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Chapter 013 - 13 – Bloodlust

Cooking master chapter 13

Lian never dreamed of this thing. When he was in the village he only think of getting stronger. When he was kicked out he only think of survival in the jungle. In the city he only think of getting his power assessed. He can already imagine himself getting accepted in Wing Chu school, getting stronger, and one day becoming a saint travelling around the world and healing people with food. Unfortunately fate seemed to have a different path for him.

When he found himself waking up in the jungle facing a horned rabbit, without his weapon it takes everything of his ability to defeat it. Right now, he is seeing something unthinkable in front of him.

When the trees infront of him has fallen, he see a giant green lizard with wings growing on it’s back. This isn’t a lizard. It’s body is around 100 meter long with a majestic golden eyes staring at him, intimidating aura around it, Lian remember something from his childhood memories. When his father used to tell bed time story for him.

“One day a giant flying lizzard comes down from the sky. It devour seventy villages in one night. Due to it’s power and ability it is surely not a lizzard. It was an ancient race called dragon. It was a rare creature and approximately only ten of them has been recorded being seen.”

This must be a dragon, Lian tell to himself. What about the explosion earlier? Taking a closer look this dragon has a long cut wound along it’s abdomen. After that a man voice could be heard.

“There’s no point in running Dan. You know you couldn’t beat me.”

A man stopping in mid air, looking down at the dragon with his arm crossed. His muscular body is in perfect proportion and clad in white fur showing it ellegance. The most charming features is it’s four red eyes. Four thin red eyes allocated with two on top of the other two eyes. Just looking at this man, Lian couldn’t even breath normally because of the pressure.

“Hmph! You think I was serious earlier? Prepare to take on my attack Long!”

The dragon and the man is now facing each other with killing intent. They are preparing to do something.

From the dragon mouth a spark of fire could be seen and from the white man, his red eyes is glowing.

“Dragon breath!”

The grren dragon open up it’s mouth and a large fireball coming out. With high temperature that could even be feeled on Lian’s skin. It was launched forward towards the white man.

Maintaining his calm demeanor the white man red eyes glowed even brighter and soon a red light coming out from the eyes.

“Heaven piercing eyes!”

He lights coming out from the man eyes collided with the fireball and an explosion occured. The wind of the explosion pushed Lian couples meter backwards. When Lian opened his eyes after that, he fireball is gone but the red light is now piercing the dragon’s body.

“It’s over!”

With another shout the light grows brighter and a 2 meter whole could be seen on the dragon’s body.

The man clad in white after that looking at Lian. Lian right now trembling. This is his first time feeling this. Cold sweat running down his spine and pressure from the red eyes making it hard to breath. This is the first time Lian knows one of man best friend. Fear. Fear for it’s life. It’s a man best friend because once a person knows it, they won’t throw their lives carelessly.

When the man saw Lian, he is surprised but didn’t show it.

“What’s your name boy?”

Mustering all of his strength, Lian replied.
“D-Dong Lian..”

“Dong Lian eh? My name is Wen Long! From now on, you have to follow me.”

Knowing that refusing could mean death, he accepted the condition he was in.
“M-master.. I will follow you.”

“Hahahahaha! Calling me master. I like you boy! Come let’s get back to my lair. Let’s not forget to carry the meat with us.”

Lian was confused but seeing Long throw a glance at the dragon’s body he understand. In his mind Lian is asking to himself. Who is this man?


What could cause the dragon and Long fighting each other? Earlier, in the forest, the dragon and Long feel a pressure spreading fast. It even intimidates Long and the dragon. When they set out to investigate, they met each other and decide that it was them who sending the provocation. They already have a history between them and when Long get a breaktrough he think it’s a good opportunity to get rid of the dragon as well. When he finally killed the dragon, he found a boy in the area.

When Long saw Lian, he finally realized that the pressure earlier is coming from this boy. This weak looking boy which is trembling in fear. Could he be the culprit? On impluse he decided to bring Lian with him first for further investigation.

Right now, Long already took Lian to his lair. His lair is a natural cave inside a mountain. The entrance is about five meter wide but when they get inside the area is about 300meter wide. With flowing lava in a small river inside, the cave itself is warm while the entrance is cold.

Long who carried the dragon’s body put it down and look at Lian. He examined him and finally asked.

“Boy, earlier do you notice something strange before you saw me?”

Right now Long released his pressure so Lian could talk normally.
“A loud explosion sound and the dragon appear?”

“No, before that.”

Lian tried to remember but his head is stinging with pain. With one hand on his head trying to reduce the pain he answered.
“Earlier.. I was attacked by horned rabbit. I was wounded.. Then… I grab the horned rabbit… Then…..”

With a mouth open up in disbelievements he said.
“I.. Eat it….. But…. It wasn’t me…”

Lian trembles when he remembered himself eating the horned rabbit. He remember it but it wasn’t him. The scene he recalled from his memory earlier, who is using my body?

Long look at Lian and think hard. He moves to the dragon body, grab on the dragon right arm and pull it, seperating it from the body and throw it to Lian.

Before he said “Eat it.” Lian eyes already turned deep red and he took a bite of the arms. Like a hungry person who haven’t eat for days.

“Impossible.” Long just stare at Lian whos is now turing into a devouring machine. In minutes the dragon arms already gone, leaving some skin and bones only. Long looked at Lian who slowly fall down to the ground with his eyes closed.

Long body trembles.
“To think this day has finally come. Should I kill him? No, there’s still hope. But, who is this boy? I don’t know him. It’s better to just kill him.”

Long moves forward and lift one of his arm. It revealed his sharp claw and surely Lian will die if slashed by it. He already stand there for ten minutes without moving, Long hesitated.
“Will he be able to help me?”

Lian wakes up and saw Long looking at him.
“Master what happened?”

Long just said to him in cold tone.
“You don’t really remember?”

“I remember you throw the dragon arm.. Then.. Then…”
Lian shocked to see only some skin and bones remained.

“How old are you boy?”

“Six years master.”
Lian address him as master because he knows he couldn’t offend Long.

“Do you know your body have some fallen chi inside of you? From what I see it already inside of you for a long time. When is the last time you have a fever for days?”

“What is fallen chi master?”
What does it have to do with fever? But when Lian remember it again, could it be the flaming boulder incident?
“Master, is it related to the flaming boulder five years ago? Five years ago also the time I caught a bad fever.”

Hearing Lian answer Long can only nods.
“Is that so?”
Ling then stand up and walks in circle thinking deep. That makes Lian curious.

“What happened master?”

Long looked at Lian then sighed.
“Do you know the flaming boulder incident and when the mythical beast attacked humans?”

Lian nods and Long continue.
“The flaming boulder is full of pure chi which attracts lot of mythical beast. A lot of mythical beast tried to absorb it but those who doesn’t have the capability soon died or explode. Mythical beast that could absorb the chi undergoing major improvements in their power but some of them gone mad. It causing mythical beast to blindly attack human because of their urge for blood and meat. It was really terrible. The feeling of controlled by bloodlust which forces your body to kill and eat even though you didn’t want to. Just like earlier, your body is like being controlled. Therefore we called it fallen chi. Chi that forces us to fall into killing frenzy.”

Lian listened carefuly to Long story.
“Even though there’s a repelling stone, the fallen Chi makes us ignore them. The forces that usually keep mythical beast away from the city can’t no longer be stop them. Causing humans in the city to fall victim. Later on the bloodlust subsided and we return to normal. We don’t know why but since that day, the fallen chi runs down in our body and could be absorbed if we eat others. Even human could absorb the fallen chi now.”

“So, master.. Is it a bad things for us to absorb the fallen chi?”

“For me? I can already controlled it. My red eyes is the proof. For humans, they haven’t feel the effects yet but I can see the future of humanity is just like you. Soon they will fall to bloodlust and will eat each other or mythical beast in frenzy.”
Lian could already imagine the future that is more worst than the apocalypse.

“So master, what can we do to stop it?”

Long looked at Lian and laughed.
“Hahaha. Who said I’m going to stop them? If the humans killed each other I will be happy.”

Lian shocked hearing Long answers.
“Master why do you say that?”

With a wide grin that is almost touching the ears, Long said.
“Why? Of course because I don’t care what happened to the humans.”

Lian remember Long explanation earlier. He explained about the apocalypse as if he was there. He keep refering others as human.
“Humans? Master.. Are you mythical beast?”

“Hahahaha.. That’s true! Are you afraid of me now?”

Lian shocked hearing that and yes he is affraid to Long but he think of the future of humanity and with courage he said.
“No! Master, I’m not affraid of you. Please tell me how can I save the humans. If you could control it then we can control it too.”

“Hahahaha.. Before thinking of how to save the human, wouldn’t it be better if you think of how to save yourself?”
Long four red eyes shined leaving Lian to stand there trembling.


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