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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 035 - 0 Years 11 Months pt 6

The youngest in history .... or rather, there's a baby who got a peerage and thus since there's also such unusual topic. It seems there are many people that are gathering to seeing my conferring to a peerage ceremony.


Somehow because of my hideous nickname and, surely not my gentle second name that is spreading around,     the upper people from empire gave a lot of criticism .......

In any case, somehow it's now cleared away. It looks like I can safely become a noble.



.....By the way, mother ,without yielding until the end, is insisting that she at any cost has to watch the ceremony ,again immediately . Next time when my conferring to peerage ceremony to duke rank I will show it, or when I persuade it like that, somehow she gave up.


If mother comes to see the ceremony , I will somehow imagine that she will be crying my name out loud to the extent that the surrounding people will back away.


Well, it's not like I don't understand those feeling .... Honestly, I thought it's not that bad.


However since I can't let her hustle enough since that will make her wound on her back reopen. I want her to obedient this time.



Nevertheless, to become baron at 11 months after birth eh~.


When I think about my plan about geting myself into a strong position before I reach seven years old. I'll be considered as a prodigy. but isn't this already becoming a decent starting point?


Although I actually am thinking to take the peerage when the state of the war inclined more towards the human race side, and the victory is right in front of our eyes but, it seems not everything can going like I planned.


Although just because I have now become a noble, I suppose they aren't gonna make me do the dangerous jobs only.


Furthermore the time that I get to work as a full-fledged baron, is two months after my "breast-feeding" age is over after all.(1)



And after the conferring to peerage ceremony is over, I am going to greet the frontline troops higher-ups which I look forward to.



The chivalry order's leaders and commanders, are also magicians just like me. It seems that about half of them will be gathering.


What a great number of attendance even though it's in the middle of the war .... or perhaps it's because this elevation to peerage is not something usual to that extent.


I come in front of those who gathered inside the Beorant castle conference room, and being carried with a position that made it easy for me greet them.



How do you do? My name is Sefiria.

Although I am still a "newbie", for the empire's sake, I will sincerely give my utmost assistance with this body.

from now on. Please treat me well


Since I think being underestimated too much is not good, my way of talking didn't sound like a baby.

It seems even the audience, became quite surprised by this.


And then of course, I never intended to risk my body to give my utmost assistance for empire's sake at all.


I refuse doing something like working until I die for the empire.

Rather than making my family cry, it's fine for me to run away from the enemy.



Toward my greetings in appearance, everyone gave their applause.


Well, I have still yet to do any real great achievements in front of them after all .... It should only be an applause because the flow of the mood right.


The one who gave me this elevation to peerage is his majesty emperor after all.

I suppose there's no one who would openly state their objection.



.... Ah , no .

There is one person. There's that guy who is doing it openly.


At the same time the applause in the conference room starts to cease. "He" without hiding his expression of unpleasantness, and along with Ha~n like sarcasm he laughed scornfully.



Since when did the empire troops, give a recommendation for playing house?


With those words, at the same time everyone in the surrounding knitted their eyebrows, their gaze became sharp.


Somehow, it seems he is called what "the problem child".



His appearance is somewhat young, and at most he's in the half of his twenties.


The same generation as his majesty emperor, or so it says. So I can't make light of him but, but still, compared to the surrounding , he's obviously still a youngster.


Seeing from his attire and his personnel, perhaps since the seat where he sat is in the vicinity where the magicians gather. I suppose he is also one of them.


And so, he can't bear that a baby came up to the stage of the so called magician ,or perhaps it's something like that.


That young man with reddish blond hair that combed upwards, as his handsome face warped to a provocation expression he turned his sight towards me.

From all of his action ,it feels like it give an aura of obocchan with a really high pride.(2)


A woman who is called  Magician's leader in her middle thirties, although she said  Be careful with your mouth , Bozra and harshly scolded him. However, the young man called Bozra didn't even yield.



But leader.

What are the empire citizens , or maybe the other country, will think when they're see this brat? Aren't they gonna think if the empire is alright or not?

The fact that Sefiria-dono has the achievements and ability, his majesty is the one who recognizes it.

It's not a thing that something like us can object

Look ! In other words even the leader, inside yourself still can't fully accept it right.

It means that if it's not because of his majesty the one who recognizes him, you can't accept to get the same treatment with such a brat.

much less, if he even got something like Second name Aren't I right

that there must be something behind this. I'm sure


His mental power of being able to speak his mind so frankly like this in front of the person itself, it's something that deserve an admiration ne.


No , perhaps he has that much of pride and really can't bear it.


Even if I were in the opposite side, next to the position that myself has gotten  from piling up many years of great effort, and then suddenly there's a baby that has gotten on that place, it's not something that will come in mind though.


In addition even if the old man magician was doing the same thing as I do, they wouldn't get the same appreciation like me right.

The fact that myself amuses his majesty , it's because I am still a baby.

In other words, it's because I'm treated as a Prodigy.


Even the magician's leader, perhaps her heart is responding against those words.

She can't object those words.

.... Although maybe it's because she is too surprised that she can't even say anything.


If the three wizard-sama were right here, I wonder what kind of expression will they make.



The reason is because it was his majesty so called imperial command, or their own feeling.

One must prioritize either one, and one must hold either one

The difference between magician's leader and Bozra-san, is only their priority about those thing.


In other words, the majority of the people in this place ... especially the magicians who do not recognize the fact that I'm in this place.



..... Un , well, honestly is not something that bothers me a bit.



It wouldn't change anything even if I didn't receive their recognition, and if they're making light of my ability , then they should only give me relatively easy jobs.

Although it's not a bad thing for me.


Also, the word There must be something behind this said by Bozra-san, he also has a quite sharp perspective.


Although his majesty empero, prime minister dono, and also wizard-sama tachi didn't reveal it. In the end , this elevation to peerage on the magician system is greatly entangled with the empire's ulterior motive after all.



Because of that I am. Although, I think that I will fade-out as a useless personnel when they're making light of me and only think me as a decoration baby who can use magic but....


Oi, brat.

Ehat if you also said something


Since Bozra-san was saying something like that while grinning and pressed me to give a remark. I  accidentally found the way to get a upper hand on the discussion in this place.


For me , a thought of making my relationship with Bozra-san better, such a thought never came into my mind

and thus the reason for me to suck up to him in this place, is totally nonexistence.



On the top of that, I am now in the middle of the higher ups of the chivalry order and magician division. I think that perhaps this is the best chance to ascertain the amount of people that see me favorably.


Since I just became a magician, also I just became a noble , I don't know anything in my surrounding.

When there's an accident where I can't rely on anybody ,it's not really good right.


Wizards-sama is going all over the place and seems busy after all. Also it's hard to get the chance of audience with his majesty emperor or prime minister-dono.



In this place one person or two people, if I build a connection with a trustworthy influential person, and on the top that , assuming that I will get a higher position in the future this is not a bad move at all I suppose.


..... Besides ,I also am thinking about removing the problem considering the situation where I employ Nervia-san.

And thus for that reason, there's also a fact that I wanted to make a connection with a knight with a somewhat good achievement.


This is surely, a situation that is called as "godsend"



Now .... for this reason, let's say something that will leave a bit impression to everybody over here. I want them to think that I am a person they want to associate with even after this after all.


Fortunately this Bozra-san is also a "trouble child"

and even the person who bears animosity towards those conduct, it shouldn't be small.


That is why just because even if I have a little confrontation with him, their impression of me will not deteriorate that much.



As I turn my sight to Bozra-san who made a wicked smile, and I lick my lips with slurps ( ちろり ..... )


(1) : (TL : roughly 2 years old , or so that's what is I read on the internet )

(2) : ( obocchan : Young master of a wealthy family )

TL : This chapter was somewhat hard .... I pray ED-kun and TLC-san will have it easy :9 ... also the unedited chapter is 1800 words (0-0")