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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 026 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 5 ―――『Imperial Wrath』

ฎธๅ Flourishing Vigor (Spirited Blood) ข๏ฎค ╡

ใฉธค ฎธๅ bloodƂ

blood ฿ blood – ÎƂ

โ€ๅษโธ bloodƂ


| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Flourishing Vigor」

╞ receives nothing ╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「blood」 and give it an integer value.

Add 1 mass value to 「blood」, assign the new value to 「blood」.

Return as「blood」after processing.



「『Flourishing Vigor』」(Load Blood)


At the same time I was muttering, mother’s blood which stuck on my hand made a gurgling sound and started to overflow.


ฎธๅ Order of Blood festival╞ ข๏ฎค ╡

ใฉธค ฎธๅ bloodƂ

blood ฿ blood ∺ σ₀₀₀Ƃ

blood•๏โฎ€ธๅ ฿ ๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡Ƃ

blood•╘๏¢ษญ ฿ ╘๏¢ษญ╞¢╡Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ bloodƂ


Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Order of blood festival」

╞ receives nothing ╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「blood」 and give it an integer value.

Add 5000 mass value to 「blood」, assign the new value to 「blood」.

Set the direction of the substance as default, assign the direction member to 「blood」


Make the aperture value as 4, assign the member of aperture value to 「blood」.

Return as「blood」 of after processing.




「『Order of Blood Festival』」 (Taste Blood)



The mass of blood which was instantly multiplied by 5000 times burst forth with unfathomable speed and force. [1]

In the next moment, after the sound of exploding air resounded, the bloodstained robber was already stuck on the opposite wall.

Splosh, as I saw the robber fell into the sea of blood, I thought that I had accidentally killed him, but….. when the robber was groaning while coughing violently, I felt relieved.

Thank god, he is still alive …… [2]



— I will keep tormenting and torturing him until he regrets that he was ever born, and then I will turn his corpse into something that wouldn’t resemble a human anymore.[3]


As the mass of blood that splashed away from the wall was pouring down as if it was raining, I calmly walked through the sea of blood, approaching the robber.

While grovelling, the robber noticed my watery footstep then let out pathetic scream 「Hi~!?」 and started to run.


「『Injection Needle』」 (Medical Rifle)


This time I set the aperture to the maximum value; the blood discharged just like a laser and it shot through the leg of robber who was trying to flee.[4]

The robber was leaking out a foul scream which hurts one’s ears and collapsed into the pool of blood, trying to press down on his right leg and suffering from the agony.

A~a, you can’t run away anymore now. Well, from the start I wasn’t planning on letting you run away though.


After the robber somehow realized that he couldn’t run away, he gripped his kodachi and attacked me.

What a fool~.


「『Injection Needle』」 (Medical Rifle)


Left leg.

The robber who had already lost his body support, was falling down. How unsightly.


「『Injection Needle』」 (Medical Rifle)


Right arm.

He dropped his only weapon, the kodachi.


「『Injection Needle』」 (Medical Rifle)


Left arm.

I deliberately crushed it because he wanted to flee by crawling while screaming.


As I looked down on the robber who writhed in pain and shouted like he was mad, I was overflowing with joy and unconsciously raised the corner of my lips.

When the robber saw my expression, his narrow eyes widened up until it reached its limit, his teeth made clattering sound and he started to feel frightened.

… What a rude person. I heard from everyone that my smile is similar to an angel.


Despite hands and feet that couldn’t move normally anymore, the robber was still trying to draw back, desperately trying to distance himself from me.

I was walking slowly while shortening our distance and only thinking about how to torture him next.


Should I boil his blood from his fingertips, one by one in order?

Or freeze the base of his limbs?

Or perhaps make him dance by amplifying his body bio electricity?

Maybe blow his teeth up one by one?

Or make his clothes heavier than an automobile?


While crying, the pitiful robber said something stupid:「Please help me」.

It looked like that he still doesn’t understand his own place.

You know, you should say 「Please kill me painlessly」.

But of course, I didn’t have any slightest intention for granting that wish.


I will make this room hell.


As I faced my smile at the robber who was frantically apologizing to me, I decided to teach him the right way to apologize.

I quickly extended my little hand, then grabbed the nose of the robber.


「『Forceful Sincerity』」(Gravity)


The robber whose nose weight increased to 300 kilos, was bowing his head to me with unbearable force which could crush his face. An apology with full of sincerity is supposed to be like this, right.

I stepped on the robber’s head which was drowning in the blood overflowing on the floor and continued grinding it.


… Yeah, I have decided. First, I will slice him at the same place as mother was, after that, I will burn that wound.

And then, at the same place that he kicked Onii-chan, I will hit it with a rock.


Moreover, I will execute all the tortures that I have thought a little while ago, if he is still alive then I will turn him into pig feed!!


「Ufu… fufu, AHAHAHAHAH!!」


I lifted up the kodachi which had sunk in the pool of blood and then I aimed at the robber’s back.

While ignoring the robber’s screams, who had already become insensible, I was about to open my mouth to manipulate the kodachis weight.


—- At that moment


「It is enough, Sefi!!」


With the same time as the kodachi in my hand was brushed away, I could feel something warm enveloping me.



…… Onii-chan?

Notes :
[1](ED : Wow, Sefi the Bloodbender?)
[2](ED: Run for your life “robber”, Leave your memories behind!!) (TLC: Torture session incoming.)
[3](ED : Welp, what a sadist you are, Sefi..)
[4](ED : What is so medical about this!?)(TL:It’s made from blood)