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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 031 - 0 Years 11 Months pt 2 —- The 3 Wizard-samas

The 3 wizard-samas had distinguished appearances compared to each other, they had their own persona.


The person on the left was a man, whose height reached up to 2 meters. In addition, his whole big body was very brawny.
He wore black, with his bulky chest muscles almost bursting from the seams of his clothes.
Maybe the fabric was thin enough which made his body outline clearly exposed, but the cuff, the hems, and the collar of his clothes were decorated with frills resembling goldfish’s tails. [1]
He had slightly long and permed dark blue hair which was swept back.
On his shoulders was a fluttering stole which resembled black wings.
And then he had deep and rough facial features, which shared similarities to the face of the two guardians, the deva kings.[2]


On the opposite side, at the right end, was a woman whose age was probably around her twenties.
I didn’t know whether it was due to a suntan or from birth, her skin color was a healthy looking light brown.
The tanned skin was shined over by her silver shortly cut hair …… no, the only hair which was growing long was around the nape of her neck – it was hanging from her shoulder until her chest – that hairstyle was quite strange. On the top of that, she wore a black military cap which covered her eyes.
She wore a black mantle with a complicated white patterned embroidery on it which entirely covered her shoulders to her knees.
Her legs which extended out from inside her mantle, for some reason, was covered by shoes which showed her toes.
Though she bore a slightly childish but beautiful face, however, boredom could be seen from her dull golden pupils, which gave an impression that she would be hard to approach.[3]


Lastly, the one who was standing in the middle was a really short girl.
Somehow, she had pink colored, long and full hair with a complicated, elaborate weave.
And then, on the top of her hair, she wore a headdress which resembled a crown.
Her clothes were of the so-called Lolita fashion, with whole dress dyed in white and pink with the addition of red as accents, the color combination reminded me of a shortcake.
Though she looked like the youngest of the 3 by a wide margin, she seemed to bear the most overwhelming arrogance and self-confidence in her looks.




The first one to open his mouth, was the stylish deva guardian-san.




As deva guardian-san’s log-like limbs were wriggling around, his heavy footsteps could be heard coming over here as he rushed over.
Eh, this person is an “okama”!? Uwaah, when I see closely, he has long eyelashes!? He also uses lipstick!? Gross~!? [4]

While deva guardian-san’s huge muscular arms was tightly holding my body, he was also doing 「Takai takai (Higher higher)」 to me until it reached the point where I was 2 meters and 50 cm away from the ground.[5]

Wa-, this is really high! Scary!!


「What is this~, this “bery~ Cyu~te” creature! Wait, hey~ Vel-sama! Did this kid really annihilate the robbers group!?」


Who the hell is this Vel-sama – just when I thought so, his majesty responded with 「That is right, there is no mistake about that.」
It was your majesty Velhazard!? He didn’t get angry about that!?


「…… But, Magcarlo, release that person. He’s scared. 」
「There is no way that is true~! Really, I would bring this kid to my home and raise him with love!! Right~ Baby-chan~?」[6]


No way! I have people whom are waiting for me to come back home!
As I struggled my way out with “yada yada”, the deva guardian guy whose name probably was Magcarlo displayed a complacent smile. [7]


「Ara~, it looks like I am hated, ne~. Then, so that we know each other better maybe I should give you a kiss ~?」[8]


Nmuu~ (sfx for Kissing), as the deva guardian was pursing his lips while making that moan, I started to shiver. This is a joke, right!?
The only ones permitted to kiss me are only Mother and Onii-Chan! Seriously, stop it! Or I will really blow you away with magic!!
As I paled out, I secretly started to construct magic in my mind, then ……


「Get out of my way」


In the next moment, only the afterimage of Magcarlo-san was left behind due to him being blown off to the side.


Fuwaa~, I who was falling down from around 2 meters above the ground, was gently caught by her tanned arm.
On the other side, Magcarlo-san revolved several times on the air, headed for the wall behind the audience.
Because that boulder-like large body was suddenly flying towards them, the imperial guards were screaming while scattering around in every direction.


And then seeing Magcarlo-san, doubt started to grow as I thought 「did that person die …..?」, however, he immediately stood up again with vigour.[9]


「Hey! What are you doing, Yorumi!?」 [11]
「It was a warning」
「The only one who could react within 0.1 second after being warned is only you, you know!? And at least, use magic! 」
「It is bothersome.」


In contrast to Magcarlo-san high-tensioned personality, the silver-haired, tanned woman who was called Rumi – whether she was sleepy or just bored – she gave an absentminded impression.
Moreover, she took out some jerky from inside her mantle then started to eat it after that.
That curt speech, doing as she pleases, and then those dignified eyes – somehow she left me with a” cat-ish” impression.
…… Or rather, eh? The thing that blew off that deva guardian was not a magic? Then, how?
Rumi-san lightly tossed me onto the ground, then placed her hand on her mouth and nonchalantly yawned. She’s really doing things at her own pace……


「You guys! What were you all doing right in front of his majesty!?」


Over there, the little girl who looked like a shortcake was slowly walking from the entrance, and glaring at the other two with her strawberry colored eyes.


「You guys, are really close that it looks irritating, you know! Just listen and line up over there!!」


The stylish deva guardians and the hungry cat silently obeyed the angry petite shortcake and stood in a line which faced with his majesty and, just so happened, me.
And then, as beginning with the petite shortcake-san, each of them began to kneel.


「”Lulu・Loli・Leila・Beorant” the 『Insight』(Revita) . Present in front of his majesty」 [11]
「“Magcarlo・Dolstark・Beorant” the 『Judgment』(Manmona). Present yo~n♪」
「“Rumifort・Yujanon・Beorant” the 『Disciplining』(Barubyuto). Present.」


Hearing these 3 people state their names, it once again reminded me that the people in front of me were extraordinary big-shots.
It would be likely that they not only obtained the title of wizard and their duke ranks from his majesty, but also the 『second name』 and 『Beorant surname』 had been presented to them.
That alone, was evidence to how special they were to his majesty emperor and this empire.


「In the middle of all of your busy schedules, it’s admirable for you all to have come. Then~, about this baby …… regarding Sefiria, let this one hear the honest opinion of you all.」


As his majesty squinted his eyes in delight while looking at those 3, he then shifted his gaze toward me as if pointing me out to them.

[1] (TL : imagining this ..... nope)
[2] (ED: This is too much, it is over 9000 …… I need a bucket now, I want to …. *blergh) (TLC: One hit K.O.! Ding! Ding! Ding!)
[3] (ED: May I have this one??? Puhleazzzeee!!??) (TLC: the writer described the eyes as dark golden garnet color… but garnet is red… I omitted the garnet.)
[4] (TL: Okama : man that act like a girl or something like that :9 ) (ED: Okama = Men with feminism tendencies… Good for you Sefi, not only you charmed male and female, but also the one in the middle of it)(TL : Hunt explained it better than me =w=;)
[5] ( TL: it's a play when you throw kid and then catch it again)
[6] (TL: FYI: this person speak like a girl ) (ED: He is the embodiment of the death god)
[7] (TL: yada yada = no way no way)
[8] (TL : HELP~!!!! SEFI NEED HELP!!! ) (ED: Usually a kiss would wake up a princess, but in this case, it would make the person sleep forevah~~)
[9] (ED: Give me back my expectation!!!)
[10] (TL : feminine way of speaking here)
[11] (TL :she said it politely ~ help :9 ~ also her name ルルー・ロリ・レーラ・ベオラント ) (ED: I changed Rera to Leila, it sounds better?) (TL : better ~ :>)
[12] (ED: And that is how Sefi get more harem members of 3 women.. 2 genuine women and 1 woman inside only)