong Lian proud.
“If the mission just to escort, should I just grab the princess and flee?”

The sky devouring tiger then lunged forward. With a sweep of it paw it easily beheaded two guards on the side.
Some of the guards even run away seeing their companion lose it live just like that.

“What are you doing? Keep the formation.”
The leader shouting around but no one is listening to him. Afterall loyalty and gold couldn’t buy their life.

“This isn’t looking good.” Dong Lian watched the current situation from the top of the tree.

From the thirty guards at the beginning, fifteen has run away, eight fallen to the sky devouring beast and seven remains.

“No matter what the cost, the princess must stay alive!”
The leader cryed out trying to raise his men morale. They looked standing with strenght but Dong Lian could see their eyes has lost colour. They just standing there realizing the death’s door infront of them.

“Aaagh… I don’t care what may happened.”
Lian jumped from the tree and arrived beside the leader.

“Who are you boy? Why you’re involving yourself in this mess?”
The leader saw Dong Lian and startled. What could a small boy like him whom doesn’t look older than seven years think of doing?

“Uncle.. I just saw you are in a pinch and decided to help.”

The leader saw trough Dong Lian eyes and could see his purity and courage.
“Well said boy but what can you do?”

The leader sighed. At first he is happy to see someone come to help but he doesn’t expect someone as small as Dong Lian is the one who show up.

“Your mission is to escort the princess right? If we could run, hundreds meter of here there’s a small river. If we could swim across we may shake the lion.”
Lian doesn’t know if the sky devouring lion could swim or not but that’s thr best solution he could think of. Seeing the leader silent and the sky devouring lion in front of him keep watching them with a predator eyes, they don’t have a lot of time.

“Can we abandon the carriage and just grab the princess?”

The leader who is staring blankly bringed back to reality after hearing that.
“But, the princess couldn’t swim and we also have to carried her there. None of us is in a good condition to do that.”

Lian know what he means. All of the seven remaining guards is full of injury and barely could stand up.
“Don’t worry. I’ll carry the princess.”

The guards are all looking at him worried.

“Don’t worry I’m quite strong.”
Dong Lian with his childish smile show his hand like Popeye but obviously there’s no big mountain of muscle there.

“We don’t have much time. Please hold the sky devouring lion as long as you can.”
The leader shout and the guards know that is the last thing they could do. Dong Lian run into the carriage and carry the girl princess style. Then run as fast as he can accompanied by the leader.

The girl surprisingly doesn’t show any resistance.
“Uncle Teng. What happened?”

“I’m sorry princess. We have been attacked, we have no other choice.”

“Don’t worry uncle Teng. It’s fine.”
The girls smiled then continued to fell silent.

Lian know that this isn’t the time but he couldn’t help but examined the girl. The girls is no older than five years old. Jet black hair and milk white skin is a perfect match for her black eyes. Her clothing definitely something fancy that Lian never see.

“Boy, where’s the river?”
Dian words bring him back to reality.

“There, just a little bit more.”
Lian is now focused on running but this girl is definitelly light. Her figure should be around ten to twenty kg but she is so light to the point Lian didn’t feel if he’s carrying someone. There’s something wrong with her Lian tought to himself.

“Boy.. Can you swim?”
Teng asked Lian and showed his concern.

“I wouldn’t suggest this idea in the first place if I couldn’t. Excuse me princess you may be wet.”
With a smile Lian jumped first to the river followed by Teng. Teng movement is clearly slower because various injury but he is surprised that Lian is faster than him.

The sky devouring lion cry is vibrating from behind. It is clearly angry. Lian and Teng looked back and thankfully the sky devouring lion just like other cats doesn’t like to be wet and couldn’t swim.

“Hehehe.. We manages to flee.”
Lian saying that to Teng but he doesn’t look happy. Afterall his subordinate has been sacrified just to make sure he is safe with the princess.

When they arrived at the other side, the sky devouring lion has surrender and goes back to the wilderness.

“Uncle Teng right? We should dry ourself if not we’re going to catch a cold.”
Lian words is mysteriously dependable. Teng is shocked at the boy infront of him.

Not long they are already take shelter in a cave. Hang their clothes to dry in front of fire that Lian made.
“Boy, what’s your name and where you came from?”
Teng is curious about Lian backround.

“My name is Dong Lian. I came from a secluded village. Uncle Teng right? Who’s that girl?”
Without giving anymore chance for Teng to ask Lian asked him.

“she is the third princess of King Yin, her name is Yin Mei Ya. Do you know who she is now?”
Lian shook his head and smile.
“I just tell you uncle I came from a secluded village. How can your memory so bad?.”
Mei Ya giggle hearing that. Teng by now feel embarassed.

“What are you doing out here in the wilderness Lian?”
Altough he looks like doesn’t want to answer, Lian tell the truth.
“I was kicked out by the villager thus traveled alone.”

Teng did not dare to ask further. Seeing the changes in Lian eyes he already know Lian must have some circumstances behind it.

“So uncle Teng, where are you heading with Mei Ya?”

“Watch your mouth boy. You should call her the third princess.”

“Don’t worry uncle Teng I didn’t mind.”
Teng was angry at Lian but Mei Ya didn’t care about it. Teng also finally realized his action because his unknownment of common knowledge.

“so, where are you heading uncle Teng? It have something to do with Mei Ya right? Is she sick?”

Teng is taken by surprise. Just a moment talking to this boy yet he seemed to be so unfathomable.
“How do you know? Even in the palace it was a secret.”
Teng said that followed with Mei Ya curious gaze.

“It was because her weight. When I carry her before she is light. To be precise too light. There should be something wrong with her body.”

“That is correct. The third princess has suffered an illness. Her foot is dead and can’t be used. That’s why we have to carry her in a carriage to bring her to Wing Chu city. They said the Wing Chu school in the city could cure any sickness so the King after hearing the rumour asked me to bring her there.”

“Wing Chu city! Could you show me the way?”

Seeing Lian sudden change of attitude when hearing Wing Chu it makes Teng interested.
“Why do you want to go there?”

“Actually I have someone I know there.”

“But you said you came from a secluded village?”
What Lian said is just contradicting his whole statement.

“it’s a long story but I know someone by chance just like today.”
Teng then nods and agree.

“Alright you could come with us.” but Lian shook his head.

“I only said to show me the way uncle Teng. You and Mei Ya could return back to the palace.”

“You! What do you mean?” Teng is angry because right now it seemed that Lian is mocking him.

“Don’t be angry uncle Teng. What I mean is I could heal Mei Ya.”

Mei ya and Teng asked in the same time.

Lian then stand up and approaches Mei Ya.
“could I see your leg?”

Mei Ya lift her skirt a bit and what beneath it is something unhuman like. Her leg is like a dead trunk, so thin and shows no life.

“As expected. This is not something serious.”

“What do you mean? Our palace doctor all have tried to cure her but they all have give up.”
Teng looked at Lian with disbelieve.

“Uncle Teng. I live in a secluded village and we have no doctor there. So we all have to learn basic knowledge on how to cure simple sickness. Altough Mei Ya illness isn’t simple but to cure it is quite easy.”

In one month after living in the jungle, Lian gain new insight on Chi absorbing method. When he first eat thunder wolf, his body hurt all along and it feel hot. Clearly at that time thunder wolf is at a higher level than himself. Luckily he just take one bite of it. If the Chi you’re trying to absorb is in a higher rank than yourself, then what you should do? The answer is what Lian find out by himself. It is by absorbing in smaller portion first. That’s why everytime Lian kill a new mythical beast he only took a bite and see how his body responded.

(For all who confused, Lian at birth is at unranked power. When he eat the soil eating worm of rain level it was his breaktrough in reaching the regular level. Regular level human could absorb regular level monster/storm level but there’s still class in each rank.. Low class , middle, and high. Even though at the first regular level rank, a human could absorb storm level monster, the storm has low class, middle class and high class. What happened to Lian when he absorb the thunder wolf is he isn’t powerful enough to absorb high class monster. Monster divided to 3 class in each rank while human divide to 10th tier of power in each rank for ex, 5th rank regular human is qualified to absorb middle storm monster and have difficulties to absorb high storm monster)

When he witnessed Shao could even regrow an arm he make a conclusion. Mythical beast meat could grow a person limb and surely heal a lack of nutrient leg is simpler. Lian doesn’t know that her leg is in lack of nutrient but he believe, cooked mythical beast meat could heal any sickness. He wasn’t sure himself but trying to act high and mighty infront of Teng and Mei Ya.

“What do you mean? How will you cure her?”
By now Teng is already impatient.

Lian look at Mei Ya closer and determined that her body is so weak. The best way is to feed a small portion of horned rabbit meat. Afterall horned rabbit is a low rank storm level beast. A human at unraked level could even withstand it.
“Let me ask something first, Mei Ya, have you eat a mythical beast meat before?”

Mei Ya shook his head while Teng commented.
“Don’t you know that eating mythical beast meat is dangerous. After what happened five years ago if you carelessly eat a myhical beast meat you could explode.”

It is due to Lian living in a secluded village he could eat mythical beast meat carelessly. The villager also didn’t know about the danger in eating mythical beast meat because they live in seclusion. Lian secretly thanked himself that his father and Uncle Pan could only hunt horned rabbit, the weakest storm level mythical beast and the meat was shared among all of the villager. If not maybe uncle Pan and himself has explode because of that.

Lian take out a small portion of horned rabbit meat which he has dried. He salted the meat then he smoke it in a barrel. It was a modern smoking process but done in a primitive ways just to preserve the meat. This process prolonged the food life but decrease the Chi greatly.

“Try to eat this.”

“What’s this?”
Teng tried to protest but Mei Ya took the piece of horned rabbit jerky and put it in her mouth obediently. Afterall Lian is her saviour so she obey his words.

Teng worriedly looking at Mei Ya.
“Third princess are you alright?”

So far there’s no reaction from her. Lian took another piece and give it to Teng.
“Here, try some.”

Before he put it in his mouth, Teng sniffed the meat but the aroma is mouth watering and too much for him to resist.

The moment Teng eat it, the horned rabbit jerky is chewy but the taste is extravagant. He could sense the smell of apple which comes from apple wood which is used for the smoking and the savoury taste of the meat combined together in a perfect harmony. Other than thr taste, the effect is more surprising for Teng. The wound on his body slowly closing and regenerating. He also feel a warm surge of strength.

“this… I couldn’t believe it.”
Teng opened his eyes while seeing Lian is giving the third princess another bite. By the time one piece of horned rabbit jerky is gone, Mei Ya leg is showing some improvements.

“Uncle Teng! My legs! I can move my legs!”
Mei Ya is crying. Afterall this time, she couldn’t move by herself and this it the first time she could feel her legs.

“Lian.. Thank you!”
Teng is now kneeling in front of him.

“Please rise uncle Teng. This is nothing much.”

Seeing how pure and humble Lian is, Teng could only show his respect and amazement. For a such young boy to have this kind of ability is not something that easily overlooked.

“Lian. Why don’t you come with us to the palace? I could ask the king to make you our palace doctor.”
Teng is trying to get Lian on his side but he shrug it off.

“I’m sorry uncle Teng. I’m still too young and I want to see the world first. After I heal Mei Ya leg, we should go our separate ways.”

“What, you’re going to heal her?”

“Yes, her leg is still recovering but I believe she will be able to walk normally by tommorrow. After that you could show me the direction of Wing Chu city and I suggest you to bring Mei Ya to get further treatment from the palace doctor.”
After that Lian gives Mei Ya another piece of horned rabbit jerky and her leg is now fully recovered.

By now Dong Lian finally realized the potential of cooking and the miraculous effect of mythical beast meat that could be combined together. His hard work and observation, never ending trial and attempt could finally bear fruit.
“But this is not the end. I couldn’t let myself get distracted by these hapiness.”
Lian make himself remember that he have a bigger goal to achieve.

In the next day, it finally the time for them to split.
“Dong Lian. Thank you for curing third princess of her sickness. It maybe nothing much but please take it.”
Teng gives Lian a small jade token with a chinese writing in it meaning “imperial”.

“What is this?”

“That’s an imperial token. It may be nothing much but one day if you encounter some trouble this token may save you. If you visit the palace, show it to the guards and they will take you to see me. It is an imperial guard token. My position isn’t high but you will be welcomed.”
Lian realized that this token is kind of sign of position. Uncle Teng infront of him is actually an imperial guard.

“Thank you Uncle Teng. I will have my leave then.”
Just when he turn his body, Mei Ya called out.

“Lian! Wait!”
Lian turned around and see Mei Ya running to him. She then reach out for his hand and held it.

“Thank you Lian. I will never forget this.”
Lian feel a bit embarassed because uncle Teng is looking. Afterall he is still a small boy and Mei Ya is a year younger than him. Teng just chuckled while trying to cover it with his mouth.
Seeing that Lian face turned red and he retracted his hand trying to let it go from Mei Ya grasp.

“That’s nothing.”

“Please, one day we have to meet again. Please come to the palace to look for me.”

Lian couldn’t withstand her constant gaze and finally surrender.
“Alright. I will look for you in the future.”

Mei Ya showed a smile and look happy.
She rise her left hand and put out her pinky. Lian is now red to her ear give out his hand and make a pinky promise with Mei Ya.

“Now, you have made a pinky promise with me. You definitelly have to come and see me okay?”

Without being able to say anything Lian turned his body and walked away.

“Remember you have to come and see me.”
Mei Ya shouting but by now Lian is already dissapeared in the middle of the jungle.

“Uncle, we will see him again right?”
Teng doesn’t know what to say, just patted her head.

“Come, we should get back to the palace. Your father will be happy to know that you are healed.”

Dong Lian looked at his hand. It is now warm and his pinky still have the lingering feeling when he entwined it with Mei Ya. Recalling that moment he is smiling like crazy. Right now in the palm of his hand he has so many things to do.

After discovering the effect of the mythical beast meat in healing sickness and injury he is now making a plan in his head. How about he became a famous healing cook? But that idea dispersed immediatelly. Who will believe a young boy like him?

Well, he don’t want to make wild guesses and speculation. He is now aiming to meet with Shao first. After that he will decide on what to do later. Looking again at his pinky he is smiling and run forward at full speed. He toss his hand in the air and shout.
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