Rebirth Online World

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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 002 - Prologue - 2

“We were supposed to die..? After a train derailment?”


“Yo-You are kidding, right?”


Words of unrest started to escape from everyone’s mouths.


They didn’t believe the words from the god. No, they didn’t want to believe it.


I’m the same too.


Death.... I thought it would be a story that would only be told in the far future.


“That is the truth. I can return all of you back to your original world, but... Do you want to return just to die?” The god asked with a friendly expression.


When he put it in that way, there was no way we could complain anymore.


I could only feel appalled after that.


“Excuse me, I wonder if it is okay..?” An office worker-like man raised his hand and asked for permission from the god to ask a question.


“You may speak.” The god nodded.


“I took the train with my co-worker. Although I can’t find her here, is it correct to say that she is alive?” He asked.


“Umu. Your guess is right.” The god replied.


“I see... Thank you.” The office worker lowered his head politely.


Upon looking at his joyful face, it was obvious that he felt relieved. Looking at how much more worried he was about his co-worker, and it was a woman to boot, than about himself... She’s probably someone that he likes. He would probably be called a good guy.


[TL: here is the teaching boy, good guy never get the girl.]


“Then, let’s get back to the topic. As I said just now, you will be sent to a different world. You can refuse it. However, at the same time, you will die in your original world.” The god explained.


There was no one who rejected his proposal.


Thus, the explanation continued.


“The place where you will go to is something like the medieval ages in your world. However, with the exception of humankind, there are also various races who have their own languages. There is magic on that side as well.”


“Su-Such a world... It’s dangerous..!”


“It’s certainly dangerous, but there are no demons...” The god lifted up his cane after speaking.


Immediately, there were hundreds of cards with the equal height and width forming a line floating in the air next to the god.


The crowd started stirring and fidgeting. Everybody was surprised by the miracle they saw for the first time.


Only the backs of the cards were facing everyone.


“I’ll give you a power. The power that I will give to you is written on these cards. There are abilities, weapons, and positions. What is written on the card that you pull will be your power from now on. Well, it will be much easier if you actually try it.” The god waved his hand. “―― Here!”


Before I noticed it, one of the students already stood in front of the cards.


“E-Eh? The male student panicked.


It was teleportation.


After witnessing another miracle with our own eyes, everyone, including me, held their breaths.


“You can choose from one of these cards. The card that you pick will be the ability that will be bestowed unto you.” The god stated.


“Eh?! Why!? Why me!?” The male student shrunk back at his unexpected role.


It was not surprising. There might be some danger for the first player after all.


I gave my condolences from the depths of my heart. However, I wouldn’t want to be his substitute.


“If you don’t choose, would you like to be sent to another world without any abilities at all?” The god asked.


“Eh, no! Wait! ...Then, then... This one!” The boy hurriedly took one of the cards and flipped it up after hearing that remark from the god.


What was written was.


“Spear talent, big..?” He muttered.


However, I wasn’t able to hear him because his voice was too low.


Then the god said.


“Spear talent, big. That’s the ability to excel in using spears. Then ___”


With a “paa” sound and a flashing light, the student disappeared the very next moment.


“That person just now has already been sent to the other world. You don’t need to worry. I will not suddenly send you to a dangerous place. I will send you to a place where you can receive assistance from the very beginning. I will also be considerate and pair you with a different person who pulled a lower grade card.” The god assured us. “Ah, that’s right. I have not shared the reason for doing this. This is just a trivial experiment. When you go reach the other world, I will not intervene. Now then, if you don’t have any useless questions for me to answer... I want to move everyone quickly.”


Then, a new person appeared right in front of the cards. He was slightly panicked after watching the affair from before, and picked a card before the god said anything. Then, he left this place after another blinding ray of light appeared.


From there on, one after another, the work was carried out silently, probably because everyone understood that this situation was unavoidable.


Occasionally, some people shouted that they wanted to redo their picking, but nothing happened.


...What kind of the bad card made those people want to redo the selection? This made me anxious.


Before long, the hundred people who were here had decreased to twenty.


I haven’t been called up yet.


I started to get used to the shimmering light around me.


Ten more people disappeared, but I was still here.


I am not so stupid as to not be able to understand the present situation. From the original one hundred people, was it an accident that I was one of the last ten remaining?


I think that the answer is no.


Also, there was another person remaining, the office worker who spoke politely to the god.


It was clearly intentional.


I wonder what the meaning of this might be.


“God! I apologise for my impoliteness so far!” A student did a dogeza.


Amongst all of the people, the only ones left were the office workers, me and the male student, which caused the student to worry.


[TL: I think it mean that from all that 10 people, 9 was office worker and only 1 student]


Now, there were only the office workers and I left. When I thought about it, it must be because of our behaviour.


But then, the person who was chosen to pick the next card was the student.


“You should hurry up and choose.” The god didn’t answer him and just said this indifferently.


When the male student saw this, he was displeased and choose the card before disappearing.


I wonder if that's what it is, a nice moment to present unjustified hostility.


Afterwards, one after another, they disappeared. What remained were me and the polite office worker.


Is my turn next, or is it the one after that?


Cold sweat started to soak my back as I wondered, and I gulped audibly.


Incidentally, the office worker and I didn’t come to face to face so far because the god strictly prohibited whispering.


I think it would be awkward too, if we looked at each other and talked. I think the other party was also thinking the same thing.


It could be said that we can read each other’s minds.


The next one who was called to draw a card was the office worker.


“Fumu... Good. So it turned out like this...” The god murmured to himself.


Then, the number of cards decreased quickly.


“Before, the cards you can select ranged from 1 star to 10 stars. If your ability is powerful, there will be many stars accorded to it, and vice versa for the ones with low number of stars.” The god explained. “For the two of you, I will remove all the cards that have less than three stars.”


As I expected, there was a significance as to why we were the only ones left.


“...Is it because I kneeled and apologized?” I asked.


“No. It’s because you guys realized ahead of time that this situation is significant. That is what makes you different from those who were chosen earlier.” The god replied.


There was nothing more to be said, and the office worker chose his card and disappeared.


Before I realised it, I had already been teleported to face the cards.