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Chapter 022 - 0 Years 10 Months pt 1 – Magic Experiment

——This time would be a magic experiment. It would be satisfying me if you could read it lightly. Soon, Sefi’s first battle will be coming.


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(ED : Magic explanation part 2. To avoid triggering any smoke detectors, it is advised to bring some water before reading this chapter… Are you ready?)




My house whose location is at the village’s outskirt, there is a copse of trees spreading at the back of it.

I don’t know whether the soil is not fertile or what, but the weeds grew scattered and the tree’s can be considered thin, also it’s not hard at all for me, a baby, to walk through it.

For that reason, I often slip out of the house, carrying myself on my feet to “a place” inside the forest.


「Then. Let’s start.」


An open place where within a radius of 5 metres virtually no vegetation grew, this is my “test site”.

Of course I would carefully pay attention to my surrounding while using fire, however, because I could use somewhat rough magics here, I ended up regularly visiting this place.

The test in this time is a syntax I named the『Trajectory Designator』.[1]


๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡[2]


This syntax is made to manipulate the manipulating the “trajectory/direction” by increasing or decreasing the numerical value.

Looks like I can make precise changes to the numbers inside the bracket. The default is set as (0, 0), but it seems that I can change the number until a maximum of (359, 359).[3]

As for those two numerical values, the left one defines the 「horizontal angle」while the right one,「vertical angle」. For example, if I were to set the numbers to (90, 90), then the command will be to aim「right 90 degrees, and up 90 degrees」. [4]


As for the meaning of「manipulating the trajectory/direction by increasing or decreasing the numerical value」…


In short, if I combined this “trajectory designator” with my first magic that「increases the amount of air pressure to make wind」, then it could become such a magic that 「increases the amount of the air pressure “only in a certain direction” to make a wind.」


When I set it on the default or (0, 0), the test resulted in the direction being set in a straight line drawn between the 「user’s head」 and 「magic invoking spot」.

Since I couldn’t invoke magic anywhere apart from the palms of my hand, when holding out my palms over my head and setting the direction at (0, 0), it came out just ahead… and when I put my arms horizontally, it will be directed in the direction my palms are facing when I set it as (0, 0). .[5]


Before I found this trajectory designator I picked up poring through spells from the grimoire, almost all of the offensive magic that I used became 「self-destruct skills.」 .[6]

Not only for the wind, even the earth, water, and also fire, when I increased the amount of them on the palm of my hand, they would disperse equally in every direction
Because of that, I thought that there might be a syntax to avoid that kind of risk somewhere, and I opened my eyes and continued my desperate search.


Until, just then, finally, I was able to discover it…!


As I took one deep breath, I aimed my right palm toward the tree fated to be the「 Target 」 .




ฎธๅ 風の槍 (Wind needle)╞ ข๏ฎค ╡

ใฉธค ฎธๅ ฬฎธคƂ

ฬฎธค ฿ ฬฎธค – σ₀₀₀Ƃ

ฬฎธค•๏โฎ€ธๅ ฿ ๏โฎ€ธๅ╞₀ͺ ₀╡Ƃ

โ€ๅษโธ ฬฎธคƂ



| Create a spell that controls an integer valued event and name it 「Wind Needle」


╞ receives nothing ╡

Name what is touching my hand as 「ฬฎธค」 and give it an integer value.

Add a value of 5000 in air pressure to 「ฬฎธค」, assign the new value to 「ฬฎธค」.

Trajectory calculation of the amount of substance is set as default, and assign as member of「ฬฎธค」

Display resulting 「ฬฎธค」 after calculation.




「『Wind Needle』(Clearance)


The amount of the air pressure around the palm of my hand began to increase, the wind howling with a sound like「Whooo!!」

And then the wind rushed forward with a decent momentum, making a direct hit to the「Target」tree. [7]

Branches yielded, bending down, and the leaves scattered around.

… Well, that would probably send a human tumbling down.


Moreover, despite that, I was almost unaffected by the wind. At most, it was like the wind brushed my cheeks, maybe? Something like that.

With this, even if I released fire magic, I would just end up with a bit of tingling on the palm of my hand from the heat produced.


By the way, the 「-」 which was an operation used for this wind magic has the same meaning as「to add」

And then, 「∸」 is for 「subtract」, 「∺」 is 「multiply」, while 「∹」 is 「divide」.

Generally, it is similar to the four arithmetical operations, but there are slight differences in each’s meaning.


Especially for the addition and multiplication, as the result, the amount of substances gotten will vary.

And somehow, when adding the air pressure, the air pressure which increased was generated from the previously existed surrounding air.

And then, when multiplying the air pressure, the pressurised air, is somewhat “stacked” upon the previously existing air. [8]

What seemed like a slight difference, actually had quite a considerable contrast.


Because, if I were to multiply the air pressure by 1000 fold, then the air which had been condensed by 1000 times would come out from the space the size the palm of my hand.

… if I invoked it without the trajectory designator, I think that it would make 「BAM!! 」 sound and my arm would be blown away along with it. (ドパンッ!! )
As expected, trajectory designator is amazing.


Before this, after the time when I had just learned about magic, I had only practiced the ones that didn’t come out from my hand since it would be dangerous otherwise.

For example, the bath from the other day, I used the magic which freezes the target.

By manipulating the defining information of the ‘property’ of the target, I used 「•ๅ€๓ฦ」 which controlled the temperature. By using that, producing ice was a walk in the park.

Moreover, if I could reduce the temperature, then it meant that I could also increase the temperature.


Besides that, 「•ฬ€ฎอใๅ」 which can control weight is quite useful and relatively safe for magic verification.

And also, I found this one along with the trajectory designator: it would be possible to increase the “width” with 「•╘๏¢ษญ╞₀╡」while firing these substances. I’ve become able to use a lot of convenient magic now.


Because of my occupational disease during my ‘black programmer’ time, or should I say it’s after-effect… my constitution ended up becoming 「once I saw a code, it would be forever burned on my retina」.

Therefore, I could invoke the spell that I’m familiar with to some extent without even taking a peek at the grimoire.

… That grimoire was father’s important thing, which is why I didn’t really want to carry it everywhere.


When I invoke magic, my head becomes somewhat dizzy.

It was similar to the event where after a while doing some brainwork, the brain would feel worn out …… maybe it can be described like that?

But the amount of the fatigue from recalling just a few lines of string is somewhat absurd, maybe this is something like a recoil after invoking the magic.

Perhaps this is the so called mana consumption.


Because there was a time in my past life when I was able to accomplish continually working for around 6 days nonstop, I had some resistance against mental fatigue.

Or maybe my mana capacity was big, I wondered.


After that I kept casting various magic, and I rounded up the experiment around the time when my head felt dizzy.

I leaked a very magician-programmer-like monologue,「I really want the “if” and “for” expressions for boolean conditions…」, and then, after walking through the deserted trees for about several minutes… the scene of my house that I was familiar with came into my sight.

「 …… Hmm?」


For some reason, I could see something under the shade of the tree near from my house.

When I looked closely, a figure could be seen lurking around to hide his body behind a tree.

I froze for a moment, but when I rubbed my eyes and tried to observe the figure carefully, somehow that silhouette seemed familiar.

… It was Chief Bashbal



Hmmm… even though I have already done “that” quite a number of times, he still has not learnt his lesson~ …… or perhaps, it had become a habit? [9]

As I rapidly removed the cold expression from my face, I made a detour and went a circle toward Chief Bashbal’s back.


Now, what should I do about him ….. [10]

Staff Note :


[1] . TL: better name? ;ED: This one? Dunno ;TLC: I think it’s fine.

[2] . TL : Look like emoticon here)

[3] . ED: There is no explanation why the maximum values are those and where the direction will begin is in here ; TLC: 360 is the degrees in a whole circle. Obviously 360 would bring u back to 0

[4] .TLC: This gives him an aiming range of a whole sphere.

[5] . ED: Looks like you need the third point, the location where the magic want to be invoked at, like 100m from you or what, maybe you need some helps from “Mahesvara” in order to master that, maybe you can learn Material Burst from him too

[6] . TL : I suppose, since he doesn’t point where the magic shall come out, all the attack magic he uses, come to attack himself. ;ED: Kamikaze bomber??? ;TLC: More like dangerous elements way too close for comfort.

[7] . ED : Sefi the Airbendero_O

[8] . ED : So it means that the accumulated wind from before didn’t disperse and then it became multiplied in the second one?

[9] ED : Welp, maybe he is coming for more? I don’t know that the Chief is such a M

[10] . TL: RIP, Bashbal, also my brain =-=; ;ED : Rest In pieces Chief ;TLC: C++ fried brains this time…