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Chapter 000 - 00 – Prologue (the cooking master)

Hi.. If you read at summoned hero prologue the other story that I want to create is in this series… Here.. Enjoy the path of a cook in fighting world..


In the Hue Long continent, power is everything. Out of one million, there are people that is talented enough to reach the level of Shie zu (Master). Out of ten thousands Shie zu, there are small amount of people that is lucky enough to reach the level Da shi (Grand master). The regular people are called Ding qi (Regular) and above them but below the Shie zu level are called Chu xue (Apprentice).

Between each level there are ten ranks of power. If a Ding qi of the tenth level manages to make a break trough, they will proceed to the first level of Chu xue.

People of Ding qi level are considered as commoner. People of Chu xue level are able to enter special school. Shie zu level of influence is on par of nobles and usually low ranks Shie zu is the owner of these schools. Higher level Shie zu barely show themselves in the surface and some is working for ancient family lineage.

Each time a Shie zu makes a break trough into the Da shi level, even the heaven and earth trembles. But it has been a long time since such an event occured. Da shi level expert in the Hue Long continent numbered less than ten. Which makes them worshipped and given preferential treatment even by the kings. But these Da shi expert existence is like a ghost.

If one trained in the way of power, their body will undergo extreme changes. Giving them more sturdy body and longer life span. Ding qi people could live up to 100 years. Chu xue level will be able to live to 1000years. Shie zu is able to live for 10000 years and Da shi could live up to 100 000 years.

However there is a lowest level of power called Le se (trash). They are work as merchant, farmer, cook, and others involved in manual labour. Some even sold as slaves for higher class. For the people in Le se level, there’s no hope for them even for making a breaktrough to the first rank of Ding qi.

In a remote small village, a woman is laying down on a bed. She screamed out loud, crying in pain.

“Aaaaah…. It hurts…. Hieeeee…”

Besides her a man standing, holding her hand tightly.

“Cheng Yue.. You can do it..”

Another woman stand between the woman leg kneels and then saying something to the woman.

“Just a little bit more. You can do it.”


Cheng Yue screamed out loud to express the pain that she’s feeling turning the room into a complete silence.

*ooeee* *oooeeee*

With the sound of a baby’s cry, the silence is broken.

“Congratulations Cheng Yue, Dong Xie.. It’s a boy..”

The woman cleaned the baby and enveloped it in clean clothes. Afterwards it gives the baby to its parent.

“Hehehe.. Look at him Cheng Yue.. He has your enticing eyes.”

Dong Xie flirted with his wife while giving a wide grin.

“Dong Xie.. I can’t believed it. We finally have a child… What is his name?”

The man frowned a bit then show a grin.

“Let’s call him Dong Lian.”

“Lian.. What a good name.. Dong Lian..”

The woman show a gentle motherly smile and hugs the child dearly.

Yuhuuu….. I got some question.. Do you like using my bad somewhat called chinese name? Or regular english names? I just used made up chinese mames because it sound cool though.. If you know about it better, can enlighten me how chinese name is used for family? I mean should the mother first name turned into Dong Yue istead of Cheng Yue?

Please enlighten me… Thanks brother..