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Chapter 024 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 3 

「Pu, ahaha~! It suits Sefi-chan so much~!」

「Wa…! It really looks good on you, Sefi-sama!」

「Right, right!? Sefi, you’re really an angel!」


If my memory serves me, I was happily chatting with Onii-chan just a moment ago.

Before I realized it, why has this happened…


Right now, I am dressed up in Peria-chan’s clothes, the precocious 6 year old kid who lives in the neighborhood.

It began with a silly chit chat about the growth of my hair which had became rather long. It had only been 10 months since my birth and my hair had already grown to reach my shoulder’s level.

Not sure why, but the growth rate of my hair is quite fast.

I don’t know is it because I’m special or perhaps this kind of thing is normal in this world…


Furthermore, it seems that mother wants to keep my hair long, which was why she never cuts my hair, apart for the fringe. The result: the sparkling silver hair at the edge of my sight is simply irritating…

… Since I kept my hair was relatively at the long side even in my previous life, if it were black, I think that I would not be bothered too much.[1]


Then, they arbitrarily say things like “It is as if he’s a girl, or rather isn’t he really a girl?”, and when Marriane-san tied my hair up into twin tails, suddenly mother’s tension broke loose and she went into a frenzy. [2]

Mother dashed out from the house at full speed, and begged Peria-chan to lend out her clothes.

Immediately, she stripped off my clothes and switched them with the borrowed ones.

Along with the fact that I was a baby, Peria-chan’s mini one piece, when worn with my small stature was just like a long dress.

I didn’t know whether it suited me or not since there was no mirror at all, but I felt somewhat embarrassed because my appearance resembled a girl when I was supposed to be a boy.


「Sefi! Say Mama while wearing that! Mama!」

「… It, it’s embarrassing, mama…」



Finally, as a result, mother’s tension completely broke through heaven and she raised a end-of-the-century roar while lifting me up, then she rubbed her cheeks against mine at a rate of 16 times a second. Hot! The friction heat! The friction heat is hot!![3]

Onii-chan, don’t stay in that 「amitabha」posture, help me!! Don’t give up that quickly!! And don’t give me your condolences when I’m not even dead yet!!

While mother swung me around, I seriously considered the need to find magic that can lower her tension to normal and at the same time, Marriane-san started comparing my face to Onii-chan’s face,


「Still, they have clear distinguishing features, right? Roguna-kun looks like his father while Sefi-chan resembles you more 」

「Right!? Right?! In the future, Roguna will become as handsome as Otou-san!!」


What mother said was certainly true, I think that Onii-chan’s features are considerably neat even without the bias coming from a relatives standpoint.

When the current war reaches its final conclusion and I am appointed as a noble, I will introduce Onii-chan to an excellent girl, look forward to it okay!

While thinking about Onii-chan’s future plan, mother suddenly exclaimed 「!!」, showing a horror-inducing expression.


「… Wait. When you think about it, Roguna… these clothes might suit him?」



When mother murmured that with a serious expression, in an instant Onii-chan turned pale and took a step back.

However, it is impossible to run away from mother when she’s in this ‘mode’.

After I took off the mini one piece hurriedly and passed it over to mother, I pressed my hands together in silence.



「Wai-absolutely no way! It won’t suit me at all! It is impossible! No way, no, wait, aa~, aa~~!!? 」[5]


His frantic resistance futile, in a blink of an eye, Onii-chan was forcefully dressed into the one-piece.

Right in the focal point of half-hearted gazes from me, Marriane-san, and also the speechless Nervia-san, Onii-chan’s short hair was also forcibly tied up with a ribbon into this “small thing” and his face flushed red with shame as he endured it there, trembling.

….. Dangerous, even it was a blunder, it made my heart throbbed a little.


「… Sefi, how is that?」

「Un… It is better than expected」



I exchanged a high five with mother, and deepened our bond as mother and child.

Huh, What is wrong, Onii-chan? There is a white version of you coming out of your mouth and it’s starting to float up towards the sky, you know? Where are you going?


When my attention was being stolen by Onii-chan who was dying with an awfully refreshed expression, I heard a 「gata」 sound coming from the front door.

When we turned our heads back, there was Peria-chan, the one who lent the clothes…

At the same time Onii-chan came back to his senses and the face that had already became deathly pale once became dyed bright red.

Putting her hand on her mouth, Peria-chan hesitantly allowed her gaze to wander around.


「… I, surely thought that the one to be dressed would be Sefi-chan…」

「Peria, This-this is a mistake!? No, it is not wrong, but, this is absolutely not that kind of thing!!」

「It is okay… Well, I won’t tell this, to everyone… Also, I am very tight lipped…」

「Peria, please listen to me for a moment! Ah, hey, don’t leave! Wait! Peria~!?」


Onii-chan was shouting and extending his hand toward Peria-chan who was dashing away, but unfortunately his request didn’t reach her.

Onii-chan crumbled down, broken hearted, while muttering something like 「Fu, fu fu… It is over…」 .[6]


Well, Peria-chan was smirking at the moment she left so… she probably understood the situation, and got carried away you know.

As expected of Peria-chan, what a frightening kid…! [7]


After that, Onii-chan became sullen for a while, but I told him that Peria-chan was joking and in addition I also questioned him,「Onii-chan, do you hate me …… ?」, with puppy-eyes, he patted my head and replied with「… N, not really 」.

… Fu fu, as I expected, Onii-chan is naively kind.



Fooling around like this with each other, laughing from the bottom of our heart with my beloved family, and then spending everyday surrounded by the villagers who can be considered my own family is really happiness, it is irreplaceable.

Though there are also times when living is hard, and also times when we must endure.

But, a day without any incidents in this broad place, without any ups and downs, this ordinary everyday life, I believe it precious from the bottom of my heart.


That is why, I hope from now on, beautiful and fun days like these, will continue forever …… [8]



The fool that I was, had truly believed that.



Author note: Next time would be the start of the battle.

It is already chapter 25 and the first battle is just about to start!?

Uwaah… Is my development too slow…?

Staff note :


[1] .(TL : even trap at his previous life ! DAMMIT ) (ED : Selvaria-sa—!! Welp, I almost mistook him as my waifu xD.. Rather than black isn’t it better if it is dark purple? Like one character who use a blade and is accompanied by a dog called Repede)
[2] . (TLC: I can see the nosebleed.)
[3] . (ED : Dude, you are exaggerating, there is no way that she can do that in a second) (TLC: Important, the author comically references tengen toppa guren lagan – tengen toppa = breaking through heaven.)
[4] . (TL : Buddhist prayer )
[5] . (TL:RIP) (ED : Just accept your fate, boya)
[6] .( TL : and so Onii-chan first love meet it’s end)
[7] . (TL : trying to find meme for this one =w=; , in the end didn’t found any