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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 034 - 0 Years 11 Months pt 5

Like I said, Onee-chan, you really need to have more "moderation!”



I was walking in the hospital corridor, tottering beside Nervia-san who was holding the fruits assortment.

While doing that, on the way to mother's room, I proudly explained to Nervia-san the importance of moderation and self-restraint.

Everything was for the sake of preventing Nervia-san from becoming the second religious fanatic (after Bashbal)!


From now on, no sudden hugging, yelling out my name, or excessive worrying for no reason! Do you understand, Onee-chan?

Y-yes..... I'll be careful.


Seeing Nervia-san become dejected because I scolded her, I feel bit of pity for her but ..... this is also for her sake.

I must harden my heart at times like this!


At the same time, so that I can also become a good example for her, I swore in my heart that I'll show her moderation and self-restraint in my life!


Ah, Sefi


From the toilet near mother's room, Onii-chan came out.









Before the information from my sight can even reach my brain, my body had already jumped into Onii-Chan's chest.

While I heard Onii-chan yell out Uwa~h ! ? in surprise, I was checking if there's anything wrong with Onii-chan's body.



Oni~chan!! Are you okay!? Did any strangers try to trouble you!? You’re not in danger, right!? They didn't do anything unpleasant to you, did they!?

C-calm down Sefi! I'm alright, so please let go for a moment!


After saying that, Onii-chan turned his head away in embarrassment withGood grief…

However, immediately he started patting my head, muttering But, thanks, for worrying about me.



Uuuu.....!? This dere after pushing me away, what a high class technique.... ! (1) It worries me, Onii-chan in the future will make women cry.

though it's not my place to say that when I misuse this appearance of mine sometimes as well.



But, since that incident, I can’t help myself from worrying about Onii-chan and Mother wherever I go.

I don't know when or where danger lurks.

A life that's already lost, no matter what had happened it's impossible to restore it.

I’m in no way overly worried.

As I held onto Onii-chan's hand tightly, not wanting to let go, Onii-chan said It's alright you know with a gentle expression.

But still, the fear from that night is not something that easily fades away.



When I turned my head, Nervia-san was puffing out her cheeks with a somewhat complicated expression.

Nervia-san? Is there's something wrong?

Hmm? Thinking about it, just moment ago, I did say something to Nervia-san, I also seemed to have sworn to do something… what is it again?


Well~ , if I can't remember it then it's probably not really important.

Through the door that Onii-chan open, we took a step into mother's hospital room.





Mother who's wearing patient clothing made a delighted expression as soon she saw my face.

That said, she can't move or her wound on her back might reopen again so she had to lie down on the bed.

I thought that she would have to lay face down because the wound is on her back, but it seems that it wasn’t like that.

When I ask mother if it hurts, she replied because in the village we slept on a thin cloth, the bed here is really soft and pleasant that it didn't hurt while laughing.



.... but, whenever I see those bandages from the gap of her clothes, it made me want to cry.



The shock from being unable to properly protect Onii-chan and mother, even if it's not to the extent when I feel depressed in the village .... as expected the scar in my heart does not easily recover.

No, it mustn't recover.

I'll always keep it in my heart, as a lesson in my mind, so that I will never repeat the same mistake twice.



Maybe because my expression unconsciously turned stiff but, Onii-chan embraced my shoulders.

I felt like my heavy load on my mind become bit lighter.



Carried up by Nervia-san, I managed to come up onto mother's bed. From below I can't really see even mother's face.

Mother's face broke into a gentle smile after seeing my face.

Lying right beside her, I reported to her information that would likely interest her.



Oka-san. It's seems that soon I will become a "baron" you know. .....are you happy?

Of course! For my son to become a baron, there's no way I’m not proud!

.... ehehe. Although I’ve become a magician-sama, I’ll only start working in the capital two months from now they said.

I see…


As expected, when I mentioned I'll be working in the imperial capital, mother's expression become clouded.

Speaking of a noble's work in the middle of war, it's obviously fighting in the front lines ne~....... it's probably really complicated as a mother.



But don't worry mother! I'll use any means I can, so that I don't need to work seriously!

It’s the duty expected of a noble? Hmm? I don't know such a thing.

You can't live in this world with only doing the right things you know! it's over when you're dead! (2) Life is something you can’t live without!


In my past life, I literally worked to death. Pardon me, but I’m not doing that again.

.... or rather, I’ve already worked off my share of work for both worlds then.




That's why mother, don't worry.

In this world, I won't die and leave you alone.

I’ll never do anything that’ll make my family cry. (3)



(1) (TL : or should I said "Tsundere atta~ck"!! )

(2) (TLC note: Original Japanese idiom; A dead flower blooms not)

(3) ( TL : Flag )