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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 024 - Tsutomu Sano - 1

3rd POV

Author note:

For this round and the next one, a slightly hateful character will appear m(__)m


Commander Garland died in battle. The Red Dragon Knights were defeated.


Naturally, all 500 cavalrymen of the Red Dragon Knights knew the truth. As for the 4000 soldiers from the southern territory, setting aside the details, they only knew that the Knight Order had lost. Although a gag order has been issued, such orders would mean nothing next to the ever changing hearts of people.


Approximately one week after the Red Dragon Knights returned.


Rumors about the Red Dragon Knights sent to subjugate the south being defeated by the beastmen were spread quickly all over the capital city.


However, it could be said that many of the citizens didn’t trust the story because rumors of a spy from another country spreading the ‘rumors’ had reached the royal palace first even before the truth behind the battle in the southern territory had arrived.


They also arrested a person who was dressed like a secret agent in front of the citizens, acting out the play which they themselves had orchestrated where they had disguised themselves as the spy and pretended to be caught in public.


But, it wasn’t the same with the soldiers. Unlike the citizens who gossiped and got second hand knowledge, the information that the soldiers received was definite and authentic since they received it directly from the concerned party, the Red Dragon Knights


In the evening, the true story about the southern subjection was being recited again. The storyteller was one of the 2 apprentice soldiers who was drinking wine in a room in the barracks.


One of them was a young man with light brown hair and a finely chiseled face, and the other was a black haired young man with a childish face unbefitting his age. These two were so busy with their apprenticeships that they didn’t have time to touch upon the truth about “the defeat of Knight Order” until now.


“I was told that the Red Dragon Knights were defeated by the beastmen and returned.” The brown haired man stated.


The young man with brown hair then recited the story of the Red Dragon Knights defeat that was told by a certain knight today.


“No way, right?” The young man with black hair muttered doubtfully. His name was Tsutomu Sano.


Needless to say, Sano was the same as Nobuhide - he was transported to this world by god.


“Ah, it is the truth. Under Commander Garland, there were 4 or 5 direct retainers who had been injured, and managed to escape back home. The epidemic was one big fat lie.” As the truth was confirmed once again by his colleague, Sano was left in shock.


The power that Sano received from god was 【Sword Talent】【Small】【★】. Even with the ability, Sano could only be a mere Apprentice Knight. This is because the Knights consisted of strong warriors, so for the beastmen to be able to defeat the Knight Order was an unbelievable thing.


(That Garland..? It’s a lie, right..?)


What shook Sano in particular was that Garland was killed in battle. Even amongst the Knight Order, the strength of Commander Garland was to the extent that you might say was abnormal.


―― Garland the Arrow Catcher.


Befitting the nickname, Garland was able to catch an arrow that was shot from approximately 10 meters with his bare hands. His reflexes and agility transcends those of a normal person. Garland’s strength was considered first-rate even within the Red Dragon Knights. It was hard to imagine him dying in enemy hands.


“Are the beastmen that strong..?” Sano muttered.


Sano himself had heard about the strength of the beastmen from his senior knight.

That person had said ‘They aren’t an opponent for the knights’ with fearless smile.


(Damn! How can this kind of enemy be a small fry?!)


Sano cursed the knight he enquired inside his heart.


Sano had a conceited thought that he was the strongest. The power that he got from god had made himself thinking that he was special.


It’s true that he was inferior to the soldiers of the Knights Order. However, it was a  difference of experience, and not the difference of talent.


Sano had that overconfidence with his ability. That was why when he heard the story of the Red Dragon Knights’ defeat, he was shocked.


An existence stronger than the Knight Orders. Before he was able to overcome one wall, another higher wall appears. He couldn’t help but think of his small existence.


His powerlessness was suddenly made known. He could only feel emptiness inside.


Then his fellow colleague said. “But those who had mastered martial arts wouldn’t lose to a beastman. There was some other reason this time. Everything seemed to have been ruined by an unknown magic.”


“An unknown magic?” Sano inquired.


“Yeah, from a distance that can’t be reached by arrows, a small lump of iron seemed to have flown accompanied by the sound of thunder. It was able to easily pierce through the armor.” The other apprentice detailed.


“What the hell is that?” Sano muttered.


Sano had learned a little about magic. Magic isn’t useable in fights. It should only be something insignificant. Before, he had considered about magic being among the cards, but now that he had become an apprentice knight, he was relieved that he had chosen【Sword Talent】.


Magic was nothing impressive.


He hardly was able to believe that there was a magic that could defeat Garland.


But then, something flashed through Sano’s mind like a lightning bolt.


(Wait... The sound of thunder, a small lump of iron..? Ah...)

Sano opened his eyes widely.


“Oi, what kind of guy threw that lump of iron?!” He demanded hurriedly.


“Oh, what is it all of sudden? How can I know about that? Other than the beastmen, who else could do that?” His colleague replied, startled.


“What about a human? Are there any humans in that town?!” Sano pressed.


“Humans? Ah, that’s right. From the stories I’ve heard, there was such a person commanding the beastmen.” The brown haired man answered.


“S-Seriously..?” Sano was shocked again.


The humans in this country look down on the beastmen. No, rather than looking down on them, they only consider them the same as animals. Having more intelligence than needed, they were considered to be beasts that needed discipline. That was the evaluation humans had of the beastmen in this world.


For a human to command such beastmen… It was highly unusual. Right... Just like him...


Sano patted the sword belted at his side. That sword wasn’t a normal sword. Originally, it was from the card【Considerably Good Sword 】【★】. He thought that the weapon cards were only limited to swords and spears.


The sound of thunder and a lump of iron… Something struck Sano mind. It’s 【Guns】. In those countless cards there should be a gun card.


“Seriously..?” Sano muttered his favorite phrase since his childhood once again, and gulped down the red wine sitting his wooden cup.


However, the alcohol wasn’t able to inhibit his brain’s function. Sano’s consciousness became clearer instead.


(It seems like I won’t be able to get drunk tonight either...)


Sano calmly thought of what he should do if he met this ‘2nd person’, his fellow countryman, while nodding to his colleague’s words.


By the way, the ability of Sano had was certainly 【Sword Talent】. That was why, how he was able to obtain the 【Considerably Good Sword 】 should be explained.


The story goes back to the time when Sano came to this world.