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Chapter 018 - CM ch 18

Cooking master chapter 18

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Teng then brings Dong Lian into a big hall. However it doesn’t seemed to be the inner palace court.

“First, we need to fix your appearances.”

Teng then ordered some of the guards to take Lian into the bath house. Lian of course take a bath occasionally but after so many years living in the cave and training in the forest, he neglect his appearances.

He was ordered by the guards to clean himself up. Then they also helped him cut his long and messy hair. It is now neatly combed. He also got a new set of clothes. It wasn’t a luxurious clothes but the design is those of some low noble level.

When Teng saw his new look, he was stunned.

“Amazing. How can the brat from years ago, the beggar look from a few hours ago turned into such a fine young gentleman.”

“Hehehe, you praised me too much.”

Of course all these years Lian never really care about his look. But on the eyes of anyone that see him now, he have a strong aura that is coming from his strength. Calm composure that is trained in the wilderness and a confident smile that will makes everyone believe in him.

“More importantly uncle Teng, I have to talk to Mei Ya, is that possible?”

“you have to be patient, she is now having a lesson in the inner palace.”

“alright then uncle, I don’t mind waiting.”

When the night comes, uncle Teng walks to the inner court with Lian. They arrived in the inner palace garden .

“Princess, I have come. “

“Uncle Teng.”

“Look who is here.”

Right now, Mei Ya is looking at the garden while showing her back to Teng and Lian. Even from her silhouette under the moonlight, she radiates a special charm. Lian on the other hand just smiled hearing her alluring sweet voice.

“Who is that man uncle Teng? Is it someone that my father asked to marry me again? Please take him away from here.”

“No, this is not the man your father sent. “

She keep talking without even caring for Lian.

“Is that how you greet a friend?”

Lian voice surprised Mei Ya.

“How dare you call yourself my friend?”

“Isn’t that true? You said that you will not forget about me. How can you be this cruel?”

“are you perharps?”

At this time, Mei Ya turned her body already. Lian is stunned seeing her face. She has become so beautiful. Under the moonlight, her face didn’t pale in comparison. The smile on her red lips is making the rose shy. Her eyes is as deep as the ocean. Lian can’t believe that it was the same girl she heal years ago.

“Do you remember this?”

Lian then take out a small jade token with a chinese writing in it meaning “imperial”.

“Did you remember uncle Teng gave this to me long time ago?”

“You are Dong Lian!”

Mei Ya exclaimed and hold on hand on her mouth her eyes was watery, she couldn’t believe that the boy who saved him years ago finally come to see her.

“Why did you come here?”

“Of course it’s because I made a promise.”

“I know, but why now?”

Her tone seemed to be angry and uncle Teng can only smiled seeing her.

“Princess, he must have some circumstances too.”

“That’s right uncle, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been going trough these past years. I already come as fast as I can here.”

“Liar. You must have forgotten about our promise.”

Actually that was true. Lian just remembered her a couple of weeks ago. He was too immersed in his research.

“No, I really come the first time I have the chance.”

“Then, what are you going to do after meeting me today?”

“actually I want to make a request.”

“see, you must have other reason to see me.”

Mei Ya pouted while throwing glances at Lian.

“so, what is your request?”

“I wish to meet your father.”


Not only Mei Ya who is surprised but uncle Teng also surprised.

“What is the reason?”

“I might have a way to stop people going crazy because of their bloodlust.”

“is that true?”

“that’s true. I’m sorry Mei Ya, I have lots of thing to talk about with you but this is more important.”

“I…understand. Uncle Teng, can you make the preparation?”

“Yes princess.”

In the next morning, Lian was brought by Teng into the court room. He is now going to met with the king.

“Lian, remember that anything you do, you must never offended him alright.”

“Yes Uncle, I understand.”

This day, Lian is going to start his journey in the world.