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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 003 - 0 Years 6 Months pt 1 — Sefiria’s Ambition

In this village which was a deplorably bad sanitary environment compared to Japan, you really need to pay attention to your health lest you fall sick.

Nutritious meals and clean environment – in a place where you couldn’t even get cold medicine, if you caught one you would probably die if unlucky.

Even during my previous life, I’ve heard the infant death rate due to disease in developing countries was frighteningly high.

Thus, I carefully take great care of my own physical condition.

I don’t put strange objects into my mouth and always made sure my body wasn’t cold.

Even when I don’t feel sleepy I sleep anyway so that I don’t get exhausted and I suck mom’s breast often so that my body doesn’t get malnutrition.


Thanks to that, 6 months since birth, my condition has never deterioated even once despite being in this kind of unhealthy environment.


However, at the same time I felt impatient.

There is limit to what one can do when one’s an infant since it’s not good to attract too much attention because of any unnatural behaviour.

On the other hand, if I remain in this barren village, all the『remaining years as a prodigy child』 will go to waste.


Going to school in the town somewhere may be truly impossible but still, at least let me be able to read and write… but truth is, that can’t be said to be very realistic.

Money is needed for everything. However, this village did not have any.


If everything remains as it is now, without receiving any decent education and meaninglessly piling up the years, eventually my end will be to become a disposable soldier for someone else.

If despite getting this ‘advantage’ I was not able to doing anything and have my life end as just a 『normal person』, no way in hell.[1]


If I could, I want to spend my life leisurely without working at all.

After all, the reason for my death in my previous life had been “overwork”.

This one doesn’t want to work-de gozaru! Absolutely don’t want to work-de gozaru! [2]


The fastest way to reach my ambition is… probably for me to become a member of nobility.

I recall that when someone gives a country some great contribution they’ll get a court rank, or at least that was what I had heard in my previous life.

If I can get that court rank of course I’ll get money without lifting a finger – probably not exactly like that – but I had my advanced knowledge and skills.

If I am able to get just a bit of capital, I don’t think that climbing up to the top would be a dream.


If there was any problem there, it was the noble’s duty to contribute proactively in any campaign.[3]

About that thing, don’t I have to raise my rank in the military~? I don’t wanna~


As I lay down on the floor with a ‘flop’, I heaved a big sigh.


Aah, what a tough life.

Normally when this kind of reincarnation happens to you, don’t you usually get some sort of cheat skill and then become the world’s first in one explosive go?

Although I have already tried a lot of things, unfortunately, I couldn’t even find an inkling of any powers.

In regards to the use of my information, since I didn’t have the knowledge needed to manufacture weapons, it can’t said that I have that much of an ‘advantage.’


Money ….. right, isn’t there anyway to earn money?


And just like that, as a totally normal healthy 6 month old baby, I was thinking hard about ways to easily earn money.

I overheard some information that could change my life greatly.


「Come to think of it, I heard wizard-sama is coming to the imperial capital.」


… Wizard-sama?

Notes :

[1] (PR: Some liberties taken w last phrase. It was more like a ‘no thank you I refuse,’ Japanesey way of saying the same thing.)

[2] (PR: Why de gozaru????) (TL: I don’t know de gozaru…)

[3] (PR: like wars.)