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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 003 - Prologue - 3

“Well, it’s your turn now.” The god stated.


As the god said this, all of the cards in front of me flipped up.


Oou.... What service is this? Surely, it is not to choose as many as I like, right?


I feel somewhat sorry for the other people who had to choose with the cards facing down.


“As I said to the person before, there are a lot of abilities with many stars.

Now, you can choose one from anything you like. Of course, you don’t need to worry about the time. Unlike the rest, you can take your time to choose.” The god instructed.


“Y-Yes!” Probably because I was too fired up, I answered excitedly in front of the god.


Nevertheless, there are a lot of cards here.


I checked what’s on the left side first.


【Sword Skill】【Small】 【★】

【Sword Skill】【Middle】 【★★】

【Sword Skill】【Big】 【★★★】

【Sword Skill】【Extra big】 【★★★★】


Strangely, even though there was some distance, I could see what was written on it clearly.


At the left is the [Sword Skill] line, and at the right are the lines for [Spear Skill] and [Bow Skill]. They were cards on how to use the respective weapons.


Oh, there’s also something like this.


【All-Weapon Skill】【Small】 【★★】

【All-Weapon Skill】【middle】 【★★★】

【All-Weapon Skill】【Big】 【★★★★】

【All-Weapon Skill】【Extra Big】 【★★★★★】


However, the [Small] one was two stars, while the [Extra Big] one was five stars.


Because it was said that the maximum number of stars was ten, this five star card makes the ability seem unreliable.


I shifted my gaze to the next cards.


Physical strength, horse-riding... There are various training cards lined up which I ignored. Then, I start to pay attention to the next few.



【The ability of Fire Magic】【Small】 【★★】

【The ability of Fire Magic】【Medium】 【★★★】

【The ability of Fire Magic】【Big】     【★★★★】

【The ability of Fire Magic】【Extra Big】 【★★★★★★】


Magic.... This word made me excited.


When looking at the number of stars on the side, Magic>Weapon since they have much more stars than the ones from the weapon system


When I continued looking, I found that there were Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth systems. There were also others, like Wind, Thunder, Light, Darkness, and Summon.


In addition, there are similar cards of another magnitude as well. Like...


【All Magic Ability】 【Small】     【★★★★】

【All Magic Ability】 【Medium】 【★★★★★】

【All Magic Ability】 【Big】 【★★★★★★】

【All Magic Ability】 【Extra Big】 【★★★★★★★】


Ooh, this is amazing!


The [Small] was four stars while [Extra Big] was seven stars.


It was the one with the highest number of stars till now.


Even though he was yearning for supernatural power like magic, he decided to keep this aside for now, and shifted his line of sight.


“....Pftt!” While in front of the god, I unconsciously let out a burst of laughter.


It was because...


【Common sword】 【★】


This is foul play.


Surely, even if I get this, I will be in trouble as well. In addition, the next one was....


【Pretty Good Sword】 【★】


There was no difference in stars between [Common Sword] and [Pretty Good Sword]. In other words, you can think of [Common Sword] as more worthless than one star.


If one day I pulled such a card... Ah, I got it.


The people that wanted to redo the drawing, they probably drew something like this.


When I looked at the other cards near it, there was also a [Common Shield] card with it. Of course, it was also a one star card.


By the way, this is what the other cards in the sword system looks like.


【Hero Sword】 【★★】

【Sword of Valor】 【★★★】

【Legendary Sword】 【★★★★★】


Only [Legendary Sword] has many stars, while [Sword of Valour] has the same number of stars as [The ability of Fire Magic] [Medium].


However, no matter how good the sword is, it all depends on the user.


Well, I wonder what this [Legendary Sword] is. There seems to be a description written on it.


[A sword that carries the power of nature. When you wish for it, it can cast magic.]


I see. It’s a sword that surpasses other swords. If it’s like this, I am convinced of its five star tier abilities.


However, I don’t think I want it, because it only has five stars. If it was compared with the【All Magic Ability】 【Extra Big】which has seven stars, the magic inside it seems quite weak.


Next to the sword line is another weapon line. Afterwards, there is a protective gear line. Next to that were medicine and miscellaneous stuff. After all of that was over, there were cats and dogs, as well as other animals such as horses or sheep lined up.


For example there were horses like this...


【Common Horse with saddle】 【★】

【Good Horse with saddle】 【★】

【Excellent Horse with saddle】 【★】

【Rare Horse with saddle】 【★★】


After reading the explanation, it seems like the animal will unconditionally become your pet.


By the way, all the cat cards were one star.


Soon, all the names changed into something related fierce beasts. All of these creatures were something I heard from stories and fairy tales.


Then, the animal system cards ended with something like this.


【Red Dragon】 【★★★★★★★】


It seems quite dangerous. In the first place, even if I have a dragon as my pet, it will be a problem to find food for it. Thus, it’s out of the question.


With this, the cards from the animal system ended.


Finally, the end was in sight. There were only a few more cards left.


What was next was this...


【Status Open】     【★★★★★】

【Become a Hero】                【★★★★★★】

【Become a Man of Valor】 【★★★★★★】

【Become a Demon King】 【★★★★★★★★】

【Become a Dungeon Master】【★★★★★★★★】

The difference in stars was so obvious.


I mean what is [Status Open]?


【Status Open】     【★★★★★】


[The ability to look at the status of oneself and other people. It can clarify everything from the three sizes to hidden talents to diseases.]


[TL: Damn I want this ability]


Oh, this might be quite a good one. If I was a doctor, it would be quite a handy ability.


On the other hand, I better not touch【Become a Hero】, 【Become a Man of Valor】, or【Become a Demon King】.


【Become a Dungeon Master】description....


[Become a Dungeon Master and create the strongest dungeon by using the souls of the explorers who died in the dungeon to produce strong monsters.

Because the quality of the souls are important, please use the carrot and stick policy properly. Kill them after you grow them up!]


[TL: Tales of Wickedly Viciously Underground Empire]


Urgh... What a dangerous ability. It’s an impossible ability for me who lived in a peaceful nation.


Other than this...


【Become a Minister】 【★★★】

【Become a Lord】     【★★★★★】

【Become a King】     【★★★★★★★】


I wonder why they put that many stars for【Become a King】.

It has even more stars than [Become a Man of Valor]. After all, the king is someone who establishes a country and rules over it.


As they say, two hands can’t win against four hands. Even if their class is [Man of Valor], they still can’t oppose the king.


In other words, individual ability isn’t worth that much. In fact, the power of magic might be much weaker than what I imagined in the real world.


There were still some cards remaining.


【Instant Healing Ability】 【★★★★★★★★★★】

【Eternal Youth】 【★★★★★★★★★★】


There were so many stars that I needed to count them one by one.


The number of stars was ten. In other words, these are the best abilities.


Both of them were abilities that are connected to life. I can’t help but say that these are splendid abilities.


【Instant Healing Ability】can be used when my life is at risk.

【Become Eternal Youth】would allow me to live forever.


However, there was another card with ten stars as well.


It was the last one.


[TL:God, Finally it almost finished.... I am seeing a lot of star right now....]


【Ability to Make a Town】【★★★★★★★★★★】


......I wonder what this [Ability to Make Town] is. I read the description.


【This ability is as its name suggests. With the initial 100 billion yen, the money will be converted into building a town. The time will be set in the early Edo era. When the population exceeds ten thousand people, you will need to invest 1 trillion yen to move into the modern era. If your population reaches one hundred thousand people, you will need to invest 100 trillion yen... If you run the town well, you will earn money. Let’s develop a town!】


[TL-Bot: The TL is resting after looking at too much star and counting zero in this chp]


...The god said that it was a world with the setting of the medieval era of Europe.


If I think about it carefully, for me who has lived in a modern society, even if I become a king there, it seems like I will have to shoulder a lot of responsibility.


All the conveniences, entertainment, and meals of this civilization... I will run out of it.


Frankly speaking, I can assert that a citizen of the modern society lives a much better life than a king in the medieval era.


As the saying goes, there is no place like home. Since I know about the existence of this card, I want to live in a world filled with those things once again.


“I have decided, I will take this!” Without hesitation, I choose the card 【Ability to make a town】.