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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 002 - 0 Years 4 Months

What you call baby would at most, suckle for milk, cry, sleep, or leak… they can only do things like that.

However, naturally I won’t do something like cry unreasonably. I am already at that age you know!

And then when I am hungry I just start sucking at her breasts, when wet my pants I don’t panic or make any fuss, i just keep it to myself.

If I were do these poorly, they might think of me as a demon’s child ….. it’s not that I hadn’t thought about that, but I can just show them my smiling face and they will treat me like an angel.

Mufufu. Adults are easy.[1]
Our village was poor, and none among those wooden houses in a row had a glass window.

And obviously, soundproofing was nonexistent – the village didn’t even have the “proof” half of the word.[2]

Therefore, when in some house somewhere a baby was born, their neighbour must prepare for the coming sleepless nights due to the baby crying.

However! If we are talking about that, I am as quiet as can be.

Ever since I got my memory back , I have never ever cried.

At first mother was rather vigilant about my lack of night crying and could only sleep lightly, but now she’s sound asleep every time. She won’t wake up even when I sucked at her breasts.

Because of that everyone from the neighbourhood were in a good mood, and I always get pampered by everyone.

As for me being pampered by everyone, I have a few cute faces to use for that end.

Also, I only have less than 7 years to become『a prodigy』.

For that purpose, I lavish a lot of charm onto a lot of people to attract them together, desperately absorbing their words.

The results were amazing!

Now that my age is 4 months, I can already understand most of the conversations happening around me.

I had never learnt any foreign languages before in my previous life… even I was surprised. If faced by death, nothing is impossible I suppose.

Or maybe, it was thanks to baby brain’s amazing plasticity for absorbing information?

Could it be, I actually have a hidden genius power… nope, yup , definitely not.

Ah, and besides that, I am not having any lack of practice talking.

At first I was bewildered by a baby’s tongue and mouth, but I’m now starting to be able to say word-like sounds without lisping.

And anyway, for the me who was just a 4 month infant, something like 「Mother, I am hungry, please expose your breast in front of me」 was something that must not be said.

The only things appropriate for a baby were stuff like 「ha-i」, 「cha – n」 or 「babuー」, stuff like that… And somehow, every sunday evening strange sounds similar to a baby’s footsteps can be heard.

For your information, the first word I tried to say was 『I’m the greatest under heaven and earth』.

……… there’s no other meaning you know? Yes, it’s because I’m modest!

Eventually I want to learn how to read and write… but there was no one in our village that can do either.

I am sure that they can at least read some simple flags or a signboard but… I doubt that even the village chief Bashbal could make heads or tails out of a book.[3]

Because of that, I would often sneak into dad’s room to take that one book out of the desk drawer and try to read it .

According to what Mother said, father can’t read books. This book was a memento of sorts that his friend left for him, therefore it was not like the contents of the book didn’t mean anything .

However that also meant that I didn’t know what kind book this was, and with no hint I can’t even start to guess as to the meaning of the words.

……. God has died.

Putting that aside, on the topic of – is there anything else that I must do?- then the answer is none. At most, I just needed search for mother when I get hungry.

For the sake of become muscular, as soon as I could barely see through my eyes, I have frantically been moving my body. Because of this, I can now already move by crawling.

If there was something like『baby muscularity rankings』might I become the winner?

So, while the muscular me totteringly crawled around this small house, apart from mother, my eyes met with my other family member’s.

That little boy with thick honey like blonde hair and sharp eyes.

He is my brother, Roguna-kun.


When I entered Onii-chan’s field of vision, he just glared at me with a rather scowling expression… am I hated?

It’s not like he’s been talking behind my back or anything like that, maybe he was just feeling the typical childish jealousy.

Now Onii-chan’s age is just above 3 years old. Even though he is at the age where he wants to be spoiled, mother is turning her attention away towards me, who is just a newborn.

And since I’m an abnormally easy to handle baby, I think that despite mother giving him a lot of attention as well, it still made him unpleased.

Well, he’s been monopolizing this beauty of a mother all this time. It was inevitable.

Moreover, different to Onii-Chan, I am being super pampered by entire village.

Anyhow, I’ve always tried to please everyone with my charms. I was brandishing it to the point it can be considered「terrorism」.[4]

Thanks to this, I’m in high demand …….. no, maybe idol level …….. better yet, an angel!

My baby power is more than 530,000. For Onii-Chan who always wore his sullen face and had bad social abilities, our levels are too different! Ho – ho ho! (PR: imagining generic anime noble girl laugh. Haha)

Even today, just as I moved slightly away from the house, the senior couple gramps and granny, my mom and some other girls about the same age as her, even little children started to shower me with affection.

From Onii-Chan’s point of view, this little brother who had been born after me, was probably snatching away mom and all people from village from him, or something like that .

For me, who in my previous life had nobody love me, or anybody help me and spent all his time overworked in loneliness, this was a heaven sent life.

That is why, I desire love more than anyone else, desperately.

Then, another thing that I’ve learnt was, 『if we are to give all of our love earnestly, the other side will love you back !』

Given that I gave my all to getting closer to the ones who don’t like me so much, I’m sure I’ll penetrate their defences eventually.[5]

If you look from my side who’s giving my all, all I could say was that Onii-Chan’s effort in getting love was not nearly enough.

Onii- Chan, this world is the survival of the fittest. For the one who’s cannot flatter others, he is only going to be eliminated you know? Fu fu fu ~.

Today as well, I was charming all the villagers through my love-love aura. Eat this, love me beam!

Ah, it’s nice having everyone love me! Ahahaha!

Notes :

[1] (TL: You’re an adult as well right? Right~?)

[2] (PR: Originally a pun where soundproofing was made up of the characters for “ward”, “sound”, “equipment” and the author said that the “ward” wasn’t there. Very punny author Takami.) (TL: thanks , I don’t even know what that word mean after all =w= )

[3](PR: It can be Bashubal or Bashbal as well…)(TL : let’s go with Bashbal then , since it’s have less word :>)

[4](PR: of cuteness.) (TL: I hated by a little kids for some reason , and if I saw kids like this maybe I’ll pampered him/her too)

[5] (PR to TL, delete after reading: Honenuki means to remove the bones(literal) and soften up (figurative) in this case. Fish without bones=flexible lol.) (TL : Thanks :>)