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Chapter 014 - 14 – Eight years

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Yin Mei Ya with uncle Teng arrived back in the Yin kingdom after parting with Lian. They arrived at Yin castle.

Yin castle is located in Crimson city and act as the capital of Yin Kingdom. The kingdom has been there for four thousand years and one of the oldest kingdom. The current king has sit on the throne for twenty years.

Crimson city repelling stone has a protection area of twenty kilometer radius. The city itself is one of the busiest and most developed. Lots of expert serving as the Yin army, and the weakest is at regular level. When they arrived, Yin Mei Ya and uncle Teng immediatelly enter the palace.

The palace itself is majestic and send off aura of nobility. Having been there for four thousands year, it doesn’t show any sign of deterioting.

“Your majesty, I have come back with the third princess.”
“Father, I’m back.”

Yin Mei Ya and Uncle Teng enter a hall and immediatelly she bows down a little givung respect to her father while Teng kneels down. Her father the Yin king is standing on a throne. Muscular man around fourty years old, having 7th rank master level of power, he is one of the most feared ruler in Yin kingdom. Seeing Yin Mei Ya coming earlier than expected he is surprised but the most important thing is her foot is healed.

“Mei Ya. You’ve come back.”

He immediatelly stand up and hold Mei Ya in his arms. Yin king have 5 children. Two princes and three princess. As the last child, Yin Mei Ya have a special place in his heart, what’s more her condition makes him love her even more. Seeing her weak leg has healed, how can he not happy? Even some tears run down his face.

“You’re healed. Thanks God you’re healed.”

“Yes father. I can walk now even running.”

Yin Mei Ya unconciously crying too. Leaving the pair of father and daughter crying in the middle of the hall. Some guards and Uncle Teng who witnessed the scene couldn’t help but cried too. After some time the king has settled down and ask.

“Tell me what happened, how can you’re healed so fast? Is Wing Chu school really that good?”

Yin Mei Ya shook her head and while smiling said.
“No father. I was healed by a small boy named Dong Lian.”

“Dong Lian.. Dong Lian.. No matter what, you’re healed now. Teng!”

Teng comes forward and kneel again.
“Yes your majesty.”

“Quick, invites this young boy to the palace.”

“He said he is going to Wing Chu city, if your majesty want, we can pick him up there.”

“Alright, send some people to pick him up.”

Teng stands up and gives a bow before leave the hall. The king look at Mei Ya again with a caring and loving gaze.

“So, tell me all about what happened alright. I couldn’t believe the day I can see you walk and run has come.”

The daughter and father then leaves the hall and enter the royal chamber.


A couple days later, the envoy of Yin kingdom arrived at Wing Chu city school and for anyone surprised they are looking for a boy named Dong Lian. The first one to know about this is actually Shao and Lu.

After Lian missing, Lu imediatelly informed Shao. The two of them then look around the town but there’s no sign of Lian. Shao even tried to look in the surrounding area but there’s no result.

“Are you sure he didn’t leave for another town?”

“Impossible! He leave all of his belonging here.”

When they are in panic looking for Lian, Zheng comes to the scene.

“Hehehe.. Shao.. Are you looking for something?”

He is holding a piece of clothes that seemed familiar for Shao and Lu. Zheng throw it to them and after they examined it, it looks like a piece of Lian clothes. Realizing that, they are surprised.

“You! Where is Lian? What have you done to him?”
Shao asked in angry tone.

“Hahaha. He is already gone from the world. It is also a reminder for you. Don’t mess with the Zhao family. So, are you willing to join with us? If you refuse again I’m affraid you’ll soon sleeping inside a coffin just like the young boy.”

Shao is angry and was about to comes forward when Lu hold him back. Living in Wing Chu city Lu know how powerful is the Zhao family. Even if they report it to official, they will do nothing because the Zhao family influence is alread rooted deep.

“Hahahaha. I hope you consider my offer again.”
Zheng leaves the scene while laughing happily. Shao soon lose his leg power.
“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t ask him to come to Wing Chu city in the first place. It’s because I’m weak. I’m weak.”

Seeing Shao kneels on the ground and blaming himself, Lu tried to persuade him.
“It’s not your fault. He is sleeping in my house yet I didn’t protect him.”

They are blaming theirself and only leaves the piece of clothes, knife and Lian’s wok as the witness of the whole events.

Soon the news of the missing boy spread troughout the city and the Yin envoy also heard this. The come back to the palace bringing this bad news. There’s even a rumour saying that he is dead in the wilderness.

“Is that true?”
Yin Mei Ya is shocked to hear this.

“I can’t believe this. He already promised me. He promised me.”
Yin king could only see tears start to comes down from her eyes. He couldn’t do anything but to cheer her up.

“Mei Ya. If what you tell me is true, he couldn’t be dead easily. He even travel trough the wilderness alone. He must be still alive.”

“Really father?”

Yin king doesn’t even know if it’s true or not because he never see Lian ability. He can only pat Mei Ya in her head and smiled.

“Just believe in him.”

Mei Ya then cheered up a bit and always hope that Lian will come to see her one day.

Eight years have passed since the day Lian is missing. Wing Chu city return to it’s usual atmosphere and Lian missing isn’t something that is considered as important. The crowd has gathered outside the hunter hall. It was because they heard a shocking announcement a moment before.

A young and handsome boy, with long nose and sharp eye is standing infront of the black power measuring monument. Hair neatly combed back, wearing clothes of high quality, sending air of cold arrogance and nobility. He is Zhao Gao. In his fourteenth age, his growth is outstanding.

“1st rank Master level.”

In eight years, he have grow from fifth regular level to master level. It took him two years to break into 1st rank apprentice level and total of six years to reach the 1st rank of master level. It is without a doubt because of his family background, but to tell the truth everyone see him as a natural born talent. He is growing up in Zhao family that have special cultivation method that is passed down by their grandmaster elder. His growt also stimulated by his hatred for his mother killer. By now almost seventy percent of people involved in the incident has gone missing.

“Look, we have another genius here. His growth even better than Shao.”
The crowd are busy gathering and chatting around Gao. They also mentioned a name, Shao.


After that incident, Shao have leave the city. He wandered in the wilderness looking for power to go against the Zhao family. He know if he comes back to the city the Zhao’s assassin won’t let him go.

In the wilderness Shao keep killing and absorbing mythical beast. He was hunting as usual when one day he noticed somehing is different. With his fast growth from absorbing mythical beast, three years leaving the town he already reached 1st rank of master level. When he entered the master level he feel something different from his body.

Sometimes after killing a mythical beast, he will lose his conciousness and wakes up only to see the beast isn’t there anymore. Leaving some skin and bones behind. As Long have predicted before. Human will soon fall into bloodlust. Shao body already shows the sign of fallen chi taking control over his body.

Shao himself dumbfounded at the fact but there’s nothing he can do. He can only moves forward and keep getting stronger. Moving from city to city, one wilderness to the other, his name is now famous.

Five years after reaching the 1st rank master level he already reached the 3th rank. It is already fast considered the difficulty increased each person breaktrough another rank. He is killing mythical beast mercilessly and absorbing them without rest. Soon he have another nickname from those who saw him fight. Shao the beast eater.


In the Yin palace garden, a beautiful young lady is walking around. Her long smooth hair already reached her lower back. She stopped to smell a blue rose but the beauty of the rose is pale in comparison to her. Her white skin even makes the flowers jealous. Her fragrance even better than the flower. Her developing body already show curves here and there and in her age it will continues to grow. In the near future she will be the envy of every woman. With lips redder than the rose she hum a melody.

Her eyes gazing to the distant sky, filled with longing feelings.

“Lian. When will you come and see me?”


In another part of the continent, a small stall is opened.

“Come come. Eat the best food here. I guarantee you won’t stop eating once you take a bite. It’s cheap only fifteen cooper.”

A man shouting energicly but everyone ignores him. The clothes is rugged and sign of patched can be seen here and there. He is smiling broadly trying to attract the customer. His look is ruined because his long unwashed hair making him looks like even worst than a beggar. Judging from his look even if the food is good and cheap, no one is going to buy it.

He is sighing to himself.
“Fiuh.. I don’t know what’s wrong. Selling fried rice in Wing Chu city is easier than this.”

He sit down and look up to the sky. He use his hand to block the sunlight and muttered.

“Where are you?”

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