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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 004 - Town planning

“Then, I will send you away.” The god said when I chose the card.


At the same time, I was surrounded by a dazzling light, and closed my eyes.


I wanted to say a few words of thanks to the god, but it seems like I lost my chance. Before long, when I can’t feel the light anymore, I opened my eyes.




As much as I can see, from one end of the horizon to the other, was an open field.


I glanced around restlessly.


I could see the rough earth that had sparse patches of short grass. When I looked at the sky, I found that it was a magnificent blue unobscured by clouds.


I was attacked by a pressurising feeling, as if I was being crushed.


I don’t see anyone in this vast wilderness. There was only me. It feels like there was only me in this world. My throat was dry, and my legs were shivering in fear.


Then, I suddenly noticed that the card in my hand had already disappeared.


And at that time...


《Please make your Base》


These words floated right in front of my face.


What is this? No, I think I understand it.


Some knowledge suddenly appeared in my mind. It was about [The ability to make town].


For now, I think this word in front of me was created by my mind. According to the knowledge I just received, it’s called [Town Data]


【Town Mayor】 Nobuhide Fujiwara

【Funds】 100 billion yen

【Setting Era】 Edo

【Town】 None


When I was wondering what is this floating display was about, a square screen appeared right in front of me.


It showed my [Town Data], which is like a status of my ability.


Well, looking from the top, the name of the [Town Mayor], Nobuhide Fujiwara, was written in ancient script. Because of this, I was being given nicknames like [Daimyo] or [Samurai]. The worst one so far was [Baka-dono].


Next, [Funds] were 100 billion yen. All of these were in the form data and would not be in my hands. I will need to manage this 100 billion yen well to build a town.


As for [Town], there is none since I haven’t built one yet.


About this [Setting Era], [Edo] was a commodity from the [Ability to Make a Town] that could be purchased. This means that as long as I pay the appropriate amount of money, I can buy a town with the setting of the Edo era.


Then, what would happen if I want to buy modern stuff? Of course, modern stuff will not be available in the Edo era. In order to fill the gap of the era, I would need to pay one hundred fold of the original price.


For example, if I wanted to buy a ten yen candy bar, I would need to pay a thousand yen for it.


Then, how should I change the [Setting era] to [Modern Era]?


That was already explained in the card description, I would need to invest 1 trillion yen. By the way even though I said invest, it was merely the funds in the data that would disappear.


I wonder if 1 trillion yen is considered high or low? However, it is still an enormous sum for a single person.


Now then, I decided to follow the instructions and make a base first.


I touched the [Merchandise Catalog] below [Town Data].



  • Buildings

  • Furniture

  • Food

  • Cookware

  • Clothing

  • Vehicles

  • Miscellaneous Goods

  • Entertainment

  • Military Affairs


From this, I selected [Buildings].



  • Edo Building

  • Heisei Building

  • Future Building


For the time being, I chose the [Edo Building].

  • Castle

  • Samurai’s House

  • Commoner’s House

  • Others


I chose [Castle].


[Edo Castle] 100 billion yen.


Too expensive.


Beside it was [Osaka Castle] costing 80 billion yen, and others also with stupid high prices forming a line.


I pressed back, and chose [Samurai’s House].


There were sample images of mansions displayed in a row.


At the top was one mansion with the size of one thousand tsubo with the price 100 million yen. At the bottom was a mansion with the size of a dozen of tsubo with the price several million yen.


[TL: 1 tsubo = 3.3 Meter or 35.6 feet]


I can acutely feel the big difference in hierarchy in the samurai society. Overall, I think it was slightly too cheap. Is it because I got the price of the land for free?


I pressed back again and chose [Commoner’s House] this time.


It was filled with houses with thatched roofs that can found in rural areas. There were also houses like a merchant’s house with a tiled roof, and looked like a storehouse. There was also a tenant house that was like an Edo-styled apartment complex filled with numerous rooms.


The sample of variety images were forming a line.


[TL: Peasant House, Merchant House, I can’t find one for Tenant House]


The most expensive one exceeded 10 million yen, but it was an affordable price.


Next, I pressed back again and choose [Others] this time.


There were facilities like bathhouses, inns, and other buildings such as shrines and temples lined up. The prices varied too. For example, the big shinto shrine was in the hundred million yen scale.


Well then, now that I’ve seen all of the buildings in the Edo era; although I was interested in it, my real intention was to a build modern era house as my dwelling.


Therefore, I opened the [Heisei Era] building.

  • House

  • Facility


I pressed [House] to proceed to the next page.

  • Single Family House

  • Residential Building

I chose [Single Family House] and proceeded to the next page.

  • Wooden Structure.

  • Steel Frame Structure

  • Steel Reinforced Concrete Structure.

  • Prefab House


Of course, I chose [Steel Reinforced Concrete Structure].


It was a fireproof structure, and excelled in earthquake resistance. The demerit was that it cost a lot of money.


From countless houses, I chose a grey colored house with a triangle roof.


Furthermore, I made a specification for the electricity to be running, and made a self-sufficient energy type house.


A complete self-energy type house was, simply put, one that uses a solar cell to generate necessary energy to generate electricity and gas from outside. In this world, it looked like a dreamlike house.


[TL : I have no idea how it can generate gas from solar cell.]


The solar panel's generation capacity is 10 kWh (KiloWatt/hour), and the battery’s capacity is 12kWh. It's rated power value is an excellent 3 kW.


That amount is quite considerable.


The solar panels occupied fifteen tsubo of the roof. And above all, it was very expensive. In addition to the price for the house, the [Solar Panel] cost 400 million yen (listing price 4 million yen), and the [Storage Battery] cost 200 million yen (listing price 2 million yen).


Well, I would still buy it though.


[The completely self-sufficient two-storey house that’s a total of fifty tsubo wide] costs 4.6 billion yen (Listing price 46 million yen).


[Do you want to buy it?] [Yes/No]


I pushed [Yes].


Then, a 3D map of the surrounding area appeared before me. I moved my finger and chose the place to build my house.


The sounds zuzuzuzu and bam made me look at the area around me in surprise.


The grass and soil on the ground were being pushed away, and something with an earth-like colour swelled out slowly.


This would probably become a house..?


A to-be-finished house appeared right before me. For a while, I looked at it, dumbfounded.




Nevertheless, it is slow. It’s too slow.


According to the knowledge of the ability, it seems like the safety aspect was being considered, so it could only surge up from the mud slowly.


It would likely take thirty minutes or more to form properly.


I looked at it absentmindedly, and to pass my boredom,  I opened [Town Data].


From the [Merchandise Catalog], I bought a Pipe Chair under [Furniture] for 30 thousand yen (listing price 300 yen). Furthermore, I also bought a weekly manga magazine under [Entertainment] for 26 thousand yen (Listing price 260 yen) to kill time.

[TL:When the price of chair and manga almost the same….]