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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 029 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 8 — Hero Sefiria

// I have only realized this just now, but there are some parts of the spell which don’t appear in smartphone right ……

// With fuzzy feeling, it would be my pleasure if you could read this easily.


The first one to realize that I closed by, was the youngest and the skinniest one from the robbers group.

While staring at my little body’s approach by toddling, he spontaneously bursted into laughter, and then he moved closer to my place. [1]

By the way, at this time, it seemed like that Nervia-san had already realized my existence.


「Yo~, what happen? Separated from your mom~?」


That skinniest robber sat like a Yankee in front of me and drew in his face onto me, somehow it looked like that he misinterpreted the reason why I was covered in blood.

If it were in a normal situation then his guess would be true, but, the one over here was born as an reincarnated ‘irregular’ person.


While touching the robber’s knee which was right in front of me, I smirked with *Niyari* sound.[2]
ฎธๅ Frozen Movement╞ ข๏ฎค ╡[3]

ใฉธค ฎธๅ ¢๏ำคƂ

¢๏ำค•ๅ€๓ฦ ฿ ¢๏ำค•ๅ€๓ฦ ∸ Î₀₀Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ ¢๏ำคƂ


| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Frozen Movement」 ╞ receives nothing╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「¢๏ำค」 and give it an integer value.

Subtract 100 degree of temperature of 「¢๏ำค」, assign the after subtraction result value to 「¢๏ำค」

Display resulting 「¢๏ำค」 after calculation.



「『Frozen Movement』」 (Freeze freeze)


Along with the dropped temperature of the knee until around -16℃ and also a cracked sound, the robber’s knee was covered in white.

When the robber who didn’t know what was happening became confused, had already frozen the other knee.

Probably, after this, he wouldn’t be able to move again.


The robber whose knee was frozen had his ankle lost its power, and just like that he fell back with *thud*.

Other robbers who saw that said what he was doing and then they were laughing like “ke ke ke” but …… after looking at the state of the skinny robber who shouted 「I cannot move ma knees!!」, they started to feel the situation was strange.

If you move it like that, your knees will pops out though~ ……

While stretching my hand toward the ground, the tall robber approached us.


「O-oi, what happen? What about your knees?」

「Th-that is, my knees become cold ——-」


「Oji-chan. I will give you this」


Facing the tall robber, I was holding out the things on my hand while having a full face smile.

While staring in wonder, he brought his face closer toward the thing on my hand.

At the same time as the robber knitted his eyebrow when he realized that it was “soil and pebble”, I erased my smile.[4]



ฎธๅ Hand-gripped Mine╞ ข๏ฎค ╡ [5]

ใฉธค ฎธๅ ญฉธคƂ

ญฉธค ฿ ญฉธค ∺ σ₀₀₀Ƃ

ญฉธค•๏โฎ€ธๅ ฿ ๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡Ƃ

ญฉธค•╘๏¢ษญ ฿ ╘๏¢ษญ╞¢╡Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ ญฉธคƂ


| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Hand-gripped Mine」 ╞ receives nothing ╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「ญฉธค」 and give it value.

Multiple the mass 5000 times to 「ญฉธค」, assign the new value to 「ญฉธค」.

Add the direction of the mass as default, assign the direction member to 「ญฉธค」

Make the aperture value as 4, assign the member of aperture value to 「ญฉธค」

Display resulting 「ญฉธค」 after calculation.





「『Hand-gripped Mine』」(Shakehand Bomb)


When an explosion sound like 「Boom!!」resounded from the center of my hand, the tall robber instantly disappeared.

From my observation, just like a kicked empty can, he was rotating several times while revolving in the air, and then directly hit the roof of the building on the other side of the street.

Just like that he made a hole on the roof, and then fell into the house.

Maybe, due to the speculation that his face became something tragic-like, I thought it was NICE [6]
that he dropped in a place that wouldn’t attract people attention.


While focusing their gazes toward the building which had hole on its roof, everyone at that place was opening their mouth wide.

Then, slowly, they focused their sight toward the culprit of that disaster, me.

While trying to remove the dirt which stuck on my hands by clasping them, I turned the palm of my hands toward the last two robbers.

Just only from that, the robbers had already screamed something like 「Hii~!?」 or 「Uwa~!!」 while being taken aback.


「You all! Get away from that guy!!」


The bear man who was to be likely the leader of the robbers, was shouting with hoarse voice.

Hearing that order, I barely could hold back my laughter.


Taking a distance while fighting a magician ‘me’, what are you guys doing?



ฎธๅ Intense Heat Vortex ╞ ข๏ฎค ╡[7]

ใฉธค ฎธๅ ใ€ฉๅƂ

ใ€ฉๅ•ๅ€๓ฦ ฿ ใ€ฉๅ•ๅ€๓ฦ – Î₀₀Ƃ

ใ€ฉๅ ฿ ใ€ฉๅ – σ₀₀₀Ƃ

ใ€ฉๅ•๏โฎ€ธๅ ฿ ๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡Ƃ

ใ€ฉๅ•╘๏¢ษญ ฿ ╘๏¢ษญ╞¢╡Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ ใ€ฉๅƂ


| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Intense Heat Vortex」╞ receives nothing ╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「ใ€ฉๅ」 and give it an integer value.

Add 100 degree of temperature to 「ใ€ฉๅ」, assign the after addition result value to 「ใ€ฉๅ」

Add a value of 5000 in mass to 「ใ€ฉๅ」, assign the new value to 「ใ€ฉ」.

Add the direction of the substance as default, assign the direction member to 「ใ€ฉๅ」

Make the aperture as 4, assign the member of aperture to 「ใ€ฉๅ」

Display resulting 「ใ€ฉๅ」 after calculation.



「『Intense Heat Vortex』」(Great Fan)


The “invisible flame” which was generated from the palm of my hand, was hitting the robber who tried to escape from his previous position.

On the contrary, the other robber beside him was screaming 「Hwot~!?」 while dodging it in a hair’s breadth, after all, in the first place I didn’t have intent to aim at him, so I was hardly bothered by that.


Approaching while burning the trash and leaves, the robber who was bathed by a hot air whose temperature reached 120℃, made a scream as the one which likely to be appear in dream.

Maybe, he was trying to hold out because he thought that it was only a gust of wind, but …… thanks to that, not only half of his front body, but, his eyeballs and also his throat might also become burned too.

If he were careless, perhaps the burn might also reach until his lungs.

Though his rag clothes is also burned, but, those thing were trivial if it were compared with the pain, I am certain that he will be struck by pain every time he breathes.


Well then, let’s clean the other one. [8]

While turning his back on me, the robber was raising a cry like this was the end of the world, I pointed out the palm of my hand.

The bear-man’s order totally backfired them ne~.

You know, those things were only basic.



ฎธๅ Wind Needle ╞ ข๏ฎค ╡(Clearance)

ใฉธค ฎธๅ ฬฎธคƂ

ฬฎธค ฿ ฬฎธค ∺ Î₀₀₀₀Ƃ

ฬฎธค•๏โฎ€ธๅ ฿ ๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡Ƃ

ฬฎธค•╘๏¢ษญ ฿ ╘๏¢ษญ╞σ•¿╡Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ ฬฎธคƂ


| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Clearance」╞ receives nothing ╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「ฬฎธค」 and give it an integer value.

Multiple the air pressure 10000 times to 「ฬฎธค」, assign the new value to 「ฬฎธค」.

Set the trajectory calculation of the amount of substance as default, and assign as member of「ฬฎธค」

Make the aperture as 5.6, assign as the member of 「ฬฎธค」

Display resulting 「ฬฎธค」 after calculation.



「『Wind Needle』」(Clearance)


The gust with the aperture value two numbers higher, made a roaring sound while it was attacking the robber on a straight line.

The robber was blown off like he had been hit by a truck, resembled like a skipping stone on the river surface, he was bouncing over and over again, then hit the far away tree and stopped moving. [9]


Everyone from the village went silent, while the bear-man turned into pale. And then the robbers let out dying groans.[10]


I turned over toward Nervia-san’s position, somehow, I wanted to try to test the possibility which was crossed in my mind.


「Nervia Onee-chan. With this, could you become serious?」


From my question, Nervia-san made an expression like she was perplexed, but she immediately changed that into a smile of delight and stood up.

Before, it seems like she could collapse any time soon, but right now, she is overflowed by energy like she just only wakes up in the morning.

…… Uwaa~, that act was really …… awesome.


The bear-man who was surprised by Nervia-san sudden change, promptly brandished his broadsword, but ……

Nervia-san was easily evading it rather than parrying that attack, slashing his hand which was holding the sword, and countering by cutting apart the back of his tight with her sword.

The robber’s sword quickly dropped and spun on the ground, the robber raised a cry while collapsed on the spot.


St-strong ……


Fu~, Nervia-san who was taking a breath sheathed her sword, then with a bit nervousness left, she ran over to my place and kneeled in the front of me.


「Sefi-sama. For coming to save me, thank you very much 」

「Eh …… Ah, un. Onee~chan too, for protecting everyone, thank you 」


Perhaps, it would be alright even if I didn’t give her a little help~, I began to think something to that extent ……

But, that would be right …… If somehow Nervia-san overwhelmed one of the robber, the other robbers would think that their chance of winning was zero, and certainly, they would take the nearest person as a hostage.

Because, if that happened then she would totally lost her ability to move around, in order for that situation didn’t occur, Nervia-san pretended to be weak and asked bear-man for duel, I think that she was trying for buying time until the situation became better.

Because, when the bear-man who was the leader was fighting, the subordinates couldn’t do as they pleased, even though it became something like that, if she immediately subdued the leader then surely the subordinates would surely join the fight.

Did she just bet it on one stake there?


At the moment of the raid, to even think that far while also taking an action …… no, if I think about Nervia-san’s personality, then at the moment she decided to stay in this village, she might already have plan for any kind of circumstances.

No matter how many times we tried to stop her, she always kept continuing her late-night patrol, that was also the reason why this accident could possibly end with the lowest damage after all.


Nervia-san’s accurate judgment and planning abilities, also Chief Bashbal’s bravery, let’s just say those things are the key to the victory of this fight.

On the other side, not only that I was comfortably sleeping, but also due to the torturing that small fry, I came out late …… Really, I feel ashamed.

What you call a hero from this. Though I call myself a hero because of the mood but I am so embarrassed that I want to take it back.


But, with this, the problem ends —


「UOooooOooooOoOOOO~ ! ! ! 」[11]



Rough screaming could be heard from far away.


From behind Nervia-san …… the bear-man who had collapsed until not too long ago, was brandishing a knife which was taken from his pocket, and then rushing to our place. Though his leg was slashed to that extent, how could he still be moving ….!?

There was a timing lag before Nervia-san could complete turning her back, it delayed her reaction for a moment.

Although she had already put her hand on the handle of the sheathed sword, the time was so short ……


And even for me, Nervia-san was on the line of fire of my magic—–


No, there is still some way left …… !



ฎธๅ Roasted Eyeball╞ ข๏ฎค ╡ (Blind Halo)

ใฉธค ฎธๅ ญใฎธ€Ƃ

ญใฎธ€ ฿ ญใฎธ€ – ÎƂ

ญใฎธ€ ฿ ญใฎธ€ ∺ Î₀₀Ƃ

ญใฎธ€•๏โฎ€ธๅ ฿ ๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡Ƃ

ญใฎธ€•╘๏¢ษญ ฿ ╘๏¢ษญ╞σ•¿╡Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ ญใฎธ€Ƃ


| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Roasted Eyeball」 ╞ receives nothing ╡


Name what is touching my hand as 「ญใฎธ€」 and give it an integer value.

Add a value of 1 substance to 「ญใฎธ€」, assign the new value to「ญใฎธ€」

Multiply the substance 100 times to 「ญใฎธ€」, assign the new value to 「ญใฎธ€」.

Set the trajectory calculation of the amount of substance as default, and assign as member of 「ญใฎธ€」

Make the aperture as 5.6, assign as the member of 「ญใฎธ€」

Display resulting 「ญใฎธ€」 after calculation.



「『Roasted Eyeball』!!」(Blind Halo)


A strong light was generated from my hands, which wrapped up Nervia-san and the bear-man.

However, since Nervia-san’s back was facing me, only the bear-man received the bad effect of it.

As the light hit him directly, the bear-man was screaming and waving his sword in desperation, but …… the thing which couldn’t hit even though he swung it right, would be impossible to hit Nervia-san on that kind of situation.

While nimbly evading those attacks, Nervia-san slowly drew her sword, and then hit the back of bear-man’s head with all of her strength by using the blunt part of her sword.

As we confirmed that the collapsed bear-man would not rouse again, we looked at each other faces with relieved expression.


「Thank you very much, Sefi-sama. If that light had not been produced, perhaps, I would have been killed already ….」


Beaten up, not that, getting killed, right …. She is really strong.

But, well~, it is good that I can become a help somehow.


「For that kind of guy, do not dirty Onee-chan’s hand」


The word that had just recently been told to me, I said it again to Nervia-san.

Thus, Nervia-san was overcome with emotion and then the tears started to flow, once more she knelled to me.

So-somehow she knells like a knight, it is re~ally make me feel restless na ~…..


And then, everyone in the village started to peek timidly.

Although there was no other ways, I still rampaged as I pleased.

Because, even Onii-chan who had known I could wield magic still felt slightly scared of it, I do not know what kind of monster that villager will call me ……


My worries were blown away due to the smile from the villagers whom crowd us all at once along with their praises.


「Amazing ! As expected, Sefiria-chan is really a hero right! 」

「Nervia-san too, thank you very much for protecting everyone!」


As I faced those various praises, the sense of relief almost made me burst into crying.

After I felt relieved, the fact that dizziness struck my head because of using too much magic, I only realized this just now.

This tiredness was similar to the fatigue built up after working all-nighter for two days. After all I was continuously firing magic like that ……


After that, I went toward Chief Bashbal’s place, he shed tears with that tattered body while grasping his hands and kneeling in front of me, then I responded with a smile as to inform him that everything is already alright to make him relieved, I smiled.


Following that, the villager tied up every dying robbers, and began to treat injured ones.

And then, I along with Marriane-san and some adults, were rushing over to mother and Onii-chan whom were waiting for my return.



—- and with that, our long night meet its end.



//This story, perhaps this is what the 1st story should be…. ?


//In any case, with this, the first chapter is finished.

[1] (TL : robber-san seeking death )
[2] (TL : again SFX for laughing , smirking )

[3] (Literal TL : can’t move by freezing ) (ED: 凍って動くな)
[4] (TL : I see something like this once ~ it was scary AF! really , really scary ! and it was woman ! like, she’s smiling and then that smile suddenly vanished, brrr…)
[5] ( Literal TL : land mine in the hand ~ furigana said : Handshake Bomb) (ED: 手乗り地雷)
[6] (Nice in English~ NAISU~)
[7] (TL : Literal : wild whirlpool , furigana :Great Fan) (ED: 熱狂の渦)
[8] (ED: he must be very dirty because he needs to be cleaned)
[9] (TL : RIP random robber B) (ED: And then that was the way how he became a legend, titled as “Robbers’ ways of die”)
[10] (TL : well …. 2 of them did survive right