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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 015 - Wolf Clan

Mira was taken back to the town safely, and peaceful days returned to the town again.


A few days after the series of disturbances...


On that day, the people of wolf tribe who have finished their work at the field, had their  dinner and bath, and finished the things that they usually do for the day for the most part .


The sky became dark.


As it doesn’t rain, moonlight shone down onto the land without obstruction, its brightness so strong that you could walk around without any other illumination.


Meanwhile, footsteps could be heard rumbling the ground. Towards the mansion of Chief Jiharu in the first district of the town, males of the wolf tribe gathered there one after another.


“Hey, do you know what the meeting was about?”


“No, I didn’t hear anything.”


The males of the wolf tribe kept entering Chief Jiharu’s mansion one after another.


Inside the mansion, the sliding doors that divide the rooms were removed, connecting the four rooms into one. A large rectangular room was formed. The moonlight that poured into the room from the opened window shone, illuminating Chief Jiharu who was sitting in the deeper part of the room .


“Is everyone here?” The chief murmured to no one in particular.


The wolf tribe’s males had lined up before the chief and sat down in rows, and just now, the last person just entered. The orphaned children who lived with  the chief have been left in the care of a different house for now, because the talk is confidential


“How is Mira doing?” Jiharu asked.


“She is working on the fields harder than anyone else. Father should know about this.” The one who answered Jiharu’s question was his son, Zoan, who was sitting in the front row.


Hmm, that’s right.” Jiharu smiled warmly.

As the leader, the chief is like the parent of the whole tribe. In other words, Mira is his cute child as well.


“So what is it today, chief? We need to wake up early tomorrow, so please finish this quickly.” One of the men said.


“What I want to discuss about is Fujiwara-sama.” The chief showed a serious face.


It was a face which the chief had never showed to Nobuhide ever since he became the head of the town.


Tensions suddenly ran high in the room. One grasped his fist, while another swallowed his saliva.


“I don’t like this!” No one knows exactly what was being imagined, but a certain young man stood up and raised his voice. His name was Bozugado. It was the man who had looked for Mira together with Nobuhide. “He has treated us very nicely! Why can’t we just leave things as it is?”


“I don’t know if you’ve misunderstood something, but I don’t have any intention to harm Fujiwara-sama. So, don’t say such a silly thing.” The chief shook his head.


After hearing the words of Jiharu, everybody was clearly expressing their relief. Everyone had been holding the same suspicions as Bozugado.


“Then, what is it about?” Bozugado, feeling ashamed that he had jumped to conclusions, sat down while blushing, and a different person asked this time.


Hmm. We intend to follow Fujiwara-sama as it is. That is why, what we should fear for is if Fujiwara-sama has a change of heart.” Jiharu stated.


“No, Fujiwara-sama will never forsake us!” One man argued.


“How you can be so sure? Fujiwara-sama is a human. We are of the wolf tribe. Right now, there are no humans around Fujiwara-sama. However, if a human manages to come to this land, what will happen?” The chief sighed. “No, not only humans. If we consider the humans’ oppressive nature, I think other beastmen aside from us will come to this land too. If that time comes, will we still receive the same treatment we are as now?”


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The person who was asking the question turned silent. Others had shut their mouths too, unable to retort.


Then, the chief said.


“That is why I intend to have Fujiwara-sama become a wolfman as well.”


[TL: I know it, they will just married off Mira to him. It must be so!]


The others didn’t seemed to grasp his intentions.


A human is a human. A wolfman is a wolfman. There is no way that can be changed.


Everyone was staring at Chief Jiharu with pitiful eyes, as if he has no idea what he had just said.


“Can you please not look at me with such eyes? What I meant was not such a nonsensical like asking him to be reborn as a wolfman.” Jiharu rolled his eyes.


“Then, what is it?”  The son of Chief Jiharu asked on behalf of all the members present.


“It’s easy. He will take a wife from the wolfman clan, and have a child.” The chief smirked.


Ooooh... Everyone was impressed. Certainly, if a child was born, it would become a bond that could never be severed.


The thing about the difference in race… With Nobuhide belonging to a different race, everyone seemed to have forgotten of the concept of marriage as an option.


“Then, my daughter!”


“No, my daughter!”


“No, no, my daughter!”

Those who have a daughter hurriedly proposed an engagement for Nobuhide and their daughter. There were some people had had said strange things too, but no one considered them.


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Nobuhide was the one in charge of all the things in this land. There is nothing but honor to have their daughter marry someone like Nobuhide. If their daughters were to be married to Nobuhide, as his father-in-law, they have calculatively thought that they should have gotten some leftovers too. They are also especially fond of the liquor. Should their daughter be married to Nobuhide, they had hoped to receive a lot of celebratory drinks.


[TL: damn parent that sell their daughter for liquor.]


Isn’t your daughter just 8 years old?!”


“Shut up! Who knows if he’s a pervert who’s fond of children!”


“The one in my house is the most beautiful!”


“What! Rather than that homely-looking daughter of yours, the most beautiful girl in the world is my daughter!”


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All of them became hot headed. All of the people who had daughters stood up, naturally breaking out into an unsightly quarrel. .


“Stop it!!” A thundering voice echoed .


Although he was close to 60, the chief was proud that he hasn’t been defeated by the younglings yet. Befitting of such intimidation, with the addition of the wrinkles that comes with experience, it was truly an intense expression.


All the members were overwhelmed by the Chief’s voice, and their bodies started to tremble. The triangular ears on the top of their heads flattened down, and they sat back down quietly. Everyone pulled themselves together, and began listening again.


“In fact, I have already decided who is it.” However, the statement that left the Chief’s mouth was something shocking - the settled decision of the bride candidate.




“Such a thing...”


People who recommended their daughters muttered frustratedly in vexation.


“Then, who is it?” Zoan asked.The chief glanced around the room once, and said a name.


“It’s Razuri.”


[TL:...... who?]


Oooooh... Everyone was stirred up.


That girl was considered to be the most beautiful amongst the unmarried ones. Wherever Razuri would walk, every man from the wolf tribe would turn to look. A sigh would escape their lips by just remembering her figure. She was a beauty of that level.


“If it’s her, then she will be most suitable for Fujiwara-sama. Does anyone have any objections?” The chief looked around again.


Well, if it’s Razuli...”


“Ah, then it is not where my daughter can come out.”


With that beautiful girl in front of them, no matter how cute their daughter was, they will have no chance to beat her at all. Everyone didn’t have any choice but to pull back.


“Then, the decision is made. Tomorrow, I will introduce her to Fujiwara-sama. I will make this marriage a success by all means. We shall make our clan prosper!” The chief declared this as he stood up energetically, raising his fist.

[TL: no offense, but this is how I hate tribal life. Sometime the chief will try to marry his daughter or in this case someone else from his tribe to the man from more advanced civilization, I have a friend that almost get forced to marry a daughter of the chief from some tribe in Papua, East Indonesia. I shudder every time I remember his story]

[TLC: my condolences to your friend]

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Then, everyone’s cheer burst out. Afterwards, the chief opened up the sake jug that Nobuhide handed to the chief for cases like this, and poured each person a cup before  dissolving the meeting.



Early afternoon of a certain day.


Nobuhide received a telephone call from Chief Jiharu. The content was that he wanted to talk in a quiet place.


Nobuhide tilted his head in puzzlement. When he asked about the outline of the business, Chief Jiharu dodged the questions, and left Nobuhide with vague answers. Because he can’t invite him to his house, the talk will be held in the chief’s mansion.


Even though he didn’t think that they would ambush him this late in the game, but just in case, he armed himself before leaving for the chief’s house with the truck. He especially drove the truck so that if there was something wrong, he could run immediately.


The chief stood at the entrance. When I looked at him, he seemed to be smiling like usual.


“Welcome. Come, come, this way.” The chief ushered.


Unlike the other houses, at the edges of the Chief’s house is a corridor. Beside the corridor are four rooms lined up. Through this corridor, I was led to the innermost room. There, one woman was sitting down .


“Chief, this is...?” Nobuhide asked with a perplexed expression.


Thus the chief said it while feigning ignorance.

“On this occasion, by all means, I intend for Fujiwara-sama to marry Razuri, the most beautiful girl in our tribe. Thus, I called you to this place.”


“Eh...?” He was surprised and speechless. Nobuhide was hit by a tremendous surprise.


(To take a wife? Marriage? With whom? I, with this woman..?)


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Nobuhide’s brain shifted from surprise to confusion. No, perhaps if she was not there, Nobuhide would not be as shaken as this.


According to the wolf tribe, what exactly is their definition of a pretty woman? As their name indicates, the wolf tribe was evolved from wolves. In addition, they would have extraordinary pride as a wolf as well. You can even say that it is their faith. Therefore, the standard of their beauty…


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As Nobuhide’s eyes moved in a strange manner, Razuri smiled at Nobuhide. It should be a smile to the extent that it would take the hearts of the wolfmen, but to Nobuhide, it just made his heart shudder.


The reason was because the very person in front of him was like a wolf itself, her body covered in thick fur, eyes sharp, and nose sticking out further than her mouth. Yes, Razuri was a woman who has strongly inherited the blood at the time when she was still a wolf.


Sharp teeth peeped out from the gap of her mouth when Razuri smiled. From Nobuhide’s viewpoint, what he saw was a wolf smiling evilly in front of its prey.


[ED: People who are into beastiality or furries would probably be happy though…]




His body’s trembling intensified.


For humans, when an unexpected thing happens, their thoughts will falter. Nobuhide’s brain that usually works as perfectly as it is, has stopped working.


“Ooh, Fujiwara-sama must be trembling because of Razuri’s excessive beauty too. Then, I will let you young people take your own time.” The chief left the room after misunderstanding something.


(Wait a minute! What made you think like that?!)


After receiving the chief’s unwelcomed action of goodwill, Nobuhide couldn’t help but complain in his mind.


“Fujiwara-sama, please sit down.” Razuri’s voice was beautiful and kind, unlike her face.


(Aah... she doesn’t mean any harm either...)


At this point, Nobuhide had finally calmed down. This sudden marriage meeting with the woman with a wolf’s face. He can generally guess the real intentions of the chief. That is why, Nobuhide thought that she must have been a victim too.

Of course Nobuhide declined the marriage proposal. Afterwards, he had to exert fairly reasonable care so that he wouldn’t hurt Razuri’s feelings.