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Chapter 028 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 7

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When I rushed up to the village centre, people were gathering over there.

I was curious about what they were doing when the robbery started, but …… when I shifted my gaze toward what they were staring at, I figured out what the source of this strange situation is.


In the middle of what everyone from the village were surrounding, two people were in the midst of fighting each other.


On one side, an athletic man with a bear-like physique whose age was around 30 to 40 years old, was grinning with evil-like smile stuck on his face.

On the other side, while kneeling on the ground and breathing heavily, was Nervia


The situation looked like that they were only toying with her rather than fighting her, Nervia-san who had a skill to be scouted by the knight order, for them to corner her like that ……

When I thought to dash over to that place, on the way to there, Marriane-san who was in the midst of the crowd turned her head, it seemed that she noticed my existence.


「Se, Sefi-chan!? Why …… !? It is dangerous here, so go back!」

「Oka~san is hurt, she was attacked by a robber …… That is why, someone please save her …… !」

「Eh …… !? Th-there is still another robber!? Besides that, that blood …… !!」


…… Come to think of it, my whole body was covered in blood, right.

Marriane-san house, is located across of my house whose location is in the village outskirt. Since it is far from the village centre, perhaps, she thought that I, mother and Onii-chan were safe.

I think, maybe that robber was on watch duty or something like that. …… If he just quietly dedicated himself in his job, it wouldn’t end with those painful experiences.

Even for Marriane-san, normally it would be more secure if she secluded herself in the house, but, when I saw that she was armed with a copper sword in her hand, maybe she couldn’t stand not to do anything when the village was on peril and then she rushed up here.


「I-I understand. Then~, let’s come back home with me!」


Marriane-san was thinking to bring me back and stretched out her hand, but I nimbly dodged that.

As I heard Marriane-san became dumbfounded while saying 「Sefi-chan … ?」, inside the crowds, I found chief was lying down with his figure in tatters.

I was surprised, I passed through Marriane-san’s side and rushed over to his place.

People who were nursing chief shrieked 「Sefiria-chan!?」, but I ignored them and called over the chief.


「Chief-san, are you okay …… ?」 (1)


For a moment, chief who was seeing my appearance opened his eyes wide like he was startled, but he immediately let out a gentle smile with the intent of relieving me.


「Yes, I am absolutely fine. That is why, Sefiria-sama, could you go back to your residence, please 」

「…… What is really happening here? Don’t try to hide it from me!」


When I asked in a low voice to convey my serious expression, chief turned into silent for a moment and casted down his eyes.


「The robbers were suddenly assaulting us, fortunately, Nervia-san was on her midnight patrol, and because of her shout that everybody could immediately woke up, but …… 」


Roughly, it matches with what I have thought before.

I already made such a prediction when I couldn’t find Nervia-san inside the house.


If I gaze toward the crowds …… other than the bear-man that she encounters with, there are another 4 men whose faces I have never seen before.

While those guys reveals vulgar smiles, it seems that they are observing the bear-man who seems like the robber’s leader tormenting Nervia-san.


And then as far as I can see, besides Nervia-san and Chief, nobody is hurt.


「Chief-san, is that wound …… because of protecting everyone …… ?」

「….. Wha~t, this thing is just a scratch. Not yet, I still can do more …… !」


Chief put up such a bravado, but he has severely been hit that his appearance changed, furthermore traces of harsh beating can be seen on his hands and feet.

Even with excluding the fact that chief is an elder, there is no doubt that those are pretty bad injuries.

Even though they are serious injuries that he would be barely alive if he got another injury …… and yet, with that swollen arm which looks painful, he is trying to stand up while gritting his teeth.


「…… If I got beaten up …… As long as the people from village could feel safe even for a slightest moment …… No matter what, how many times, I would happily get beaten … ! 」(2)


What came from his usually kind and gentle eyes, was a force which was impossible to be generated from a worn-out old man whom could crumble anytime soon.

Even though I was overwhelmed by his spirit, I turned my sight toward the intense sound of the clashing sword.


「…… What is, Nervia Onee-chan doing?」

「She said that if they wanted to hurt villager then they had to walk over her dead body first …… she proposed one on one duel to them」


Such thing like proposing one on one fight, including the robust bear man, the opponents are 5 adult men …… it would be something impossible if I thought about her usual personality.

Perhaps if she didn’t do this, she considered that she couldn’t protect the villager.

And then right now, I can see that it bears the best result.


Because of that, I could make it in time.


As I turned my back from the chief, I took steps toward the robbers.


Because I heard chief’s voice such 「Sefiria-sama …… What are you …… ?」 from the back, I answered him to give my respect to his heroic act by throwing himself to get beaten in order to protect everyone.


「Chief-san …… Thank you, for protecting everyone. ….. After this, leave everything to me」


Without turning my head, I declared that while I was glaring at the robbers who had been inflicting pain towards my important people.




「Tonight, I will become your 『Hero』」




While hearing chief interfered Marriane-san from trying to stop me, I walked toward the 4 robbers whom were observing the battle.


…… It is alright, I will not lose myself anymore.


The anger was slowly burning up.

1.(ED: Sometimes I feel that this is quite weird, you already know that he isn’t okay, and then you ask him whether he is okay or not… Oh, welp) (TL : For formality? Or to ascertain whether the person you talking to is unconscious or not, the treatment will be different right?)

2.(ED: With that, Chief has awoken his ‘M’ side) (TL : Chief already awoken his “M” side long time ago tho’ …)