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Chapter 012 - 12 – Impossible..

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Grandmaster level human= god level
mythical beast
Master level human = calamity level
mythical beast
Apprentice level human= tempest level
mythical beast
Regular level human = storm level
mythical beast
Unranked level human = rain level mythical beast

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Cooking master 12

Lian now understand Shao intention by asking him to join the Wing Chu school but after some more time he realized that by doing that he need to wait at least nine more months when he is already seven years old. That way he could get his power assessed then join the school. This requirement was told by Shao and it was issued by Shao’s master. Of course this piece of good news also being shared with uncle Lu.

“Really? Did he ask you to join the school?”

Lian nod shyly under Lu intense smile.
“Yes uncle Lu. But it was just out of his kindness. It was because I saved him before.”

Lu didn’t care about the details, because being accepted by Wing Chu school is a dream for all who lived in Wing Chu city.
“No matter what, this is a big opportunity. You shouldn’t missed it.”

Lian by now already know the history of Wing Chu school. In the apocalypse five years ago, the school recieved a huge blow and lose almost 70% of the sudents. It was because the Wing Chu school desciple is trying to save some citizen. Lian by now also knows that in the apocalypse five years ago, mythical beast of god level is able to penetrate the protection of repelling stone. It was the cause behind the death of so many bystander that is never go out behind the stone protection range.

“Come, let me treat you to a meal to celebrate your acceptance into the school.”

“But uncle Lu, I have to be at least 7 years old to enter.”

“Never mind. You can stay here as long as you want.”
Lu is now think of Lian as a family. He didn’t have any ill intention and is happy because he now have someone to talk to and accompany him.

“Okay uncle. If you said that then can we eat the steamed bun again?”

Hearing thay Lu only smiled wryly and checked out the amount of money in his wallet.


In a big hall, dimly lighted with the candle, a young boy stand and a middle aged man kneel down before stand up and talk.

“Young master. That Shao has returned and once again he refused our offer.”
When that is said, we can see some anger swelling up from the boy face. He slam a table with his palm.

“Uncle Zheng, how can he refuse our Zhao family? He really doesn’t want to live long.”

“Young master. I also have a big news for you. Shao has taken an interest to a young boy. He even asked him wether he wants to join the Wing Chu school or not and spend some time with him.”

“Uncle Zheng. Then quick find out about the boy.”

“Don’t worry young master. I have do so beforehand. What are you planning to do? Are we going to kindnap him and use him as a hostage?”

Zheng is waiting for the boy answer. The boy is a familiar figure that just have his power assessed a few days ago. It was Zhao Guo. After his power is assessed, the elder of Zhao clan gives him some authority. Before, as the child of the clan leader he is already given special treatment and after his power is assessed he is spoiled even more by his father and the clan elder. To tell you the truth the clan know about his attittude but they didn’t dare to go against him that have a possibility to grow up into another master or even grandmaster from the Zhao clan.

“Hostage? No.. You have to kill the boy or throw him deep inside the jungle. I’m sure he couldn’t survived. This will also serve as a warning for Shao.”

Zhao Guo isn’t a cruel person before. But the Zhao clan five years ago has taken some damage from the apocalypse. In the middle of the calamity, Zhao witnessed his mother raped by some Zhao clan member that using the confusion state of the apocalypse as a cover up. Later then they killed his mother but they didn’t know that Zhao Gue witnessed it all from a small cupboard where his mother hide him.

In this five years his heart is filled with hatred and he already successfully killed some of the rapist. This also unconciously turn his childish heart into a cruel one. This is due to his father that spoil him but didn’t believe in what he said. Guo takes the matter himself and helped by Zheng to execute the rapist. Right now his arrogance also because the power he have in the shadow of Zhao clan.

Zheng looked at him and nods. Afterall Zheng is his real uncle and the only one that believed in him. Zheng is his mother brother that taken in to the clan when his mother married his father. He also by now has turned into a sadist because his eyes is blinded by revenge and will follow what Guo asked him to.

Zheng bowed once again and answer before he leaves the room.
“Understood young master.”

In the middle of the night, ten men dressed in black is moving in the darkness.

“Is this the house?”
One of the men asked and one of the other nod.

“Alright let’s go in.”

They sneaked inside and found their target.

Lian usually awaken at night when he hear a noise. It was because he lives un the jungle alone and his senses is pushed to the limit to ensure his safety. But living in the city with uncle Lu has make him forget all about it.

The ten men approached him and one of them took out a piece of cloth that smelled like medicine and alcohol. It has a paralyzing and sleeping also numbing effect. Even though Lian is still a child, they don’t want to take a risk and it showed how usual it was for them. The man cover the cloth in Lian mouth and nose and the peaceful sleeping Lian is now trying to wake up surprised. But the effect of the cloth send him back to another slumber.

“First brother, are we going to kill him?”

One of the men asked the one who is holding the cloth. He seemed to be their leader.

“I don’t know. Killing a young boy isn’t my style.”

“Then, should we throw him in the jungle?”
The other man asked and send their first brother into confussion.

“if we throw him in the jungle, it is the same as killing him but at least our hand won’t get dirty.”
They all nod at that remarks and quickly dissapeared from Lu house and carry Lian with them.

They all climb out of the city gate to avoid the guards and jumped down without making any noise. After that they moved out in an unbelieveable speed and has traveled far into the jungle in a matter of hours.

“This is far enough right?”
The ten men group stopped and look at each other. They put Lian body down in the ground and leave the place as fast as they come.

“Do you think he will survived?”
The men casually talked after they have finished their mission.

“I don’t think so. How can a boy like him escape this place?”

“If he survived then it can only be a miracle.”

The men nod in agreement.
“What can a boy like him do anyway.”

Just like that, Lian has dissapeared from his bed and send Lu in panic. At first he thought that Lian is visiting the library but in the afternoon Lian didn’t come back. In the night he still hasn’t back and after a few days there’s no sign of Lian. Lian couldn’t have leave because his belonging is still at Lu place. With a worried expression Lu muttered.
“Where have you gone Lian?”


Lian woke up as a stinging pain can be felt on his leg. A horned rabbit is trying to eat him and bit his leg.

With reflex Lian kicked the horned rabbit and startled him. Lian stood up and saw the blood gushing out from his leg.

“You better pay for this.”
Lian warned the rabbit. As soon as he want to battle the horned rabbit, he want to took out his knife and realized that it wasn’t there. He also can’t recognize his surrounding and surprised.

“Where am I?”

Not giving him a time to think the horned rabbit already lunged forward and going to pierce Lian with it’s horn.

“Not good.”

It was too late for him to dodge and his shield wok isn’t there. The horn of the rabbit pierced his right shoulder and blood soon running out of it. Lian usually faced horned rabbit with ease because he have his sharp knife and wok to defend. Right now facing it unarmed really different than usual. Lian understand now why people doesn’t dare to wander in the jungle.

“it hurts..”
He grab the horned rabbit body and forcefully pull it out of his shoulder and throw it aside.

The horned rabbit hit a tree but it soon stand up. The damage is so small for a simple throw. It is organizing it’s stance and soon going to attack him again. Lian know that he doesn’t have much time. The blood coming out from his body is like a sweet fragrance that attract the mythical beast. Soon more of them will come and look for the source of the appetizing smell.

The horned rabbit comes forward but Lian have anticipated it and kicked sideways to deflect the rabbit’s horn and sending it flying. But soon the horned rabbit stand up again. It comes forward and this time using his left arm Lian tried to punch it’s stomach from below, performing an uppercut. The horned rabbit flying backwards and hit the tree but stand up again as if nothing has happened.

What is Lian best weapon now? His fist? Leg? All of it couldn’t pierce the skin of horned rabbit. Lian now realized the real danger of mythical beast.

“I don’t want to die yet. Father. Mother.”

Seeing another lunged attack of horned rabbit, Lian recalled his memory. His past memory flashed, as scene of him in the kitchen surrounded by his father and mother is one of his happiest time. When he saw the scene where he have to leave the village tears run down his face. He also remembered the time he was in the cave with uncle Teng and Mei Ya.

“I still have to prove to them that I can be the strongest. I’m not a monster, I’m a saint. I could heal people with my food.”

Lian eyes returned with a new light. He looked at the incoming horned rabbit and with all the strength left in his body he caught it. His left hand on it’s horn and the other at its right leg. The horned rabbit startled and struggle want to flee from his hand but Lian grip becomes even harder.


Lian strong grip cause rabbit leg bone to be shattered in his palm.

The horned rabbit let out a scream of agony.

Lian realized that he successfully damaged the horned rabbit. Should he strangle it’s neck and kill it? But before he could think of anything else his eyes feel heavy and there’s a surge of heavy feeling from inside his body. His eyes turned red and with a full of bloodlust, as his conciousness missing he bite the horned rabbit on it’s neck.


When Lian wakes up, his eyes returned to normal. He remembered his encounter with the horned rabbit and checked out his condition. The wound from the rabbit bite and horn has closed and dissapear.

He noticed some skin and bone of the horned rabbit beside him. He scanned his surrounding and notice that something is off.

Where is he?

How his wound healed?

Why doesn’t he get attacked by other mythical beast?

Just when he lost in his thoughts a loud sound startled him.



Explosion and crying sound of a mythical beast can be heard from the distance.

“What is that?”
He looked at the source of the sound and it was getting near. As rustling sound of fallen trees is becoming bigger.


As an earthquake can be feeled below him, the trees infront of him falls to the ground and revealed the source of the noise and disturbance.

With his mouth opened wide he trembles as he let out a faint voice.

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