Rebirth Online World

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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 006 - 0 Years 7 Months pt 2


「Onii-chan! Book, gimme!!」[1]
「Uwa! What are you doing so suddenly?!」

As I had already forgotten to pretend to be a baby halfway, I jumped onto Onii-chan to get the book back.

If what Onii-chan words are genuine and what I had heard real, then that book would undoubtedly be a grimoire!
I had thought it to be rather strange for a father who can’t even read, he accepted a “book” as a memento!

Perhaps that book is fate, promise or maybe compensation; it must be a nice congratulatory birth present from god to me, who was not given any cheat power!
I’ll absolutely get that book back, then I’ll decipher it!! Thank you god!!

This is the most effort I have done since my birth, and with that kind of effort I kept grabbing onto Onii-chan.
My entire body was screaming, I’ll get it back even if I have to drag and defeat Onii-chan.

……. but, unfortunately, I was just a 7 month baby.
I was too powerless against a healthy 3 years old boy.

「You’re persistent!」

While saying that, Onii-chan forcibly thrust me back.
As a baby, my heavy head made my balance bad, so in the end, I lost my support and fell backward.
Furthermore, my back hit the desk leg behind me, and because of that, even my head hit it with “bang”.


While I was crawling on the ground, Onii-chan muttered voices became distant.
And then, to calm down my brain that was going “guwan guwan”, I held my head down with both hands. [2]

…… It hurts.

it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts!!![3]

My head hurts like it’s gonna split ! It hurts like I’m gonna die! It hurts like there’s blood coming out ! !

Why?! I don’t understand why Onii-chan did that kind of thing, it hurts it hurts it hurts!!

I don’t need I hate cruel I’m gonna tell mother I’m gonna tell everyone ! ! [4]

「hikku …….. ugu ….. gusu…..」[5]

Anger and pain, and also the regrets of having been betrayed by a family member who I thought to be an ally and my own pathetic self who was defeated by a mere 3 year old boy; the tears begin to rapidly overflow.
Maybe, because of spending half year as a baby, my mental state got influenced by this body.
Holding my head that got hit, while crouching on the floor, I couldn’t do anything apart from biting my own lips to try and hold down my cries.

「 Uuuu , Ueeeeeeeeeennnnn…. ! ! 」

But I quickly reached the limit of my tolerance and released a cry that I can’t hold back anymore.
The understanding that this was shameful was flowing inside my head, but I still can’t hold it.

「Yo….. You’re the one wrong here! Becoming magician-sama, that won’t happen….」

When I thought those voices were coming down from above, the clattering sounds of running footsteps could be heard.

After Onii-chan ran out of the room, there’s mother who’s rushing over to me after hearing my crying voice.
With pain and numerous other kinds of feelings stirring inside making me panic, I kept on crying, clinging into mom’s chest for a while.

….. One hour passed before we realize that Onii-chan had disappeared from the village.

[1] ED : I’ll just leave it as it is because I feel that it will be weird if he can speak fluently.)
[2] (TL: I don’t have any idea how to write this also that SFX) (ED: So do I, I have never heard that kind of SFX before)(PR: nyuut, nyuut? Throb?)
[3] (Tl :10 times) (ED:Yeah, exactly 10 times)
[4] (TL: please don’t put “,” here ,since he said it sooo fast , so i think we don’t need any “,” )
[5] (PR: 3 kinds of japanese sobbing sfx)