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Chapter 006 - 06 – Ding qi level battle..

Chapter 6

It’s been one year since Dong Lian explored the surrounding village. Xue Pan doesn’t have to worry anymore about him and Dong Xie and Cheng Yue by now has realized what their son has been doing. They are opposed at first but accepted it after every now and then Lian brings back a mythical beast meat.

“I wonder why my parents couldn’t explain to me what is “it” feeling. Uncle Pan even doesn’t have any idea though I clearly feel it.”

The village outskirts already became his playground. At the age of five he killed his first horned rabbit and at the age of six there’s no mythical beast in the area he couldn’t kill. He have encountered several life and death situation but his wok and kitchen knife always do a good job in saving him. His stamina nourished by this routine and enhanced by his nutrient intake. His stamina already far surpassed Pan’s.

At this point Lian already have a book full of notes about the best way to cook mythical beast in the area. Based on the way to cook it, various parts of the beast, even the spice used. His best dish is now a steamed scorching eagle which have a 10 score of “it”.

In a usual morning when he get out to collect some meat, Lian feel a disturbance in the forest from afar.

“What’s going on there?”

Thundering noise and rumbling sound can be heard. Even the ground seemed to be shaking.

“I will take a look.”

Lian run in the forest towards the source of the anomaly. What he saw there is a man holding a sword with a bleeding hand engaged in a fight against a big mythical beast. The beast look like a cat but couple of times bigger. With two sharp long teeth coming out from it’s mouth. It’s a mythical beast on at least Ding qi rank, saber toothed tiger. The man battling it should be around the same level.

The sabertoothed tiger lunged forward and make a slash with its front paw.


The man holding the sword as hard as he can and parried the blow but he was pushed back several steps.

Lian just watched the scene from afar. First time seeing a battle on another level, there’s nothing he can do.

The saber toothed tiger angry at the man for blocking its attack and trying to bite the man. The man couldn’t dodge because of the fast movement of the tiger and his left hand is bitten. From his elbow below it has gone missing.

“Darn… You’ll pay for this.”

With a sudden leap the man retaliate. His sword aimed in between the saber toothed tiger eyes. The tiger with its reflex tilted the head sideways making the sword just grazed its neck. Blood soon spurt out from the neck wound.

The saber toothed tiger let out a loud voice and the man maintain his stance. The tension in the air indicated the curtain was about to fall down.


The tiger and the man step forward and each sending it’s attack. The tiger with it’s claw and he man with his sword.


The man sword cut the tiger paw into two and continued forward splitting the tiger body in half.

“Huff…Hufff… I finally succed.. Even at the cost of my hand, it’s worth it.”

The man scan its surrounding and notice Lian is there. Lian saw the man looking at him and comes out from it’s hiding place.

“What’s your name young boy? What are you doing here?”

The man asked Lian.

“My name is Dong Lian. I came here because I heard a loud noise before.”

“A young boy shouldn’t wander deep in the forest. Where’s your parents?”

“My parents is at the village. More importantly, who are you sir?”

Seeing the man battling a saber toothed tiger it makes Lian curious.
“My name is Yan Shao. I have chased this tiger for a couple of day.. Ugh… Let me recover myself first.”

What happened next really makes Lian interested. Shao took the meat of saber toothed tiger and put it in his mouth raw. He chew it and after he swallowed it, he sit in a lotus position.
The wound on his hand slowly sealed and regenerating a little. Then he repeat the same process until his hand completely recovered.

“Uncle Shao. What did you do?”

“Don’t call me uncle, that makes me seem to old. Just call me brother Shao.”

“Alright brother Shao, what happened earlier? How can your hand healed?”

“Eeh, you don’t know about this? Isn’t there at least a Ding qi warrior at your village?”

Lian shook his head.
“No brother Shao. The strongest people in my village only a seventh rank Le se.”

Shao nodded after hearing Lian words.

“If that’s so, it’s normal if you don’t know. The process called food absorbtion. If a person have reached at least the first Ding qi rank, they could feel what we martial practicioner call Qi or some call it gourmet cell. It was contained in every mythical beast. It was also the reason they are stronger than us, human. But we still can absorb their Qi or gourmet cell by eating them. These Qi or gourmet cell is very useful. It could help regeneration like what you see before, it could strengthen one body, and even could help you to learn the mythical beast special skill.”

This is the first time Lian heard this so he take out his note and write it down. Shao just smiled looking at Lian reaction.

“So, brother Shao, how did you know if you are absorbing the Qi or the gourmet cell?”

Shao frowned a bit before giving his answer.
“Usually when you eat the meat your body will feel a ticklish feeling in your stomach. Then it will slowly dispersed all around your body and started the absorption process. To recover cutted limbs like me before I could concentrate the gourmet cell to focus only on my arm.”

This is a whole new knowledge for him. It what Shao said is true, then Lian should at least reached the Ding qi rank already but he will keep silent. By this time Lian have a new suspicion.

“Broter Shao, why did you eat the meat raw?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why don’t you cook the meat?”

“Hahaha. Do you think I could cook the meat?”

“If I could cook it, would you tell me the differences between eating it raw and cooked?”

Shao didn’t understand but he nodded. Lian then took the remaining meat of the saber toothed tiger then he cooked it. Marinated it in a special sauce then grill it. Based on his experience, meat from fierce beast is best grilled.

Shao jaw dropped seeing Lian skillfully cook the meat. The aroma soon enveloped the place.

“Brother Shao, taste this and see if there’s any different.”

Shaod took a bite and his face expression changed.

“So delicious. How can you cook like this? Wait… The Qi, the gourmet cell activated in my body also more than when I eat it before. Amazing.”

Lian happy to hear that and take a bite too. When the meat reached his stomach he clearly feel the “it” feeling that is refered as Qi or gourmet cell. He concentrate his mind and the Qi / gourmet cell could be controled to move around his body.
“I better leave it like usual. I don’t know what might happened if I focus in one part of my body.”
Lian tought to himself and the Qi/gourmet cell dispersed all over his body as usual.

“So, do you feel anything when you eat the meat?”
Shao expected more surprise from Lian but heal acts innocent.

“I’m sorry brother Shao I feel nothing.”

With a hint of dissapointment Shao replies.
“Don’t worry. It’s already good enough for you to be able to cook like this. Your cooking could enhance the effect of the Qi / gourmet cell greatly. Even the cook in my school is far inferior to you.”

“School brother Shao? I tought my father told me only people of Chu xue rank above may enter a school.”

“Your father must have teach you a lot. That’s true but some school already started to take in Ding qi rank because right now finding people in Chu xue rank an above is harder.”

“What happened brother Shao?”

“That’s a long story.. More importantly can I rest for the night in your village?”

“I don’t know.. It’s been a long time since my village got visitor.”

Lian village is extremely remote. In the past eight year not once a visitor has come. If not for chasing the saber toothed tiger, Yan Shao wouldn’t even get near the area.

“Why don’t you go to your village first then ask. I’ll wait in here.”

Lian agrees with the idea and then he go back to the village. He explained to his father about what he just witnessed and his father response is somehow vague.

“Is that so? I have to discuss this with the other villager first.”

Dong Xie then go out accompanied with Cheng Yue then have some meeting with the villager.

One hour later they come out with a conclusion.

“Alright Lian. But you have to blindfold him to make sure our village location is still hidden.”

Lian passed his father words to Shao then he agreed.

“Okay if that’s the condition, I will agree.”

That night it was the first time in eight years the remote village has a visitor.


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