Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 023 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 2



Chief Bashbal jumped up, startled, and let out「Uhyoo!?」 in a pathetic voice when I called to him from about two metres behind.

Very, very slowly, the chief turned over to my direction somewhat timidly.

When I grinned and smiled at him, chief responded with a stiff smile.


「Hey~. What, are you doing?」

「O, ohh… This, this is, well, you know…」

「People who don’t answer immediately, I… hate that kind of people.」

「Hii!? P-please, pardon me!! It is regarding Nervia-dono, I’ve come here to make a request to Sefi-sama about her!!」

「… A request?」


As I inclined my head, chief repeatedly nodded his head while cold sweat dripped from his body.


「To be honest, I wish to talk ro Nervia-dono!」


「Instant reply!?」


For some reason, he squeezed out a hoarse voice while trying to appeal earnestly. [1]


「I, as a devout believer of the Hero’s Creed, wish to have a talk with Knight-dono from the military order!」

「Then, you will not babble anything about me, right?」

「… Of course not!」 [2]


Wasn’t there a bit of a time lag just now?


…… Well, I have already shown my true self to Nervia-san, so it will not cause much problems if she has a talk with the Chief.

Since I kept the secret that I could wield magic from Nervia-san and also chief, I suppose it would not be troublesome.


I stared at the sky, pretending I was giving it a thought. [3]


「Hmm. I guess it’s okay.」


I acted like I was still reluctant about it, then gave him my consent.

After expressing his gratitude with a「thank you very much!」, he immediately rushed into my residence. What a lively gramps.

Well, though he always causes me trouble, normally he is a kind gramps. I quite like him.

Moreover, he treasures everyone in the village and his judgment is always spot on, and that very judgment has saved this village from not a few dilemmas, or so I’ve heard.

… Regarding him losing control of himself, it’s not really that different from my mother.


As I thought those thoughts, I stood still for a moment, hesitating whether I should go back home or not, but in the end I slowly shuffled towards the house.

Then, the curiosity towards Chief and Nervia-san’s discussion led me to eavesdrop on them from the entrance door.



「… Ye-yes. So, the Creation Goddess giving a power to the chosen one, that kind of theory is the most likely… 」

「Then it means that the power dwells inside Hero-sama’s soul itself, could it be, it might not mean that it’s repeatedly reincarnated!?」

「Yes. So, maybe it is not impossible to have two people who bear the power of Hero-sama. 」

「 I see! In short, rather than being a “Hero-sama’s reincarnation”, Sefiria-sama is the Goddess-sama’s newly chosen one. He is “Hero-sama’s successor”, isn’t he? Ha ha ha~!! 」[4]


I violently opened the door with 「Ban!!」 sound, with a wide grinning smile and sunlight as my background. [5]

Then I pointed outside using my thumb and I said this with low voice.


「Bashbal. Come with me for a moment.」[6]


It seems that everything I had done before was still not enough to rehabilitate a religious fanatic.


… while giving Chief’s ●●● the ×××, I added some more △△ and then ○○○○ , since it wouldn’t be enough if not to that extent


On that day, Chief’s troubled voice resounded throughout the village all day long.

Notes :

[1] (TLC: Appeal as in request earnestly.)
[2] (TL: …….. RIP)
[3] ( TL : I found this line weird , because I TL this at night at rain)
[4] (TL : RIP) (ED : You dug your own grave, gramps.)
[5] (TL: or Crash! ! , BAM ! ! or Boom! ! …. the last one didn’t count.)
[6] (ED : Like a teacher giving punishment to his/her student.)