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Chapter 001 - 01 – One year..

His childhood life is going to be interesting.. Don’t miss it..

Living as a Le se, you have two choice. The first one is live as a lowest class of humanity and worked hard everyday. The second one is live secluded in a remote area with other Le se.

Dong Lian parents seemed to choose the second option. Living with couple others Le se, the best guard they have is actually Dong Xie, a ninth rank Le se. Other than that, they don’t even have any power of strength.

To keep these Le se feel save and live peacefully, they all worked together. Hidden by the deep forest far from civilization there’s a lot of problem. From food supplies to clothing, from money to power.

Even though Dong Xie is the strongest, he can’t live leisurely. Everyone here is equal, that’s what he always tell to the people. With an extra mouth to take care of, he have to start working hard.

Dong Xie is a cook. Helped by Cheng Yue they opened up a small restaurant but business always never good. In here instead of money they take the people vegetables and sometimes meat. They isn’t working like a regular restaurant cook but like the village cook.

This small village consist of around twenty family with more than fifty members. Cooking for fifty people alone is a hard thing to do. Usually Dong Xie is helped by Cheng Yue. Given that Cheng Yue has just given birth, he has to do it alone.

He silently cut the vegetables in the kitchen. No matter how tired he is, he can’t stop. He is now a father with a responsibility.

“Cheng Yue! What are you doing here?”

Cheng Yue entered the kitchen while carrying Dong Lian on her back. Dong Lian is on her back covered with a long clothes to keep him from falling.

“How can I let you do it alone? I’ll help you.”

“You can’t! What about Dong Lian?”

“Don’t worry. I have feed him and looks like he is asleep.”

“That’s not what I mean! How can we keep him here? There will be lot’s of heat from fire.. There’s a lot of smelly ingredients, what I want to say is, this is isn’t a good environment for him to grow!”

Cheng Yue looked back at her child and then shift her gaze to her husband.
“Don’t worry. I’m sure he will also understand. I will make sure that I can fulfill my job as a wife and a mother.”

Seeing the determination on her eyes, Dong Xie couldn’t say anything else.

That day, at the age of three day, Dong Lian entered the kitchen.


“Dong Lian! How many times I tell you, don’t randomly grab things.”


Dong Lian just showed his wide eye expression to his father while swinging the guro leek on his hand. That triggered a smile on his father face.

“Look at him. At first you’re affraid that he couldn’t adapted here but he seemed to blend in just fine.”

That voice coming from Cheng Yue. She entered the room carrying a bowl filled with jinnie rice.

“Look at him. He will be a good succesor when he grow up.”


At the age of one year Dong Lian already running around the kitchen.

“Dong Lian.. Can you bring me the dao onion?”

That little feet of his moving quickly finding a small ball like vegetables and give it to her mother.

“He seemed to have known about vegetables already.”

Dong Xie laughed while moving a really large wok and spreading fire on top of the stove.

“Of course. He is our child after all.”

Cheng Yue gives her husband a smile and looked at her child.

Dong Lian eyes opened wide looking at his father surrounded by fire. A sight of a middle aged man moving a black wok surrounded by fire isn’t something you regularly see. But seeing his father like that everyday, who knows what he is thinking. He just stare at the scene silently before letting out his first word.

“Ba..Ba.. Baba…”

Hearing the words come out from her son mouth Cheng Yue is happy.
“Dong Xie.. Did you hear that? He just called you baba.”
(Baba means father or papa)

“Really? Hahaha.. Finally my son recognized me.”
Dong Xie laughed again and the fire grow even more.

“Quick. Deliver this to the costumer.”

He finished a serving of sauteed chicken and vegetables and asked Cheng Yue to deliver it.

“Baba.. Baba..”

Dong Xie pick Dong Lian up but the child keep moving his hand while keep saying Baba.

“What is it Dong Lian?”
Dong Xie looked at him and see that his son eyes is fixated on some remaining sauce on the wok.

“You want this?”

Dong Xie pick up a spoon and gathered some of the remaining sauce. Then he gives a mouthfull of it to Dong Lian.

Dong Lian take the spoon into his mouth and showed a heavenly satisfaction expression.
“Baba.. Baba..”

He happily moved his hand and clasping it together.

“Hahaha.. You like it huh? Here comes another spoon.”

Dong Lian savour the taste of the food again.

“Don’t tell your mother about this okay? She’ll be angry if she knows I’m feeding you. Afterall she insisted that you only need milk until you’re two years old.”

Dong Xie don’t know if Dong Lian understand his words or no, but his son showed a determined expression.


“Alright I understand.. This will be our secret. Hahaha.”

Fiuh… Writung using third person PoV is quite hard.. Is it because I’m incompetent? Hahahaa… So, what do you guys think so far? Ermm altough it’s just one chapter so far, is it interesting?