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Chapter 002 - 02 – Two to four years old..

Chapter 2

In the birth, everyone is the same. Power of a lineage? Talents? It only applied to special individual. What makes it different from a Le se and Da shi? Of course they have different ranks like heaven and earth, but even a Da shi is born as a Le se. Only this is not know by people.

The important factors that determined a person strength can be defined. Level of training, growing up environments and nutrient intake. In the age where they all believe in luck, talent and lineage, nutrient intake is clearly ignored. They are all focused in training and environments. Other things that they can’t explain they leave it to the x factor.

The effect of nutrient intake can be seen on Dong Lian. Having secretly eat Dong Xie cooking since the age of one year, his growth is better than regular people. People on that era usually relied on only mother milk to grow up until the age of two.

What differs of high rank people and Le se, they couldn’t get high nutrient food to help them grow. But in this remotely village, Dong Lian freely eat high nutrient food gathered on the village outskirts. Therefore the Le se in these village are stronger than usual. That is also the reason Dong Xie to be the strongest person in here. He have a better chance to eat lots of good food when he is cooking.

Exposure to high temperature from small, makes Dong Lian body resistance is higher than normal. Nobody realized it now because a person power rank usually tested at the age of seven at the earliest and can only be assesed by the authorities.

Today, Dong Xie is cooking a beast meat. Something that Dong Lian rarely see.

“Baba.. Why we rarely eat meat?” the two years old Dong Lian asked his father curiously.

“Dong Lian. In here, we could easily got vegetable because we grow them ourselves. For meat, it could only be gathered from mythical beast. For us Le se to kill a mythical beast it is a hard things to do. At least one should be a seventh rank Le se to kill the weakest mythical beast and on our village only three people that is capable of such things.”

“Baba.. I’ll definitely be at least a seventh rank Le se so I could eat meat every day.”

Hearing his son words Dong Xie can only laugh.
“Good son. You should even aim to be a Da shi one day.”

“What is a Da shi baba?” it was the first time Dong Lian heard those words.

“Da shi is the strongest people on earth. They can fly in the sky. Kill mythical beast with a flick of a finger. Honoured by even the kings, they are a God like existence.”

Dong Lian eyes got wider when he heard that.
“Baba.. I’m not going to be a seventh rank Le se. I’m going to be a Da shi.”

Dong Xie laugh even harder hearing the boy innocent remarks.
“Good boy. A man should have a high dream.”

“When will the vegetable soup for table two finished? And when that meat is done””
Cheng Yue voice resounded in the room and Dong Xie acting frantically.


That short conversation has set a goal in the little Dong Lian heart and as usual he get to eat a small portion of his father cooking.


At the age of three, Dong Lian is already helping his parents in the kitchen. At the age of two he can only helped them by picking up vegetables and various small things. However right now he already started cutting the vegetables.
“Baba.. How can you do it easily?”
Dong Lian is having a hard time cutting something round but as hard as the rock.

“Hahaha. Dong Lian.. There’s a trick for everything?”
Dong Xie come and cut the round rock as easy as cutting tofu.

“Baba.. Is it because you are so strong?”

“Not because of that Lian. See here.. These rock pumpkin is as hard as actual rock, but there’s a trick to cut it. There are several spot where it joints or strand are less than other area. For example here.. That’s where you cut this rock pumpkin.”

Dong Lian nodded at his father instruction. He always listened closely to his father word and immediately practiced what he just learned. He is full of curiousity and his father always have an answer for what he wants to know.

At the age of four, he already mastered the knowledge his father tell him. Altough in practical he still a little bit clumsy with his finger, but in term of knowledge there’s nothing more his father could teach him. As they said in the golden age of 2 to 5 years, young child learn quickly.

“Dong Lian! Look what I bring.”
A man at the age around fourty with a fur cloth coming to the kitchen.

“Uncle Pan! Whoa.. A horned rabbit.”
Dong Lian immediately welcomed the man with a grin.

“Xue Pan. How many times I have tell you that you can’t entered the kitchen.”
Dong Xue come in and saying with an irritated tone.

“Hahaha.. Brother Xue.. Don’t be angry.. Afterall I just want tell Lian about this.”

“Leave it on the table and I’ll cook it. Mean while just wait outside.”

“Alright alright… Lian.. You better eat with me later.”

“Okay uncle Pan.”

Xue Pan got out and waited for the food while Dong Xue prepared it.

Xue Pan is one of the three high rank Le se in the village along with Dong Xue and Chao Xu. Because of Dong Xue job as the village cook and Chao Xu as the administrator, officer and city guard, only Xue Pan who could go out and hunt mythical beast. Any other Le se doesn’t even dare to go out of the village border.

Because of he is still single and close relationship with Dong Xue, he already considered Lian as his own nephew.

“Uncle Pan. Here’s your stir fry horned rabbit with wild carrots guro leek.”

“Haha. Even the smell is so delicious. Lian, come here and eat with me. Cheng Yue, where’s the rice? Bring another bowl of rice for Lian.”

“Here, enjoy your food.”
Cheng Yue delivered the rice with a smile. While helping Dong Xue in the kitchen, she work as the server. When Dong Lian take over her job, she is now focused as the server.

“Yum.. This is so delicious. As expected of your father. But I wonder when will you be able to cook your own dish Lian?”

“I’m already know how to season and bring out the food flavour but I’m too small to use the fire.”
Lian answered with a hint of dissapointment.

“Don’t worry Lian, you are still small. You can take it easy.”
Xue Pan then put his hand and patted Lian on the head. Seeing the boy depressed, he finally have an idea.

“Lian.. How about I teach you some battle training? It will be usefull if one day you decided to hunt mythical beast for your favourites meat.”

“Really Uncle Pan?”
Lian eyes widened and esthatic.

“Yes.. Yes.. Now eat the food before it get’s cold. Tommorrow morning you could come to my place.”

Dong Lian nodded and start to eat alongside Xue Pan. Just a promise to train him could make him this happy because just thinking of being able to hunt a mythical beast mean he could eat the meat anytime he wants.
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