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Chapter 003 - 03 – First training..

Chapter 3

In the morning Dong Lian already stood up in front of Xue Pan house. It qas a simple wooden house with a chimney.

“Uncle Pan! Good morning.”
With a loud voice Lian spoke in front of the door while knocking it

“Lian? You’re here?”
Xue Pan comes out of his house while still sleepy. He clearly surprised seeing Lian here. Even the sun haven’t rise.

“You’re early. Let me clean myself first.”
Xue Pan wash his face then comes out of the house.

“Lian.. So, what do you want to learn?”

“basic training uncle Pan. I want to be able to hunt mythical beast.”
Seeing the fire in Lian eyes, Xue Pan get excited.

“Good. Now tell me what you know about mythical beast?”

“Mythical beast is a beast that is powerful. Father said a person need to be at least seventh rank Le se to be able to kill the weakest mythical beast. Then from the mythical beast we can eat their delicious meat.”
Lian is practically drooling. He know how delicious his favourites meat taste like.

“Let me tell you clearly. Mythical beast also have rank like us. However their power is determined not only by their ranks. There are several race that have power surpassing their rank. This what makes fighting mythical beast is dangerous. Now, do you know why our village wasn’t attacked by mythical beast?”

“No.” Lian shook his head.

“Our village have a stone called repelling stone in the middle of it. These repelling stone could leave mythical beast out of their repelling radius. We are lucky to stumbled into this place when leaving the city. We don’t know why but these repelling stone releasing waves of energy that could repel mythical beast. Some noble and upper ranks have smaller repelling stone embedded to their bracelet or necklace but it is extremely rare.”

In the middle of the village indeed a small black stone resided in, planted deep in the ground. In a size of small baseball ball, it could repel mythical beast in 5km radius. Of course the villager hide it because some people might try to steal it. It could be sold and fetch a high price. For people to have repelling accesories, it show their status and even a size as small as a rice could protect a person completely. How much of the prize of the village repelling stone? That is the reason the villager planted it deep down and only some pioneering villager know about this.

“so remember first Lian, if you don’t have enough confidence to defend yourself, never get out of the village you hear me?”

Lian nodded hearing Xue Pan words.

“Good. As promised, I’m going to teach you some basic training. Now held this.”

Pan take out a wooden sword from his house and give it to Lian. It was an awkward scene to see a boy holding a wooden sword as tall as himself. Lian have a hard time balancing himself until finally he stumbled down.

“Uncle Pan. I can’t use this. This is too heavy.”
Lian complained to Pan. It is certainly not a smart move from Pan.

“I’m sorry boy. I almost forget how old you are. It might even be to early for you to have basic training. Just go home and I’ll teach you three more years like the others.”

At seven, it was the age when they usually assessed a child power rank. Even if they don’t have the tool usually at seven they will give the child basic training so if one day they decided to go out of the village they could defend theirself.

“No uncle Pan. Wait. Can you train me using this instead?”
Lian already know what Pan means but he doesn’t want to back down. From his pocket he let out something that has been with him for two years. His kitchen knife.

Xue Pan looked at Lian and see his determination.
“Alright. If it’s like this your basic training will need some adjustment. While I prepare it, making you train your body isn’t good for your development because it’s still in a growing phase. We better train your stamina, can you run five times around the village and then return for your next training?”

“Okay Uncle Pan. I’m off to run then.”

Xue Pan really forget about the fact that Lian is only four years old. Even running five times around the village is not something a seven year old can do. 5km radius times five that means 25km. It usually being done for eight years old boy who have done training for a year.

Just when Pan finished a new training regime he just realized this mistake of his.
“Lian.. Lian.. Where are you?”

It took one hour for him to realized and when he get out Lian already passed out for running almost completing a lap around the village.
“Sorry Lian. I’m not a good trainer. How can I possibly asked you to do things even an eight years old could barely completed.” he run to where Lian is fainted and lift his body.

Surprisingly Lian opened his eyes and give reply.
“Don’t feel bad for me uncle Pan. Afterall I’m going to be a Da shi. If I can’t even complete this, I’m not good enough to be trained by you.” with a silly smile Lian fainted again.

“I really appreciate your spirit Lian. I’ll think of another training regime that will clearly makes you became a Da shi later on.”
While saying that Xue Pan looked at his new training regime for Lian and tore it down again.

In the afternoon Lian wakes up and then give a bow to Xue Pan before leaving.
“Thank you for your guidance Uncle Pan. I have to go home now to help my father. I’ll return tommorrow.”

“Hahaha.. That boy.. Even when he just fainted on his first day of training he still want to come again tommorrow. I really have to plan a good training regime for him.”


The next day Lian came again even when the sun hasn’t rose but this time Xue Pan already waiting for him.

“Lian.. This training will really push you to the limit. Are you sure you want to do this?”
Lian can notice the seriousness from his uncle tone.

“Yes uncle Pan. I want to be strong.”

“Good. Because this training technique makes hell look like a playground. If you could survive this, I can reassure you could hunt horned rabbit as many as you like.”
Pan said that with an evil grin that could make another child cry but Lian doesn’t really care. Hearing that he could be able to hunt horned rabbit as much as he like is enough to make he go trough the fire.

“For your stamina, you should run further than you run yesterday, I already marked where you fainted so you should aim to be further than that.”

Lian looked at the place where he fainted yesterday and he see a stick with a cloth tied on top of it is planted there.

“For your sword training, we will use your kitchen knife. You will strike my friend here until you can see the stick in the middle.”

Pan friend is a scarecrow. Bundled in more straw and hay and make it extra thick and sturdy. It may even take years for Lian to slowly cut each layer while swinging his kitchen knife.

“For your defensive training, I would really like to teach you how to wield a shield when you’re older so for now I’ll teach you how to dodge in that course.”

Pan said that course while pointing his finger at a long runway filled with stick hanging. Hundreds of wooden stick enveloped the area and have various height making it looks like a wall. Each of the stick tied to a higher tree branch and definitelly the sticks could swing around adding the difficulties.

“So, what are you waiting for? Run!”

Lian startled at Xue Pan voice and then he run on reflex. After an hour he made it past his fainted point and he still looks energetic. Today he run for a whole lap then stand proud in front of his uncle.

“Uncle.. Looks like I can run further today.”

“That’s all within my expectation. If you fainted again there’s no point for you to continue training. So, are you ready for hitting practice?”

Pan said that while looking at his scarecrow friend and Lian replied enthusiasticly.

“Yes uncle!”

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