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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 005 - Town Planning - 2

[Funds] 100 billion → 95,399,944,000 yen


Ten minutes later, the house had finally fully risen from the earth. The point where the mud colored structure turned into a house was the best, if I must say.


《Please select your home base》


These new words were floating in front of me.


Thus, I selected the [Map] command.


The map of the surrounding area appeared, and the map of the house that was built just a while ago was flashing.


I touched it.


《Do you want to set it as your base?》 [Yes/No]


Of course, I pressed [Yes].


《A Base has been selected. Please create a town next.》


Just like this, my stronghold was born in the other world.


I ignored the words [Please create a town next], and entered the house.


“OOH....” My voice of admiration leaked out unconsciously.


This was surely a house of the modern era. Even though it was in a different world, this room gave me an incredible sense of security.


But, it’s still not enough.


I turned the faucet. Naturally, water didn’t come out.


I summoned [Town Data], and chose [Home Base]. The drawing of a single house appeared. Then, I chose [Customize] and edited the house.


I added [Well], [Solar Pump], [500L Water Storage Tank], [Water Supply], and [Drainage System] to the new house. For these installations, some of the areas around the house (in 3-D) were shining to indicate the areas where it was possible to do the installations.


First, I tried to establish the [Water Supply]. I created a [Well], and set up the [Solar Pump]. Next, I installed the [Water Pipe] to the [Well], connected it to the [Water Storage Tank], then connected it to house.


With this, I have completed the [Water Supply] system.


But, after completing all this work, I suddenly had a thought.


The water at this place... Is it soft water or hard water?


I have heard that if you drink hard water, you might get a stomachache. Not to mention, you can’t use it with japanese soap.


In fact, the present day tap water contains chlorine. Anyway, when I use this ability, I can purchase soft water for free, so it’s fine.


[Soft Water from the Mountains] 0 yen


Then, what did I build this [well] for? I might have been slightly careless... Well, it’s already too late.


I changed my plans and moved on to the next establishment.  I have confirmed on the map that there is a river nearby, so I linked the restroom to the river using a [Drainage Pipe].


Luckily, there was a river nearby. If the river was far, I would need to move around to find it because the map only shows my location and the surrounding areas. It would become a cumbersome thing to do.


Furthermore, I intend to use the [Drainage Pipe] to discharge used water from household use, and water from the toilet into the river. I don’t think it is a good idea to pollute the water too much, but if I just use pure soap and not synthetic detergent, I think there should be no problems. ...I think.


Like this, the [Drainage System] was completed.


So far, I’ve used 131,600,000 yen. The most expensive one was the [Well] and the [Solar Pump], which cost 100 million yen a set (Listing Price 1 million yen).


Next, I bought furniture for this house. Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave, Electric Pot, Rice Cooker, TV, Computer, Cookware set, one set of Tableware, Desks, Chairs and a Bed. The total came to 23,400,000 yen (Listing Price 234,000 yen).


At last, it’s finally finished.


There is a huge difference in terms of infrastructure between my house and the others of this age.


I breathed out deeply and took off my suit jacket before allowing myself to sink down onto the sofa. Even though I didn’t do any particularly hard work, I felt a sense of accomplishment.


For now, the house was complete.


The money left was about around 95 billion yen. The lifetime earning of an average salaryman was around 250 million yen. With the era set at Edo, I have close to four hundred times of their lifetime earnings.


[TL: Ok here is confusing part either the author math is failing him or he just forget to put 2 ‘00’ behind the 4 times. Cause the initial funds was 100 billion.]


With this ability, I can live without any inconvenience from now on.


However, there is something I am anxious about - the existence of foreign enemies.


God said that this world was similar to the Europeans’ in the Middle Ages. What if beasts, thieves, and the Lord of this land tried to harm me?


Hmmm... Maybe it was a mistake to build this house so early. I should have done so only after I have collected information on the surrounding areas. I should reflect on this later.


I believe God said “You will be sent to the place where you can build your foundation.”. So, is it right to build a house here after all?


At any rate, I need more information.


I stood up from the sofa with gusto and left the house.


I purchased Binoculars costing 350 thousand yen (Listing Price 3500 yen). However, even after looking around all 360 degrees, there was no sign of life in sight, nor even a building. Rather, it feels like this house was isolated in this vast land, which made me uneasy.


But, I have a way to get rid of this uneasiness.


When I entered the house, I summoned [Town Data] while sitting on the sofa. After choosing [Merchandise Catalogue], I chose [Stone wall, Front Gate, Back Gate, and Watch Tower], and chose [20 meters].


I set it to enclose an area of 100m around the house, and purchased it.


After a loud thud sounded, I saw walls rising out slowly from the earth when I looked outside of the window.


It was a stone wall that looked exactly like what was shown in the picture. It was considerably thick. With this, I will not be attacked by foreign enemies easily.


Well, since it was a huge twenty meters wall, it should take around an hour to complete. So, I will take it easy until the stone walls are completely up.


I purchased Potato chips, Cola and a BD movie. I decided to work hard watching the movie.


[‘World of The Dead’ Blue-ray Disc] 450 thousand yen (Listing price 4,500 yen)], [Potato Chips] 8000 yen (Listing price 80 yen), and [500 ml of Cola] 10 thousand yen (Listing Price 100 yen).


[TL: I feel like throwing a brick to this richie rich. I am just a poor Tler after all]

[ED: Same. *bites handkerchief* So jealous!]


Two hours later...


“That zombie thing was great after all.” I commented.


Their stiff bodies raise up as they increase their own numbers and plunge the world in fear. Because of such a simple plot, the viewers’ hearts don’t get stressed since they can predict the story easily. Besides, one won’t get bored easily because the settings are always slightly different, which makes it still enjoyable.


[TL: not 100% sure of last part.]


I approached the window and looked outside while critiquing the zombie movie.


The huge twenty meters tall stone wall had already fully risen from the earth. It was much bigger than this house.


“Even if the stone wall collapses, it will be alright because it is a considerable distance from the house. Although it cost a lot of money, it’s a majestic wall after all.” I muttered to myself in fascination.


A twenty meters tall stone wall encircling the house.. With this came an incredible sense of security.


But, the cost I paid wasn’t little.


The [Stone wall with front and back gate together with Watch Tower] for [20 Meters] cost 12 billion yen.


Even though I am worried, I think that the remaining amount of funds was still alright in my heart.


Anyway, the initial fund of 100 billion yen has decreased to 83.2 billion yen on the first day I came here.


But, if any problems happen after this, the funds will run out immediately.


Well, to get more funds, I need to have some local merchandise that can be sold. Using the command [Sale], I can then convert the product into cash data.


[TL: So basicly he need to possess the item that he got from this world and using the command [Sale] converting the item to Cash which was only a Data]


However, you can’t use [Sell] on other people’s items. But, it will become my possession when a buy and sell contract is established.


It is the rule of this ability.


Also, with my ability of [The ability to make a town], I can effectively collect tax from people when they move into the town that’s established.


For that reason, I need to have citizens first. But, I also need to establish the town.


Should I gather people first and then build a town? The answer is no.


Frankly speaking, [The Ability to make town] is an abnormal power.


For example, it is like a chicken that can produce a golden egg.


If my ability was exposed to the public, influential people will set their sights on me.


Besides, I have already built my house here. It will not be possible for me to make a town in another place anymore.


Thus, I summoned the [Town Data] again to properly make a town.