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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 027 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 6 — The Promise

As I couldn’t understand why I was stopped, I became perplexed.

Why did Onii-chan cover this person?

This sort of person deserves to die.


After all, if Sefiria had been born as a normal baby without the memory of his previous life, what would have happened then?

In the end after tormenting and toying with me and Onii-chan, he would rape mother in front of us who were on the verge of death, make fun of us, and finally, he would certainly murder us all.


This dirty vagrant like robber wanting to defile mother, just imagining it makes me want to throw up.

If I were to visualise Onii-chan lying down mangled and bloody, I think I would go crazy.

The only reason we were able to avoid that kind of future was mainly because I miraculously retained up my past life memories and on top of that, luckily got my hand on a grimoire and succeeded in deciphering it and became able to use magic.

It was only because of these continuous lucky events that the worst case scenario did not happen.


Since in the end everyone is safe, it would be a pity to kill him …… someone who can say saint like things like this isn’t human.


That is why, even if Onii-chan tries to persuade me, I will absolutely kill the robber in front of me, but ……



「This person is not worth you dirtying your hands!!」



He shouted, hugging me, just saying those words —- and the killing intent that was surging inside my heart like a storm vanished.


If I looked carefully, Onii-chan is trembling ……

Ah, right. The baby (little brother) who has been living under one roof with him until now suddenly trying to kill an adult man by torment would be scary, wouldn’t it.

Despite that he still jumped out, using his body to stop me.



Even though I broke my promise with Onii-chan and tried to snatch a person’s life away with magic ……


Onii-chan, just like he promised to father… protected me.



「…… Sorry, Onii~chan. I’m okay now.」


When I smiled, Onii-chan’s allowed his stiff expression to relax, and leaked a breath of relief.

Ignoring the nearby robber who was rubbing his head on the floor, I grasped Onii-chan’s hand and rushed up to mother.


Then I ripped off mother’s coat sleeve using magic, created boiling water in the bucket which I usually used as a bathtub for just a moment in order to disinfect it, and then immediately cooled it off. [1]

I tightly pressed the well wrung cloth onto the wound on the back of mother who was lying face-down.


「Onii-chan, this, press it tightly. It would be okay to use all of your weight.」



For now, I will take emergency measures by pressing it to stop the bleeding. I have no idea whether this is the correct treatment or not.[2]

Even though this would be a correct treatment to a sword cut, there is the possibility of the wound becoming infected which could turn into a disease because of the rust and germs stuck on that robber’s kodachi.

Furthermore, we don’t have a doctor in this village. If it is just small injuries or illnesses we can solve with folk remedies, but I wonder if this wound is something treatable with just that.


Seeing mother’s expression, sweating greatly while bearing the pain, I felt the tears begin to well up again, but …… I endured, biting my lips, separating myself from mother and Onii-chan.


「…… I will go call someone, an adult.」

「Sefi! Right now, outside is……」

「Un, I understand. That is why I will finish everything quickly, and come back」[3]


Onii-chan was staring at me anxiously while trying to stop mother’s bleeding. I responded with a smile to give him some peace of mind.


Thanks to Onii-chan that I gained back my sanity, and immediately after that I noticed the ruckus that had arisen in the village.

Moreover, because I had been preoccupied with what was in front of me and my house was located in the village outskirts, I only noticed the distant uproar.

…… It seems that this is not the only robber around.


I must go to help them.




Running off toward the entrance, I could hear Onii-chan’s voice from behind my back.

I thought that he was going to stop me again by saying something like 「stop」 or maybe 「don’t go 」, but instead Onii–chan said ……


「You must come back quickly!」

「……!! …… Un!」


I wonder why…… my body feels really light.

I ran with all my might towards the village centre where angry roars and screams can be heard, sent off by Onii-chan.


I’m coming everyone …… !![4]


Notes :

[1](TL : hot water won’t make the blood stop, beware. TLC: boiling won’t kill off all pathogens either, beware. That’s why baby bottle disinfecters use steam.)

[2](TL : burn the scar to stop the bleeding. TLC: IKR.)

[3](TL : Sefi Use Flag ! * Main character passive buff [Plot armor] nullified it)

[4](ED : Don’t let the party begin without me!! (what Sefi’s thought is))