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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 011 - The Start of Town - 1

“Now, you decide which house you will live in.” I stated. “Ah, except for the biggest mansion, since it will be the chief’s residence. Now then, who wants to take the house next to the chief’s mansion?”


This feels like an auction. Nevertheless, when I looked at everyone’s faces, no one raised their hand.


Then, the chief, who couldn’t remain silent anymore, called out a person’s name.


“Zoan! Come out to the front!”


“Y-Yes!” The person replied.


I turned my face toward the one who replied. This person has thin hair, and looks almost like a human, at least according to the standards of this tribe. His thin hair and his facial features look like the chief’s. Is he related to him?


“Your name?” I asked.


“I-I am called Zoan.” He stammered.


“Do you have a family?” I questioned.


“Ah, yes. Oi, come here!” Zoan called out.


Then, someone who has much thicker hair than Zoan, plus a black nose that looks like a wolf’s, appeared while leading a child by the hand. She looked like a mix between a human and a wolf.


“Could you tell me your name?” I asked.


“I-It’s Raguri.” She answered tensely.


I wrote their names on the paper in the language of this world smoothly.


The god didn’t only give me the knowledge of their language, but how to write it as well.


“That child?” I asked.


The child was holding Raguri’s hand with her finger placed in her mouth. When I ask Raguri for her name...




I had intended to ask Raguri, but the child answered instead.


Probably because she’s still a kid, so she was fearless unlike the adults, and smiled like a sunflower to me.


“Is Meg-chan a girl or a boy?” I leaned over and looked into her eyes as I asked her.


Honestly, I feel that something is weird, but it might just be my imagination.


“A girl!” Meg answered bashfully.


[TL: It was a trap!]


She looks like a good child. I feel a little bit happy.


Then, I stand up and say to Zoan.


“Your house will be next to the chief’s house. The house will be in this first district, the first line and the second house, so it will be the house of 1-1-2.”


“Eh? 1-....?” Zoan sounded confused.

It seems like there was no concept of using numbers as the housing address here.


I said it again for Zoan who didn’t understand.


“1-1-2. You don’t need to memorize it now. I will explain it to the chief later on, so let’s learn the common sense of this town together slowly. ...Ah, wait a minute.”


I paused and headed to my truck. Naturally, all their eyes turned to look at me.


I summoned [Town Data] behind the seat, purchased [Konpeito], and left the truck.


[Konpeito (pack)] 9000 yen (Pouch 3000 yen)


“Meg-chan, please hold out your hand. I will give you something good.” I smiled.



[ED: Mr Policeman! It’s this guy!]


When Meg heard about something good, Meg separated her hand from her mother’s hem, and stretched out both of her hands. Her parents trembled when they looked at their cute and obedient child.


I took out one konpeito from the pouch, and placed it onto Meg’s small palms.


“You hold it in your mouth, and lick it.” I instructed.



[ED: …! Run away, Meg-chan!]

I didn’t say it in an indecent way, but, if it was in the original world, I would certainly be reported.


[TL: yes, yes, you can explain it in police box]

[ED: *shines lamp* explain yourself, protagonist!]


Meg ate the konpeito in one gulp.


“.....? ――Um!?” She moved her mouth in a strange way, and before long, her eyes were wide open. “Delicious!”


She beamed with joy that wasn’t seen until now. I smiled as well, but unfortunately, because I was wearing goggles and a face mask, the feeling wasn’t transmitted. Therefore, I give an exaggerated nod.


By the way, why konpeito instead of candy? The reason would be because of the size instead of the price. In my previous world, there were a lot of incidents where kids choke because of candy, and die. Well, it was much better than an emperor who choked on rice cakes. Next will be rice or bread, which should be ranked the 4th or 5th place as the cause of death.


“Well then, Zoan-san. You are free to go after this. Because there are cleaning tools in the house, you can clean up, or you can rest. Whichever one is fine. I will call you when it’s time for dinner.” I told him.


Next, the residents of the houses were selected in sequence. I wrote their names and addresses on the paper in my hand. Of course, I also gave one konpeito to each child.


If you want to defeat the general, start with their horse.


I will not say for what, but it is not that bad to capture the hearts of children with sweets. Occasionally, it's impressive that the adult was the one giving me a greedy look instead.

Finally, I wrote the names of the people who will live in the chief’s house, and the assignment of housing was finished.


I thought that I wouldn’t be able to fit all one hundred and eighty people from wolfmen tribe into one district, but, it was an unnecessary fear. After I settled everyone, there were two more houses left unused.


“Well, this is the end. Chief, please clean your own house as well.” I stated.


“I understand. ...Um, Fujiwara-sama.” The chief stared at me.


“Yes?” I asked.


“Really, thank you very much.” The chief lowered his head deeply, his long brown hair mixing with his white fur.


I didn’t ask how many people died before reaching here.


An aimless trip... I can’t imagine how much his burden was as the head of the whole tribe.


“...I just did what I wanted to. You don’t need to mind it.” I replied.


No matter how much goodwill I have, it’s just for my self-interest. But, it doesn’t feel bad to be thanked.


I pray that we can build a good relationship that will benefit each other.


_____ Like this, I was able to meet the long cherished residents of this town.