Rebirth Online World

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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 019 - 0 Years 9 Months pt 6

When mother and Nervia-san went to work in the village after lunch, only me and Onii-chan were left at home. It’s been a while since we were alone together.
Even though he cared about me when everyone avoided me, Onii-chan started to act cold again when that kind of treatment was over; that was why I had been waiting for this kind of chance.

I sidled closer towards Onii-chan and then started the conversation with an angelic smile.

「Onii-chan, what kind of games do you play with everyone?」
「Eh? Ah~, uh… it’s nothing particularly great or anything.」[1]

While averting his eyes towards my sudden question, he replied with a somewhat vague answer.
His reply shocked me. [2]

O… Onii-chan, is keeping a secret from me… [3]

As I responded with 「E-eh… Is that so~ ….」 while pretending like it was nothing, I turned my face away so that he won’t notice my trembling.

At that time, the unpleasant memories from my previous life resurfaced in my mind.
The feeling of being unneeded, unloved, helpless, and living alone until I finally died from overwork.[4]

Did I do something wrong to Onii-chan…? Perhaps, he is angry at me because of something?
… am I hated… by my own family?

N-no no! Even though we are family and siblings, it doesn’t mean that we have to tell each other everything!
After all, it is not like I am that interested in what games Onii-chan plays anyway.
It was just a topic to start the conversation and that question was the one I randomly chose.
Even that I have one, two or even a hundred things that I’m keeping a secret from Onii-chan. [5]
That is why, it is not like, I’m concerned… about that… [6]

「I-I understand! I will tell you! So, don’t make that face!!」

As Onii-chan said so, he gently patted my head.
Eh, he is not angry…? He doesn’t hate me?

「Ehe, ehehe… okay~」

While reflecting on myself for doubting my own family, I let out a broad smile from surging happiness I felt.

Then Onii-chan muttered「You really resemble Ka~ chan, huh…」while sighing.
Eh, what do you mean by that? Am I that troublesome?

Or rather, I didn’t intend to make such an awful expression at all.
No, the truth is, I’m believe Onii-chan actually wanted to tell me about it too. I am sure about that.
Onii-chan is not very honest, is he~ . Onii-chan, you tease. [7]

As Onii-chan became silent and sighed, he became a bit embarrassed and turned his face away while saying this in a low voice.

「… It was sword fighting, you know.」
「Sword fight? 」

Sword fighting is, perhaps that is the thing when you strike each other with a stick?
Perhaps this kind of children games are popular in this world. But, I think that playing tag or hide and seek would be more fun.

When I curiously stared at Onii-chan’s face from the side, Onii-chan responded with a glance back at my own.

「… It’s because, Sefi can wield magic…」

Magic? Because I can use magic?
For a moment, I couldn’t understand what Onii-chan had said, but then grasped what he meant.

At first, Onii-chan didn’t want me to become a magician.
The reason was he had heard magicians could be thrown into the war even though they were still children.
And Onii-chan had promised father that he would protect both me and mother.
As for father, he promised that he would stop the war before we became adults, but we couldn’t predict the future.
For that reason, Onii-chan has prepared himself that someday he would take a role of a soldier.
Maybe at that time, I would also have to participate in the war.

That was why, to fulfil his promise with father, he wanted to at least obtain a strength to protect me in the battlefield… am I right?

Come to think of it, the time when Onii-chan started to play outside was around one week ago…
Wasn’t that the first time I learnt magic…

Fu~ n?


「What is wrong with your face! Don’t you smirk! Say it out loud if you have something to say!」
「Ooooh, Niiii~~~, Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!」

I couldn’t control my joy. I raised my voice and then dove into Onii-chan’s chest.
Although Onii-chan said something like 「O, Oi, let go, stupid! 」 , of course I pretended not to hear it.

Forgive me, Onii-chan! I am sorry for doubting our family bonds even for just a moment!
I will also work hard in order to protect Onii-chan too! That is why, someday, please become my knight!!

After that, till mother came back home to check on us, I was following Onii-chan everywhere he went.
Though Onii-chan was exhausted and dead eyes could be seen from him, I was sure that he was delighted.

Then, for mother who were seeing our intimate state, she puffed up her cheeks.
…Hmm? I think that there is none of that type of person around me, but why do I feel this feeling of déjà vu…?
Where have I seen it before? I think it has happened before, just recently…
Eh, Onii-chan? What’s with that look? Why are you looking at me?

[1] (ED : Onii-chan: “Hi-mi-tsu” *wink*)
[2] (TL : Onii-chan, you, two timer!! )
[3] (TL : yandere flag )
[4] (ED : Forever alone)
[5] (TL : I afraid he’ll become Yandere in the future, Oh~ but I love yandere so it’s okay ~)
[6] (ED: someone goes tsundere here~~ the bro-con is strong here) (TLC: The decidedly ambiguous gender the author has made Sefi in his previous life is boggling my mind… I see him so girly-yandere-tsundere here… Damn you author.)

[7] (TLC: The more I read… the more Oiki Chihaya resembles a girl… but until the author declares it otherwise, he/she is a Hideyoshi.)