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The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~

Chapter 001 - Prologue - 1

I was holding onto the ceiling straps of the train while dressed in my usual suit in the morning, in the midst of travelling to my workplace.


My name is Nobuhide Fujiwara, a trivial temporary employee who will celebrate his twentieth birthday soon.


“That’s why..!”


“No way!? Seriously!?”


Upon hearing the cheerful voices of the students sitting on the seats, I couldn’t help but wish.


‘Even if it’s only a little bit, please share your spirit with me.’


Then, I closed my eyes quietly, trying to take a quick nap before the train reaches the next station because I stayed up late last night.


The clinking and clanking, and the shaking of the train tempts me to enter the dreamland.


Before long, the shaking of the train disappeared. Even the feeling of the strap on my right hand disappeared.



What... What is going on?


I can feel a sense of discomfort at my right hand, and when I opened my eyes, my voice leaked out unconsciously.





Well I can’t help it.


I should have been on the train till a while ago, but now, I’m in a white space.


“Wh-What is this place!?”


“The train! Where is the seat?”


“It’s a lie! Dre... Is it a dream?”


[TL: It is funny why they ask about the seat]


Other than me, there were other people here as well. All of them were equally surprised.


From my rough estimation, there’s about one hundred people here.


I recognize some of them. They were the people who were in the same compartment as me.


The students especially, started to make a ruckus. There were several adults, including me, who were confused as well, but we didn’t kick up a fuss.


It might be because of the experience gained from age... No, it’s probably because there’s already a group of students kicking up a fuss beforehand.


After all, I’m not someone who can speak out in a community.


Anyway, I feel a little relieved since it wasn’t only me who had been transported to this weird place.


“Ho ho ho ho!”

[TL: Santa is here]


I heard the rough laughter of an old man.


‘What was that?’


I thought while looking at the direction where the voice came from.


Naturally, all the people around me also looked at the man who was laughing in this time of emergency.


What we saw was an old man with white hair holding a walking stick. He donned pure white clothing. His face looked like it had been carved from marble, and he has blue eyes that’s hardly seen on the Japanese.


[TL: Jesus Crist is here to take you to the heaven, yeah otaku heaven]


“Everyone, please don’t panic.” The old man tried to soothe us before laughing again. “Ho ho ho ho!”



“What’s so funny?!” One of the students shouted in anger.


Looking at this male student’s sturdy body, it seemed like he had been doing some kind of sports.


‘What a stupid student.’ I thought.


Because this old man in front of us is clearly an abnormal one.


In other words, we should guess that our current situation has something to do with this weird old man.


Furthermore, if I were to explain this in detail... There’s close to one hundred people on this space. There is no way a human’s power would be able to transfer this many people in an instant.


If there’s someone who can do it, then he would be...



“ Ho ho ho! I am sorry.” He didn’t seem to be reflecting even though he was apologizing, and laughed again.


The student from before wanted to complain again, but was held back by the boy who was wearing the same uniform as him. It seems like they were classmates.


As expected, it seems like there are some people who know that there is something special about this old man.


The old man started to talk again.


“I was the one who transferred you here.”


That remark was no good.


For the people who haven’t realized that this old man is a special existence, it will just add fuel to the fire.


“Wh....! Don’t fuck with me! Return us back now!”


“That’s right! Bring us back!”


In some places, voices that asked to return back were heard.


Looks like there are people who can’t understand the current situation... I sighed.


Now then, what should I do?


We should avoid angering the old man by all means, because it can be said that the old man holds our fates in his palm.


Now then, what should I do?


...... I have decided. Even though it’s impolite, I have no choice but to do it.



“I... I am sorry!!” I kneeled and placed both of my hands on the ground, and put my head on ground.


That’s right, I am performing a dogeza.

[TL: wonder which Dogeza he do]



“Please, forgive our rude behavior!” With a voice louder than anyone else in this place, I apologized to the old man.


The entire area became quiet.


Because my head was touching the ground, I didn’t know that everyone was looking at me in wonder.


When I think so, I feel awful.


“Please, please, forgive us! Have mercy!” I begged.


Well, whatever. Anyway, all I have to do is apologize to the old man in order to not spoil his mood.


Then, I heard the sound of laughter.


What a cruel thing.


A small laugh started to spread out like a ripple in the calm water, and the laughter starting rising from everywhere.



“Pfftt, this person is really doing a dogeza! This is the first time I’ve ever seen it!”


“Seriously, it’s so lame!”


“I can’t stop laughing!”


Furthermore, I can hear humiliating words here and there.


Is this what they call youth?


But, I still continued lower my head. This is called the stubbornness of an adult.


And then, when a voice spoke to me, all the students who were laughing at my apparently absurd act stopped immediately.


It was the voice of the old man


“You can raise your head.”


“Ye-Yes!” I replied.


As told, I raised my head.


“Ho ho ho. You didn’t need to do this since I didn’t mind it at all. Now, it will be better if you stand up too.” The old man stated.


“Ye-Yes! Excuse me!” I did as ordered.


I feel grateful for the old man words.


It seem like he has a broad mind.


“Fufu, it was pointless. So, don’t mind.”


I stood up while hearing that brown haired brat's annoying remark.


“Well, it seems like everybody has calmed down now, so I can continue my story.” The old man said.


Right now, the situation had calmed so much that it was hard to believe that there was commotion not long ago.


Everyone was listening to the old man’s story. After all, we can’t do anything if we don’t know anything.



“Now then, I will introduce myself first. I am God.” He declared.

[TL: In Morgan Freeman voice.]

[ED: Try David Attenborough too.]


Everyone was stunned by his introduction.


As expected. However, when it came from his own mouth, I was stunned as well.


“Wh... What?! How come a god’s with us..?!” When that sports student heard the word god, he started to shout.


I don’t know if it’s because of pride or something, but do you think it’s cool to have such an attitude towards a god?


“Fumu... Well, it’s because you guys will be living in another world.” He announced.


Everyone exclaimed with the word ‘Ha?’, because they can’t understand the words of the god.


Gradually, they started to understand the words of the god.


The meaning was, he wasn’t the god which resided in the world where Japan was.


“Don’t said something so convenient!”


“This is tyranny!”


The dissatisfaction started to rise from one end to the other, but the god only answered with a laugh.


It’s a waste of time no matter what you say to the god. Before long, the voices of complaint weakened.


And then, a female student called out to the god with a loud voice.




At that, everyone calmed down once again.


“Un... Until when..?” She asked timidly.


“Until you die.” When he replied the question of the female student, the answer rubbed some people the wrong way.


“Don’t fuck with me!” The anger wasn’t from only one person, but many.


However, it didn’t result in violence since they feared the title of god.


Even though they raised their voices to complain, it was only to preserve their pride because it was allowed earlier.


I didn’t imitate them, and just watched them from the side.


And then, the god said something after laughing again.


“I am not joking with you. After all, everyone here was going to die because of a train derailment.”


A huge bomb was dropped by the god like it was nothing.



[TL: *baddum tess]