Rebirth Online World

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What would you do in the underworld's Abyss? Do you run, hide or is it time to roll?

Chapter 001 - Setting out

I looked around only to see a polluted land filled with derelict houses and dead trees. At a distance, the abandoned Tokyo metropolis is only slightly visible due to the purple polluted air obstructing the sun from Earth.


That metropolis is my target. More exactly, the land filled with eternal flames from hell, which was actually exhibiting light brighter than the current visible sun.




Imagining the monstrous demons I am going to slay is making my soul scream in excitement.


But it is annoying. Why must I be tasked with this mission? Am I not Japan’s trump card against Satan?




This guy is noisy… Why is he shouting that weird name when nobody is replying him? Does he have a screw loose?


“O-oi, Code Liberation!”


And why is he suddenly calling me?


I turn around and look at the man wearing a black officer uniform.


He is saluting me. Actually, he has been saluting me since I passed through the gigantic titanium doors behind him. Which should have been… 3 minutes ago.


Uh, wait, there’s another similarly dressed guy saluting beside him. When did he appear? These people really do lack presence.




“U-uu… P-please don’t punish me for using your real name. You didn’t reply when I called you earlier”


“...You called me earlier?”


“Y-yes Kurogane-sama!”


Ah, now that he mentioned it…


“Please stop calling me that. It’s just a fake name given by the higher ups… What bad naming sense those fools have...”




“So? What did you want to say?”


I continue looking at him with my only eye. Unable to construct a proper 3D imagine with one eye is indeed irritating.




His teeth were visibly clattering and sweat dripped down his head.


Thinking there is something behind me, I looked at the direction where that man is facing.


“What, there’s nothing there. Why are you getting so scared?”


“No sir... it’s your face that’s scary.”




This guy... is quite direct. I don't really like his attitude. However, I can’t refute him but I am really curious about which part of this face is scary. Is it the scar on where my right eye is supposed to be or is it my cybernetic left eye?


Whatever, it’s not my problem.


“Okay okay, can you hurry up and say what you need to say?”


I hurried him without looking at him, since my gaze would petrify him.


“Umm… I am here to brief you on your mission...”


“... What? Keep going.”


“S-sorry. A-as of 0700 JST (Japan Standard Time), you are to proceed towards Tokyo Hell and perform a search and rescue of the two lost Codes; Annihilation and Demarcation. Your primary objective is to bring them back. The secondary objective is to find the lost weapon of the great angel Michael, the executioner’s sword. The time duration is 168 hours, you must return within the time limit no matter the results of the mission.”


“...Searching for the lost weapon is ridiculous.”


“Uh… I can sympathize with you but they said there shouldn't be any Abysmal Beings within the vicinity of Michael’s weapon. So I think it should be easy to spot-”


“Don’t jump to conclusions! We do not know the range of the so-called ‘vicinity’ and what does the weapon even look like?”




I sighed. This mission can be defined with 1 word: impossible. I may be Code Liberation but searching for things was not my forte.


“And how about you?” I pointed at the other man without turning to him either.


“N-nothing sir, I just came here to see if my friend needed any help because Code Annihilation and Code Demarcation gave him quite a scare few days ago. I thought he might need some psychological support.”


Huh? Annihilation-chan and Demarcation-san can scare people? I didn’t know those two bashful ladies could do that.


“Hm, is that so? I apologise on their behalf but don’t worry, I am not-”


I held my tongue to look at the soil beside my feet. It suddenly bulged up and a decayed hand emerged and grabbed my foot.


“This thing-”


I raised my leg, lifting the zombie out until its torso was visible. With its other hand free from the ground, it latched my leg with both hands.


“Really is-”


Gathering some strength in my leg, I stomped down onto the zombie’s overstretched mouth.




With a splat, the upper half of its head was smashed.


…Did I use too much power? Everything above its jaw turned into red liquid.


I decided to ignore the puddle of blood under me and turned at the two men. The rest of its remains will disappear soon anyway, there’s no need to do anything about the remains.


“Continuing, I am not scary… At least not as much compared to the thing I just killed...”


Is this what they call a white lie?


“Aah… Nevermind. I am going if there’s nothing else you want to say.”


“Y-yes. There is one last thing.”


The two men saluted again.


“Neo Tokyo wishes you good luck.”


Neo Tokyo huh…


I looked up at the titanium gate, large enough for a heavy aircraft to pass through. And right behind it was the Wall; a barrier or whatever it really is, which was even larger than the gate. It surrounds Neo Tokyo, located on Mount Fuji. Towering over 300 meters, it is made from some kind of alloy I have absolutely no knowledge of.


Everything on Earth that did not reach 1500 meters above sea level have become a part of the burning abyss; hell. Tokyo was no exception, thus all survivors in the vicinity escaped to Mount Fuji.


To prevent the Abysmal Beings from invading the last few habitable places, huge walls were erected to enclose the area.


Ah, now that I think about it, it is really fortunate that the positron cannon mounted on the wall did not shoot at us when the zombie emerged…  Having the nozzle pointed in this direction is not a good idea either, if it really did shoot, I will be unscathed but these two men would have been vaporized.


“Mm, thank you… You guys get back in, it’s too dangerous out here.”


I responded without wasting energy on moving my facial muscles and watched them enter the gate before it closed. Keeping the people safe is my ultimate task.


Looking at my surroundings again, I stuck my hand into my black raincoat and took out a map. This paper is valuable, I'll get yelled at if I lose this relic filled with detailed information about the land beyond the Wall.


Personally speaking, I think this map useless. The geography has obviously changed after hell invaded Earth, for example, the main gates of Hell are obviously not shown.


“Now then, where’s the road? Walking on a flat surface is easier...”