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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 010 - Arriving of Townspeople - 4



When the chief saw my face, his mouth and eyes were wide open, and his body was trembling. There was an expression of shock on his face, but it’s a good thing that there wasn’t even a shred of hatred.


“Even if I am a human, will you still become residents of this town?” I spoke  as if I was the one requesting for them to stay.


The attitude that the humans treated them with was simply too violent. With the prior violent treatment, my courteous confrontation gave myself a fairly good impression in their eyes.


Then, the chief, who was tongue tied from surprise, opened his mouth slowly, and stared at me as if trying to peer into my mind. He clenched his fist, as if making up his mind, and said.


“...We don’t have anywhere else to go. Also, you seem to be different from the humans I’ve met.”


Even upon knowing that I am a human, Chief Jiharu still decided to take my hand.


Upon hearing his answer, a broad smile naturally appeared on my face.


“Then, I will leave it to you to persuade the others.” I stated.


“Excuse me!” The chief suddenly exclaimed.


“What is it?” I asked.


“I want to keep the fact that Fujiwara-sama is a human a secret for a while. There are some people who have lost their families along the way here...” He answered uneasily.


It was a request from the chief. The reason was quite obvious. I could understand that.


If it was made known that I am a human being, it would be the same as a betrayal towards the wolf pack.


It should be fine to reveal it afterwards when we have already build up trust towards each other.


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After reminding the chief to not cause any anxiety for the others, I sent Chief Jiharu out, and returned back inside the gate.


Now then, while Chief Jiharu persuades his tribe, I will need to prepare a few things.


For now, I need to purchase cleaning tools and futons first. As for the cookware, I will give it to them tomorrow, along with the explanation on how to use them.


They have already gone on a long journey. Surely they would want to have an early rest.


I summoned [Town Data], and purchased bamboo brooms, dust cloths, and buckets. The total came to 15,000 yen. I purchased it for each house in the district.


[Cleaning Kit] [x 47] 15,000 yen x 47 = 705,000 yen.


The number of people in the wolf group are about one hundred and eighty. If, by any chance they couldn’t fit into all forty-seven houses of the first district, I’ll need to prepare some extras. Furthermore, I’ve prepared woven straw mats for them, and transported them with a truck.


[Straw Mat] [X600] 2000 yen x 600 = 1,200,000 yen.


These straw mats will become their futon. It’s a little bit of a digression, but it’s because the common futon used in the Edo era was of such a price.


[Cotton Futon] 3,000,000 yen.


The price of the Edo era’s futon was so expensive that I couldn’t believe my eyes. No matter what, I will never buy this. The price of a modern futon is a hundred times much cheaper than this.


Then, what kind of futon did the common people use during the Edo era? What they used was a woven straw mat covered by a paper futon. On top of it, there’s also something called [Yogi - cotton filled]. Even though its price was not comparable to the [Futon - cotton filled], the price is still high nevertheless.


It seems like it was because the price of cotton was sky high at that time.


While I was doing this, someone knocked on the gate.


“Fujiwara-sama! The talk has ended safely!” The chief’s voice sounded.


Upon hearing the chief’s words, I went out through a side door to find that the people of wolf tribe have already gathered there. Some of them looked tense, while others stared at me doubtfully. Another group looked uneasy, while more looked like they were clinging to hope. There were even people that didn’t seem to care about anything. Each member had different expressions.


I cleared my throat in front of everyone. In response to that, the wolf clan twitched and jumped.


“I am the person in charge of this town. As what you’ve heard from the chief, you will become residents of this town. As you are resident of this town, I will take responsibility for your food, clothing and shelter.” I stated in a slightly louder and clearer voice so that all of them could hear me.


All of them started to stir.


“However! I want you guys to abide by these rules by all means!” When I raised my voice, all of them went silent.

“First, don’t do evil deeds!

Second, work seriously!

Third, never go past this gate!

Fourth, if you have some business with me, pass it on to your Chief!

That is all!”


Again, the people of the wolf clan murmured.


I wonder if I’ve made any unreasonable demands. But, what I asked of them were common practices.


“Is there anyone who objects to this?” I asked.


Everybody fell silent again.


“Ah, there is one more. Try to obey my instructions as much as possible. If you think it’s impossible, then by all means, you can refuse it. Next, since I will be showing you where you will live, please wait a while.” I announced.


Then, I went back to my home through the side door, and entered the truck. As I sat down on the seat and closed the truck door with slam, a smile floated onto my face naturally.


I could imagine the dumbstruck faces of those people when they see this truck.


The first impression is crucial. Just being nice is useless. You need to show them the difference in status in order to give them a scare.


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I inserted the key, switching on the engine, and departed. Like that, I drove to the back of the gate.


I alighted from the truck, took off the bolts, and opened the gate.


Just as I opened one side of the gate, the people of the wolf clan peeked  inside curiously. They only saw half of the body of the large truck exposed by the gate. Then, the other side of the gate opened. Finally, surprise was shown on the faces of the people of the wolf clan.


Certainly, they would be surprised if there was such a big thing behind the gate. Moreover, it was making sounds while vibrating.


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But, it’s not over yet. I boarded the truck again, showed my face through  the windows, and shouted.


“Open the way for me, please! All members gather along the wall!”


The chief gave out the order to everyone, and all members moved to the left or right.


I lifted my foot off the brake, and the large truck started to move slowly. Since they didn’t think that it could move, everyone became nervous.


“It... It moved!”


“It’s... It’s a monster!”


The tribe members exclaimed.


Aah, what a pleasant feeling. This is modern technology. Even though it doesn’t mean that I am great, but I am proud as a person who lived in the modern age.


No one dared to step in front of the truck.


Halting the truck for a moment, I called out to the chief who was sitting on his backside from the surprise.


“Right now, I will lead the way. Please follow me, but do not stand right behind this ‘thing’.”


Then, I began driving the truck again.


The town was divided into sixteen districts. We moved to the middle of crossroad of first district, and I alighted from the truck.




         West← →East



┌────-─ 門 ─────-┐

│      ││      │

│⑯ 15 ◎││◎ 14 ⑬│

門12 11 ◎││◎ 10 9門

│8 7 ◎││◎ 6 5  │

│4 3 ◎││◎ 2 1  │

│     ││       │






◎……A store or inn

⑬⑯……Vacant land


In my hands were a binder full of white paper, and a ballpoint pen. The people of the wolf clan were still cautious towards the truck, so they moved slowly behind it.


“Please come here quickly!” I declared.


Upon hearing my words, the chief, who was leading everyone, began hastening their speed. Before long, everyone had gathered, and I began my speech.


“Now, let’s decide the house where you will live. Let me talk about this district first. For every six houses, there will be a well, a bath, and a toilet attached.” I walked to stand in front of the well. “This is a well. There is a lid here, so please don’t try to take it off. By all means, try not to stand or sit  on top of the lid, because you will die if the lid falls by mistake. Well then, I will be showing you how to draw water from this well.”


I heaved the pump up and down. Every time I lifted the handle up, the tap nozzle spouts water out.


“――And this is how the water is fetched out.” I ended my explanation.


“Ooo..!” Their voices were filled with admiration.


They must have never seen a hand pump before. Was it just because their civilization level is low, or because the civilization of this world is low too?


Whatever it is, their admiration makes me feel pleasant as the head of this town.


Next, we headed towards the restroom.


“This is the toilet. This is where you deal with excrements. Please do not dispose of your excrements anywhere else aside from here.” I instructed.


Everyone showed a startled face.


What is it? Did I said something strange? No, wait. Don’t tell me, they’ve already done it.


Several hours have already passed since they’ve arrived here. It would be stranger if they haven’t done it yet.


“...If you’ve already done that, I will overlook it this time.” I sighed.


Everyone’s faces clearly became relaxed.


The only saving grace was that in dry regions like this, the bacteria would have a hard time propagating.


I stood in front of a small wooden urinal, and said.


“This place is where men stand and urinate. Please aim well when you do your business.”


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There was no special reaction in particular.


Next, I opened the stall door next to it.


“This is the place where men and women sit down and do their business. I think you can understand how to use it without me saying anything.” I stated.


Because I hesitated in mentioning women defecating, I only gave minimal explanations. As expected, I felt embarrassed too.


“The ones appointed will have to throw the excrement away every day. Because it could lead to a plague, you absolutely need to throw it away every day.” I explained. “You can throw it away at a faraway place to the south. But, before you throw it, you need to dig a hole to dispose it into. I will go with you tomorrow. Because this is unpleasant work, I will treat the one who does the job with liquor.”


“Oooh!!” A whole group of men who seemed to like liquor shouted joyfully.


Rewarding liquor for doing this dirty job was to prevent anybody from becoming lazy and not finishing the task.


By the way, the plan to use manure as fertilizer was rejected. While manure was certainly excellent fertilizer, but if there was even one mistake, the crops will be infested with parasitic worms. Around the time after the war, the US soldiers ate japanese vegetables raw and contracted food poisoning. This was a famous story in which McArthur flipped out.


“Then, next――” After that, I explained about the baths and sewers respectively .