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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 004 - 0 Years 6 Months pt 2


I immediately raised up my body which was lying on the floor lazily to face mom and the neighbouring onee-san who were having a conversation.

Towards that reaction, it seemed that they were quite surprised.

I too, fear that my reaction may have been bit too much and I felt cold sweat running down my back however, mom and her friend just thought it was funny and laughed.


「What happened, Sefi-chan? Perhaps you want to meet with Wizard-sama ? 」


The neighbour Onee-san — her name is Marianne-san — and, she was talking to me with teasing tone while walking closer to me.

With strong, wavy, reddish blonde hair as her distinguishing trait, she was outstandingly stylish while being around the same age as mother and at a glance she looked like a college student.

That lady gently carried me and then as if to ease me, slowly rocked me in her arms.


「Or maybe you want to become wizard? Well, Sefi-chan is very smart child, maybe you’ll eventually become a wizard one day.」


Looks like Marianne-san had jokingly said it, but mom who heared it looked rather embarrassed. Huh, isn’t that not a bad idea?

For now because she’s carrying me, as my thanks, I responded with a beaming smile.

To Marianne-san who received my smile, she made an expression as if she couldn’t take anymore, shouted 「Iya~~n 、Soo Cuute~!」 then hugged me tightly.Because Marianne-San’s breasts were big, it was painful…


「Sefi a wizard… Sefi a wizard… Uhehehe~」


As I saw mom through the gap between breast and arms, her melting expression on her face was as if she was having a charming delusion.

Is it that honourable to be able to become a wizard?


At present, I heard that this world was in the middle of a great human-demon war.

The first time I heard about the “demon race” I was surprised, but when I think about myself who had reincarnated, my existence was the more ‘irregular,’ so I was able accept it in the end.


In this world, demons exist.

If demons can exist, can’t magic exist too?

If there is magic, wouldn’t magicians ( mahoutsukai , Wizard = madoushi ) exist too?


With that syllogism, I came to the hypothesis that magicians can exist, thus the existence of that the one called Wizard-sama wasn’t surprising anymore. [1]

However, it was bit beyond expectations for magicians to be so great to have -sama attached to them. [2]

At least you won’t need to call a soldier as 「soldier-sama」, certainly with normal soldiers you don’t need to draw any lines between them.

It was probably not someone at the same level as a「Knight-sama」.


「My, my, again Mashia is off on her own doting parent fantasy trip.」


It seems that this was not the first time mother daydreamed like this and Marriane-san casually brushed it off while smiling wryly looking very used to this.


「If you manage to become a Wizard, you can get the title of duke from His Majesty after all.

But, out of all the magicians, I heard for there were only 3 people who managed to become one. 」

「It’s enough even just as a magician! After all you can still become a baron! 」

「Enough is, you …… what you call magician-sama, they say that in the whole empire there exist no more than 30 of them. 」

「That, that’s true, but… but Sefiria’s gonna be okay! Because he’s looks this cute! Rii~ ght , Baron Sefiria?」

「…Sigh. Aren’t you extreme.」


As Marianne-san was getting tired of mother’s doting parent act, I felt an unspeakable ecstasy.


If I can become magician, I can become a baron .


And if I can become a wizard, I can become a Duke.


Just moments ago, I’ve decided on my dream.


「…… Wu , i ,zar 」


Hearing those clumsy words rolling off my tongue, Mother and Marriane-san eyes widened and looked at each other.


「Wa, wait! Just now, Sefi-Chan, just said 「Wizard」?!」

「Ye…… yea……」

「This kid is awesome! He still cannot walk but already able to talk?! Furthermore he said 「Wizard」!」


「This is, really Sefi-Chan, to be a Wizard …… Eh, Masya?! Why are you crying?!」


The fact that I said the word 「Wizard 」 made Mother’s doting parent switch turn on and caused her to be overcome with emotion —


……. or that’s what I thought, but it seems that I was wrong.



「His first word was not 「Mama」!! Fueeee~~~nn!!」[3]

「Eeeeeeee?! Wait, you, really are a pain!!」


After that, thanks to Marriane-san desperate efforts, somehow mother calmed down.

As I also called her 「Mama, mama」,the fact that she rubbed my head might mean that it had an effect.

But, ever since that time whenever a topic about wizards came up, mother will puff out her cheeks and sulk with an「U—n.」


Mo, mother… you’re a bit of a pain…

Notes :

[1] (PR: Please google syllogism if you can’t guess it’s meaning.)
[2] (PR: sama was a way of addressing the most honourable of people.)
[3] (PR: That’s a crying sound there) (TL : I felt somthing wrong with that kind of cry =-=)