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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 026 - Merchant - 1

The beastmen were aiming with their bows atop the stone wall.


“Aim towards the incoming enemy infantry! Now, shoot!” I ordered.


All the arrows were shot at once by my order. The arrows poured down like rain and pierced into the ground.


However, the enemy soldiers aren’t there.


“Ladders were attached to the walls! The enemy is climbing up the walls! Drop the boulders!” I barked.


The beastmen dropped the boulders from the walls according to my instructions.


But, there was no one getting hit by the boulders.


“The enemy got inside! Stab them!” I yelled.


The beastmen with short spears thrusted them into the open space. Naturally, because it’s an open space, there can’t be any enemies there.


Then, what on earth are we doing?


It goes without saying that this is a training exercise in preparation for a potential enemy attack.


It has been a few day since since the Red Dragon Knights came here. The town has already returned to its normal, peaceful state. But, I am still concerned about how long this peace can last...


Sandra Kingdom was defeated this time. But, what kind of action will the kingdom take in future?


If they become angered, will they send their army back once again? Or, after this heavy defeat, will they come back to attack after careful preparation? Or, could they have concluded that there are low gains but high risks so they will not concern themselves with this land any more?


However, there is no answer. That is so because there are too few pieces of information to deduce the answer from.


Thus, if Sandra Kingdom attacks again, we need to be prepared here. First of all, I need to expect the worst result so that I can prevent it from happening.


Therefore, I decided to do training once a week.


On top of the stone walls, yelling with gusto were the beastmen wielding short spears, fighting an invisible enemy. At the beginning, everyone was embarrassed. However, when they saw me taking the mock battle seriously, their embarrassment and hesitation disappeared.


“UOOO! You damned humans! We will make you realize the terror of the Goblin Tribe!” One of the goblins swung his own knife around wildly.


It’s good to have fighting spirit, but, based on the small body of the goblin tribe, they merely troops in charge of supplies. So, why they are here? Because I didn’t know when they might need to fight, so I don’t mind their presence.


In addition, each tribe’s chief will take command together with me, so they continue to practice to switch positions accordingly.


“Alright! The simulation ends here! Thanks for your hard work! Please return your weapons and move to collect the arrows promptly!” I announced.


After they were finally freed from the stiff atmosphere, everyone’s serious expressions changed into smiles. While shouting joyously, everyone descended from the walls to collect the arrows.


Meanwhile, my eyes were looking at the man from the Goblin Tribe.


“Hmph. Humans are nothing in the face of the Goblin tribe.” The man of the Goblin tribe muttered so with satisfied expressions although there was nothing there.


There are fallen humans reflected in his eyes I guess...


Autumn was soon over, and winter had arrived. The air became cold. During this season, the townspeople liked to warm themselves with Hibachi.

Because there is a need to be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning, I asked them to be careful if they felt a sour taste linger in their mouth from the end of autumn to the beginning of winter.


Thanks to that, people who become unconscious because of carbon monoxide poisoning was a thing of the past. Later, everyone took careful note of the ventilation when they use the Hibachi.


As for the person who became unconscious, because they were discovered early, they managed to be saved.


Well, I didn’t need to worry for myself since I don’t use a Hibachi. I am eating oranges while huddled inside the warm kotatsu. Viva modern civilization!


On one of the winter days, I was watching a DVD of an overseas comedy drama while inside the kotatsu at home.


“Hahahahahaha!” Wild laughter escaped from me.


Gee, even if it’s another world, I can still live a modern life. This is so good.

Is this what they call luxury?


Then the telephone I placed at the corner of the room rang. I pressed the pause button to stop the video. There should be no tasks that need to be reported today.


I picked up the phone uneasily.


“Fujiwara-sama? This is the Leopard tribe.” The voice on the other end of the line reported.


It’s a trifling story, but there are two telephones that connect to my house now. One at Chief Jiharu’s house, and another one was entrusted to Kobold tribe’s store. Everyone except the Wolf tribe usually uses the one at the store.


“What happened?” I asked.


The voice of the leopard tribesman a while ago didn’t seem to be in a hurry. That means it shouldn’t be something important.


While I was thinking like that...


“Humans came over again.” The person stated calmly.


“What did you say?!” I raised my voice unintentionally. “What’s the scale?!”


“There are 3 people. They introduced themselves as merchants, and said that they came for business. They want to talk to the head of the town.” The leopard tribesman continued his report, unruffled.


What, there’s only 3 people, huh? I was relieved although I felt strength leaving my body. So that’s why the person from other side can report it calmly, huh?


“Understood. I will go there immediately. Please keep the humans outside the town. Don’t start a fight. Absolutely don’t do that, okay?” I ordered firmly before hanging up.


“However, merchants, huh?” I grinned.


I think that they are most likely spies from the Sandra Kingdom disguised as merchants. But, if they were truly merchants, then it would certainly be a good opportunity for me.


Before long, we might need to prepare for a war. If you ask what is the most important thing needed for that, I can confidently say that it’s money.


The ability to make town. This ability is extremely simple. I can buy everything with money and organize the town. With only this, financial power is obviously needed.


To be honest, as long as there is money, everything can be done with this ability. But, if I don't have any money, I can't do anything. The less money I have, the possible things I can do will be fewer.


[TL: just like me.]


The problem is lies in increasing the funds. Currently, there is still 49,8 billion yen. The profit increased from the town’s businesses, but only slightly.


[TL: I take back what I said before.... I didn’t have billions of money]


A town with a population that doesn’t even reach 2,000 people... If we’re looking at long term, we have a reasonable income. But we can't get a remarkable increase within a year.


Shall we sell the city and try creating a new town in the middle of the desert where no foreign enemies exist? I also thought about something like that.

But, that is out of question.


When I [sell] what I [purchased], there is an unfavorable condition that shouldn't be overlooked. Once you [purchase] it, you can only [sell] it for 1/100 of its original value.


This was a town I built using around 50 billion yen. If the sale price becomes only 500 million yen, I wouldn’t be able to sell it easily.


I can't expect income from the town. Then, what should I do?


If inside isn’t good, then look outside. We need to pay more attention to human society. If I sell something unusual to the humans in this world, I will be able to earn a ton of money.


[ED: Or, you might be invaded and robbed of that thing, unless it’s something so awesome that every country in the world wants it.]


That method is falling right in front of me now.


“Fufufu, the time has come. Alright, let me show you my various spices.” While I erase my smile naturally, I readied my body.


Several minutes later...


After I equip my usual equipment, I ride Catherine to the north gate of town. A large crowd of people have already gathered there. 


Urgh. Although I told them not to put a hand on the humans, it still isn't okay to intimidate them by surrounding them.


Well, I understand their feelings. After Frost came to the town, the human army appeared on this land. That’s why everyone in town was thinking that even though there were only a few humans, they still need to be cautious.


“Please make way!” I shouted as I informed everyone my arrival.


“Oi, Fujiwara-sama is here!”


“Make way!”


The crowd yelled as they divided into two and formed a path in the middle.


Are you curious about this reaction? Since I repelled the human army alone, I gained even more admiration from the beastmen than before.


And then, on the road ahead, I can see three humans with their carriages. One of them was a woman with red hair wearing a coat, while the other two were a blond man and woman wearing silver armor.


The only common thing between these three people was that they were young. None of them looked to be over 30 years old.


[TL: is it too much if I hope the author to at least let the red hair have a romance with the mc? I am sick with camel loving part.....]


“Oh, finally someone who seems to be able to understand has come.” Among the three people, the woman with red hair spoke.


I can hear a little bit of accent clinging to her words. As for my impression of her, she seems to be a friendly woman. She doesn't seem to be vigilant, nor did she try to coerce or flatter me. She is just friendly. At least it looked like that.


But, the man and woman, who seemed to be swordsmen, flanking her were different. Both had their hands on their sword hilts while watching the beastmen carefully.


“My name is Elsa Polo. The master of the Polo firm. You are the head of the beastmen town, Fujiwara-san right?” Elsa introduced herself.


“Yes, that’s right. How do you know about me?” I asked warily.


“I heard stories from the scholar, Frost-han. He also asked me to deliver a letter to you. Here.” She took out a letter from her breast pocket.


However, the distance between us was around 10 meters.


“Can someone take the letter on my behalf?” I asked.


Following my words, a man from the Leopard Tribe stepped forward.


“What, aren’t you being too cautious?” The woman smiled.


“You can say that to those two swordsmen.” I retorted. as Elsa handed the letter to the man of the Leopard Tribe.


Even after hearing what I said, the two swordsmen still had their hands on their swords, and didn’t switch their stances.


“Ah, stop, stop it! Reina! Ryle! I have already said it before we arrived here! You only need to act as bodyguards until we reach the town! Don’t fight with the beastmen! Release your hands from the sword hilts now!” Elsa ordered, annoyed.


They looked at each other, then separated their hands from the sword hilts and stood straight obediently.


“Is it ok like this? If you are still not satisfied, do you want to take custody of their swords?” Elsa asked.


“Yes, please.” I smiled at her.


“Eh?” Elsa squeaked in bewilderment.


The two swordsmen looked at Elsa with cold eyes, as if saying ‘don’t say

something unnecessary’.


“Shouldn't you say "I don't mind" here? It's where you should trust us right?!” Elsa protested.


“No, because one’s life is more important than trust.” I replied smoothly.


“Uuu... Then it can’t be helped! Reina! Ryle! Put down your swords!” Elsa demanded.


After hesitating for a moment, Reina and Ryle threw the swords onto the ground while clicking their tongues. That tongue-clicking wasn’t for us, but for Elsa.


While the beastmen picked them up, Elsa seemed to feel awkward as she gave me a bitter smile.

“With this, can you trust us a little bit?” She pleaded.


“Yes, probably.” I answered.


[TL: he should talk about body search as well to add the comedy.... No I didn’t have a dirty mind, only pure comedy mind.]


I opened the letter from Frost and read the contents. What was written there was apology after apology, and that he felt bad. There were also details about how the army was dispatched to this town.


As for the details, it matched with the contents of Romatto, who was still being held captive.


First of all, he apologized without any words of excuse. Assuming that Elsa is a spy, then Frost wrote this letter to make me lower my guard. How naive.


“Then, I heard that you are a merchant?” I asked after stowing away the letter.


“That’s right. We came here to do business with you. I heard from Frost-han about an unusual liquor. Anything is ok. If there is something rare and unusual, can you sell it to us?” Elsa explained.


“Hmm...” I thought about the situation at hand.


There wasn’t any suspicious behavior for now. Anyway, I will hear what she has to say first before making my decision.



“Alright. I will allow you into the town.” I decided.