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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 033 - 0 Years 11 Months pt 4

As I left Beorant castle exhausted in a many way, I was met with a face that I was familiar with.


「Sefi-sama! 」

Nervia-san who’s running over here with a beaming smile, immediately extended her hands toward me and carried me up.

I forget about it sometimes but I am now still a 11 months-old baby.

With her height around 160cm… if she were to stand on 3 junior high school indoor shoes, I would have to look up

Since I arrived at imperial capital, situations that needed for me to move around increased so Nervia-san have always been besides me to serve as a substitute for feet.


… by the way, now that Nervia-san is not equipped in full Armor, when I am hugged by her who’s breasts are overflowing with woman power I feel as if wrapped in a soft sensation.
… no, I never said that mothers were not soft, you know?

「The audience with the King, h-how was it? 」
「Un. Everyone was really nice. 」
「Is that so? That’s good…」

Although “everyone was nice” wasn’t really an answer, Nervia-san seems clearly relieved.

Well, as long as I see that she doesn’t feel down, it means that she hasn’t fallen into an some kind of situation.


…. Ah~, that’s right.


「Onee~Chan. There might be a chance that One-Chan will become my subordinate…」
「Eeh~ !?」

As the surprise was too much for Nervia-san, she yelled in quite a loud voice and stopped in her tracks.

E-eh, what? What is it?

「Is… is it, no good…? 」
「no~!! Not at all!! Tha, that’s I can continue to serve Sefi-sama, I’m touched beyond words!! I’m so happy I could die!! 」
「Please don’t. 」

Hearing that she’s very happy about it, I felt very relieved.

thank god~, if by chance she had said 「No way, you fool! 」, I will never be able recover for sure.
Though, if it’s Nervia-san, there no way she will say anything like that.


「Uh~ …… by the way, you know, I heard that Magician-samas have a lot of subordinates… the other subordinates were perhaps assigned from the military order…? 」
「Eh? No, it’s just you Onee~chan.」
「… Huh? 」
「I told them that it’s okay with just Onee~Chan. After all, I don’t need the rest. 」

After I said that, Nervia-san’s mouth hung open and stared at me blankly, afterwards her face turned bright red and tears started flowing.


「Sefi~samaaAA~!! I will serve you forever! I will protect you even, even if it costs me my life!!」[1]

GyuuuU, I was embraced tightly against Nervia-san’s breast. Soft but I can’t breathe…
With vigor that’s beyond just rubbing cheeks together, stopping Nervia-san who’s endlessly reiterates her loyalty to me in every possible way is surprisingly troublesome.


Although, at first I did say 「I don’t need anyone」 … Nervia-san is happy after all, it should be okay for me exaggerate the story a bit, right?

In actuality, it was in the discussion after we decided that only Nervia-san will come under my direct control.


After that, she started walking again while carrying me, we finally saw our destination, the hospital.

The place Mother and the others are staying at present.


But, noticing a particular shop at the edge of my vision, I suddenly called Nervia-san -「Onee~chan.」

I don’t know if Nervia-san already understood what I wanted to say but she took a little leather pouch from her baggage.

judging from it’s jingling voice, it must be a gold pouch.


「I am sorry… When I get some money, I will immediately pay you back, okay? 」
「No! It’s natural that my money is also Sefi-sama’s money! Don’t mind it and use it for whatever you want! 」

Fuee~, that clear smile is rather scary ~….
Nervia-san, that remark is a little…. or rather your current status quo, isn’t it dangerous ……?
Didn’t that remark just make you into an ATM woman for a loser guy? ……Try not to get entangled with weird men, okay?
What’s more, although I certainly said that 『I don’t want to work』 is my life motto, but something like that is a bit….

As I promised in my heart that I will immediately return it to her when I earn some money, we entered the fruit stall.


「What fruit would be good to bring when visiting? 」
「Let’s see~. This Benna, or perhaps this Aperira might be better. 」 [2]

Wwaah, there’s a fruit that looks just like the one from my previous life, there’s also another I’ve never seen before…!

As I gleefully looked at the fruits, the Oji-Chan and Oba-Chan came out from inside the shop.
Perhaps they’re the couple who runs this shop.


「Is there’s something you’re searching for? 」
「Uh, we’re going to visit Oka-San in the hospital. 」
「Well! This is really surprising. How old this child? Even though he’s still so little, to be able to speak fluently, I’ll be~ …!」

Ah, crap.

Come to think of it, at the moment I entered the audience room, just because I was walking normally and speaking fluently, everyone was surprised.

Since in the village I walked, talked, used magic as if it’s normal, it seems somehow my common sense became dull.

If a baby suddenly started talking, normally they will become creeped right ….

Towards the surprised fruit seller couple, Nervia-san made a really proud face.

「Of course. Sefi-sama is a special person after all. 」
「Ah yes, children these days are really something, aren’t they? Didn’t you hear? There’s even a terrifying baby that annihilated the bandit group the other day and is coming to imperial capital I hear~….. If I remember correctly the name was ….. Sefi… ri … a….. 」

The fruit seller Oba-Chan suddenly became pale in the middle of her words; her teeth started to chatter. Eh, what? What’s wrong?
As I thought so, the next moment she said「Bloo….od …..」and collapsed.
his husband called her name, 「Fona ! Fona ! ?」 while shaking her shoulders, but as her mouth started to foam it doesn’t seem like she’s waking up anytime soon.


Just now, she’s absolutely said 「Blood」 …. she’s probably going to say 「Bloody Executioner」 ……

After that, the fruit seller Oji-Chan prostrated before us, saying 「Please accept this …. ! !」 , and presented me with a gorgeous fruit assortment basket.

I’ll say it just in case, but I tried to decline it with all my might you know?
However, when I told him that I don’t need it 「Hiiii~ , please spare our lives!! 」 and since he said something like that, the gazes from the surrounding people was painful, I reluctantly accepted it.

Even though I’ll become a baron after this, what should I about these weird rumours spreading around ….


Along the way toward to the hospital after receiving the fruit parcel, I said 「So, somehow I received weird treatment」 with a bitter smile.

「Eh, what is it? Wasn’t that a normal attitude expected toward Sefi-sama who’s the great hero right? 」

Or so she said, with a expression that really told me she didn’t know what’s wrong, floating a full faced smile which surprised me.

Eh, then at the moment when the Oba-Chan collapsed, even at the moment Oji-Chan had been prostrating himself, she always smiling!?
You, since when did you get a Job change to a religious fanatic! Was it the chief!? It’s chief’s fault isn’t it!? That man~ …. ! ! [3]

….. and also, Nervia-san?
I’m pretty sure that they didn’t recognize me as a 「Hero-sama」 but rather as the 「Nightmare Executioner」 you know?

[1] (TL: Don’t die)
[2] (TL: I think it’s about Banana and Apple)
[3] (TL: and so I think Sefi way of talk is like when a wife said something to her husband ~ this part “ あなた、いつの間に狂信者へとジョブチェンジを果たしてたんですか!” ~ )