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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 018 - Human 1

When I recorded the temperature for one year, I finally understood the four seasons of this land.



The highest temperature

The lowest temperature





































[TL: All of it was in celsius]


The Goblin tribe and the Kobold tribe seemed to have mingled with humans in the past, and this world seems to have 365 days in one year too. I’ve only arrived in this world two years ago in April, but after a year, I learnt that the April in the previous world occurs at the same time as the April in this world.


――And then, the town’s 2nd anniversary in April was over. It’s already May, and the sunlight has gradually become stronger.


Today, when I was playing with Catherine again as usual, the phone started ringing inside the house. When I went in to answer the call, I could hear Jiharu’s impatient voice.


“Fujiwara-sama, this is serious! Humans! Humans are coming here!”


―― Humans. Hearing these words, I become so surprised that I accidentally dropped the phone.


Could it be that they’ve come to invade? Why? No, the humans should not know that there is a town here.


Then, why did they come to this land? They’ve already fled from this land because of that one earthquake. Why would they come to this place intentionally?


Did they come to chase the beastmen? Why now?


I couldn’t reach a conclusion in my mind, so I asked. “How many people are there?”


“From what I heard, there are 3 people! They are asking for us to share some food!”


What, so there’s only 3 people. In addition, they are only asking for food, eh? After hearing their purpose and numbers, I was relieved.




I have heard about humans from each tribe’s chief until now, and from what I’ve heard, as long as there are not many of them, the tribe will not lose. Even the small-sized Goblin tribe said so proudly, though everyone looked at them derisively.


Also, I need to pay attention to the existence of magic. I have heard stories about people who can use magic in the Goblin and the Kobold tribes. None of them were considered magicians with considerably high rank since their magic can’t do much in battle, and using a bow and sword is much stronger.


Well, magic is more useful in daily life, like cooking with fire. Though the fire’s strength is small, the fire was recognized to speed up the cooking process. In fact, people who have fire magic usually aim to be a cook first. However, though there are many people who awaken to fire magic, they don't seem to easily become a cook though.


In the case of water, it will be used as filtered water. There are only a few types of water that humans can drink, so it’s common sense for humans to create water for drinking with magic. Then, like the medieval era Europe in my previous world, there’s no culture here that developed long-term water storage for brewing sake, or so I thought, but I guess the humans here also drink sake heartily. Maybe they‘ve already secured their drinking water supplies, which is why they can drink as much sake as they want.


[TL: all the liquor written in this series was written with kanji of sake 酒, it can mean Japanese Sake or just alcohol. So I will use sake from now on. I didn’t know if the Liquor industry in european need to have certain kind of water to be used to made their Liquor but, sake need a certain water to be used to maintain their flavor, that is why major sake production in japan will invest some of their money to maintain their water spring to be clear from any pollution]


If it's light, it's a light source. But, light magic is rare, and the one that awakens to this magic will usually be promised fame, and work for the Royal Family or high-ranking aristocrats as light technicians.


[ED: Lol what. You have a rare gift but instead of becoming a court magician, you become a lighting technician?!]


There are also earth and wood that’s usually used for crop development, and metal is for smithing, and so on.


How should I say it… It feels like a story from dreams. It made my heart throb like the time when I was choosing the ability cards.


But well, if I think about it carefully, it’s not a story that I can’t understand. For example, assuming that I was conjuring fire, the speed and distance when I imagine it... It's unlikely that it can beat bows. But, it’s alright if used at point blank distances.


There were also high magicians on the cards with [Big] and [Extra Big] tacked on. I was interested in how big the difference was, but when I asked the chiefs of Goblin and Kobold tribes, neither of them knew. 


Getting back on topic about the three humans… I wonder if the three humans are soldiers, or where they come from. In any case, if their purpose is only food, then we don't need to be hostile, even if they happen to be ridiculously strong or something.


[ED: NAIVE! You will suffer....]


“First of all, you need to prevent a fight from starting. I will go immediately after I get ready.” I instructed and hung up.


After I was fully armed, I got onto Catherine and went to the site.


“I am relying on you, Catherine!” I told her.


“GUEEEEEE!” Catherine began trotting furiously after crying out.


Although the speed was quite fast, this wasn't her best speed. According to the book written about camel ecology, camels seem to be able to run at about 60 km/hour.


Camels sure is amazing.


We move quickly through the main street. There is not even a shadow of peole here. In no time, I arrived at the town’s outskirts, and a crowd of several hundreds of people were already there.


“It’s Fujiwara-sama!” One of them noticed my presence.


Then, everyone stirred and turned to face me.


“Please make way.” I requested.


When I said that, the road opened like the Red Sea before Moses.


Three human males could be seen ahead. One was a tall adult male with blonde hair wearing refined clothes. As for the other two, they are still young, and their clothes aren’t as refined as that adult’s.


These three people were trembling. At that moment, it was decided that they, who were humans, were weak and posed no threat.


[ED: Again, NAIVE!]


I thought it was natural for them to be afraid since they are weak. If I was put in their shoes, I would also be trembling like them.


“I-If you put your hands on us, the Sandra Kingdom will not remain silent!” The adult shouted at me.


This looks more like a bluff than a threat. Using a huge country as a shield, he planned to establish his position.


“What did you come here for?” I ignored his threat.


“I-It's for academic research! It's not for something suspicious!” He answered defensively.


[TL: hmmm....]

[ES: Suspicious! Slave hunting?】

[TL: no.... I was thinking about other thing that man research for *cough *cough academic purpose *cough]


“What investigation?” I pressed.


“I am a geographer, so of course it’s to investigate this unknown land!” He declared.


“Then, why are you in such a condition? There is no reason for you to come here without food.” I commented.


“We were attacked by lynxes! We also lost our horses, and just barely escaped here! The food was still loaded in carriage!”


[ED: Why the hell would you bring a carriage on a geographical survey? The suspicion deepens…]


Lynxes are similar to leopards. They appear near this area frequently. They have been targeting the farmers and the camels that were grazing on the land, and subjection corps have been sent out several times already.


I see. I can roughly understand from their story. Then, in that case.


“It is your own fault.” The words were said in low voice.


The crowd murmured about their hate towards humans.


“You should just die.”


“This is the retribution for driving us out.”


With that as a trigger, the people started to jeer in low voices.


And, a certain man from bird tribe said. “Fujiwara-sama, let’s kill them.”


The tone of his voice made me tremble. Those scholars become frightened as well.


[ED: You sure they’re scholars?]


“What’s the reason for us to kill them?” I asked.


“If we leave them alive and allow them to return, the human army will also come here.” A Kobold answered my question. 


―― The human army will come to attack, huh?


This certainly isn’t an impossible thing. This is a town formed by beastmen who were driven out by the humans. If various tribes of beastmen live together, they will become hostile towards humans easily, so it is not strange for them to feel a sense of danger.




“I won’t do that.” I announced.


“..! Why?!” The Kobold raised his voice.


“That is because they didn’t commit any evil deeds.” I stated.


“However, human countries drove us away! Every country does that without exception!” He protested.


That’s certainly true. The risk of letting them go, or taking advantage of them, and the way human beings treat beastmen… Those may be the real reasons why they won't give exceptions. So, the suggestion of that Kobold wasn’t wrong.


However, as expected, I will not have a good night’s sleep if I let them die. For example, if they tried to harm me, I will be able to pull the trigger of the gun without care. But, they haven’t done anything wrong in front of me yet.


Sure, their country did many evil deeds to the beastmen. But, I don't want to think that a country and its people are the same. Although men do make up a country, one person's crimes should not be considered as the whole country's crimes.


The morals of the Japanese is already ingrained deep inside me. Even if I forget about my previous world from now on, I think I wouldn’t want to forget about my morals.


“Still… Still. As the head of this town, I order you. You must not harm them.” I commanded.

When I announced my final decision, everyone could only accept it reluctantly.