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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 018 - 0 Years 9 Months pt 5

Three days have passed since Nervia-san came to stay at our house.

Early morning, evening, night and then midnight, she patrols the village surroundings four times a day. [1]
Even in her free time, she actively helps with the work in the field and diligently assists in chopping the wood.
With her enthusiasm and diligence, coupled with her sociable nature, it did not take long for her to win everyone’s trust and be nicknamed as “Neru-chan.”

At night… since there is no clocks around here, I don’t know the specific time, but it is likely around 9 o’clock.
As the clattering sound of metal resounded in the village Nervia-san came back from her patrol.

「I, I have… returned.」

The one who opened the entrance door while servilely bowing her head was Nervia-san. It looked like that she still isn’t very accustomed to living here.
I, mother and also Onii-chan answered her with a「welcome back.」

Nervia-san showed her amazement when she saw me relaxing.

「Se, Sefi-sama… What are you doing with that?」
「It’s a bath, you know?」

I had put hot water inside an unused bucket then submerged my whole body inside it.
The bucket was not really that big, but it was spacious enough for a baby.[2]
It was so relaxing that unconsciously I released a「ha-fu ~ 」 sigh; the fatigue from this day was washed away.
I’m going to do this everyday~.

Ah, by the way I don’t know the reason she’s calling me 「Sefi-sama.」
At first she intended to call me 「Sefiria Onee-sama」, but, after I mentioned that that was too much, she compromised to「Sefi-sama.」[3]
… I think she hasn’t met with the chief yet, right?

Let’s put those things aside for now.
After hearing about the bath, Nervia-san instantly understood about what that is as she said 「I see……」Afterwards she looked around our house for a bit, and turned her body towards mother.

「Uh, Umm. May I ask where to boil water…?」

Mother who received that kind of question made a troubled expression and glanced at me instead.
Uh… right, that question is a bit troublesome.

I’m addressing Nervia-san by「Onee-chan」so, [4]
「That is still a secret.」
「Eh? … a secret… is it??」
「That is right. I’m sorry I can’t tell you.」
「N-no, it is okay! If it is a secret then it can’t be helped!」

What a really honest girl. Isn’t she too much of a good kid?
Keeping a secret from her did prick my heart a little bit, but I’d also feel sorry for the shock she’ll get if I told the truth.

「Sefi-sama, may I wash your back ?」
「Is that okay? Ehehe, thank you, Onee-chan ! 」

When she’s around me, looks like Nervia-san can relax a bit.
As she gently scrubbed my back with dish cloth with a grin, I couldn’t feel any of the gloomy atmosphere from the time when she first arrived.
Surely, this is her original facial expression.
I think because that she has had some bitter memories before coming, she wants to at least be able to enjoy life here.

While I was thinking about such things, mother asked Nervia-san who was washing my back with her armor, which made clattering sounds.

「Neru-chan, so you really won’t take off the armor?
「Eh, ah, of course not! B-because I don’t know when the robbers might invade after all…!」

It is a good thing for you to take this seriously, but it might be better for you to relax your shoulders a little.
U~n… those robbers, I don’t think they even exist… [5]

[1] (ED: early morning~~ I got Monalisa by my side, what’s the story behind that devious smile~~)
[2] (TL: I tried to draw this scene :9 )
[3] (ED : W-Wh-Whhaaaaattt??? Onee-sama? An older woman using Onee-sama for a baby? Not only that, the baby is also a boy… Looks like I have a fever on me, need to take a rest)
[4] (TL : SEFI IS STARTING TO SEDUCE WOMEN! ) (ED: Hasn’t he already raised a flag on her? Though I don’t know what or which country’s flag he raised) (TLC: This is plain confusing. Girl->Died->Reincarnated->Boy->Looks like girl…)
[5] (TL : that day, Sefi got another grim reminder…)