Rebirth Online World

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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 009 - 0 Years 7 Months pt 5

According to what I have heard, the place where Onii-chan visited today is a memorable place for our family.


This place was where father and mother shared their dreams, even until Onii-chan was born, they often visited this place. Also when I was still inside mother’s tummy, there was a time when mother visited this place.

It was also the place where Onii-chan made his promise to father before he left for the war.

Therefore, when Onii-chan ran away from home, naturally this place would be the first one that came into his mind, and probably that was why mother thought that Onii-chan would be here.


We went back guarded by Marriane-san and all of the villagers were letting out sighs of relief when they saw us coming back safely.

There was a dangerous rumor about bandit was lurking out around here, but fortunately we didn’t run into those guys. [1](TL : FLAG! )

However, we don’t know what would have happened if Onii-chan remained missing. Because of that, I don’t think that what I had done to be pointless even though I had to take a big risk.


…… Yeah, “risk.”


Both Onii-chan and mother, also Marriane-san and all of the villagers, think if everyone come back safely and live happily ever after, then it’s the end.

But it is different for me, the real battle was only beginning.

Sure enough, after everyone calmed down after confirming that we were back in one piece and their heads cooled down, I felt like everyone naturally focusing their gazes into me .


I am 7 months old baby.

Let alone speak, a baby is supposed to be unable to understand words and should be having a hard time standing up.

The truth is, until yesterday I have never said more than two words in front of people, or shown any behavior to stand up.

However, for me to completely understand the situation with Onii-chan disappearance, furthermore, suggest counter measures to everyone.

This is, no matter how I think about it, I can only say it is strange.


In fact, I am already getting strange gazes from villagers and also became the main subject of gossip.

So far, I’ve barely made it with them realizing to the extent of 『As a baby, his manner is good』, but in the end I still ended up with the label『Weird』.

For now, I still didn’t receive any distinct discrimination, but I be ready for something like that.

At worst, I am the only one who had been labelled weird, so if I take that book and hid somewhere, it might protect mother and Onii-chan.


Like that, I inwardly made a resolution to live alone if such an unforeseen situation did happen…



「Aa, Sefi-sama… Thank ye, thank ye…!」



However for some reason, right now I am being worshiped by gramps and granny from the village instead.

Why has it become like this……

[1](ED: I wish that I have that kind of flag xD) (TLC: Aren’t you afraid of you know, KNIVES???)