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Chapter 005 - 0 Years 7 Months pt 1 — Onii-chan’s Promise

The day Wizard-sama visited the imperial capital, the imperial capital’s central area got pretty excited.

It seems that the wizards were always moving from one place to another and it was rare for them to come home to the capital.


I too wanted at least see that Wizard-sama… but that’s a wish that cannot come true.


The capital is a city with huge walls surrounding it, and I heard that if you wanted to enter or exit you will be subjected to strict inspection.

And as people who came from some poor village with unclear background, they would have turned us away immediately especially if we didn’t have any important matters.


Well, it is a sacred metropolitan with the seated emperor in it after all. It can’t be helped if the security was strict.

Not to mention it is also home to the only 3 Wizards in the whole kingdom, the security would be even stricter.


If I had some special power to suddenly appear in the capital with a *baba~n* , solve some difficult incident easily enough to cause people like the emperor and the wizards to say 「Hoho, this person is…!」 and gain connections, my life will be rosy pink.

Then again, reality is different. After all, I can’t even take one step outside the village…


With this and that, today I yet again spent my ordinary, unchanging days.

With less than 7 years of 『remaining time as blessed child 』spent meaninglessly up till now, the me right now is no different from any other average baby.

Even though I already learnt their language, but if I don’t take any steps forward then it will really become meaningless.


Because of that, I’ve become very impatient and anxious at every day’s passing.


…On the other hand, it’s not like I can do anything as a baby.

If I said what i did today is, going to dad’s room like always then take out and look at the book.


However today, there was one thing different that happened.


「You’re here again.」


Surprised by the sound that suddenly came from behind, I turned my back to see Roguna Onii-chan with his thick honey-like hair, standing there.

He scowled at me with those pessimistic eyes which didn’t looks like a 3 years old’s at all, and without hesitating, approached me.




「That’s Tou-chan’s precious book you know.」(PR: Tou-chan = Daddy, Onii-chan should need no explanation.)


As Onii-chan said that, he took the book I spread on the floor.





Wait, what are you doing!?

I try to reach at the book as I scream to object but, after all, short baby hands won’t reach .

In exchange I tried to pull at Onii-chan’s clothes, but Onii-chan would jostle against my body to keep me away. (TL: Onii-chan, stop bullying, but I can’t stop thinking of this as cute PR: Same here. Shota con? Or are we sadistic? TL:Idk , but cute thing’s cute)



「You, are you serious about wanting to become a” Wizard-sama”? There’s no way Tou-chan will permit it.」

「Onii ~ cha , Onii~ cha !」

「Annoying. After all, you heard it from Ka-chan right? That To-chan friend was a ”magician-sama” 」(PR: Again ka-chan = mommy)


….. eh?

Father’s friend was a Magician?


Eh, then that memento from father’s friend……


If father’s friend was a magician doesn’t that mean…



That book, could it perhaps be a 『Grimoire』?!