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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 017 - Sefiria Chapter 1 – 17 (0 years 9 months pt 4 )

Immediately after mother left the house, I crawled closer to Nervia-san.
When Nervia-san who was still in the middle of having lunch realized that, she let out a 「Ngu ! ? 」sound like she was choking.

Hmm, since she is still eating, then maybe it is better not to bother her yet.
While waiting for Nervia-san to finish her food, I continued to stare upwards at her from the floor.
Maybe Nervia-san is bothered by my gaze, she always glances over here every 3 seconds, and strangely, she was sweating.

Soon after she finished eating, it looked like she was confused as to what do with the dishes.
Actually, it would be okay not to do anything about it… Well, for a princess who has been living in the imperial capital, she probably doesn’t understand something like washing dishes in a poor village.

Before long, I began to make my move toward Nervia-san.

「Uu~, uu~! 」
「Eh, eh!? What is wrong!? Is there anything that’s making you uncomfortable, princess!?」

… I am not a princess. [1]

I was moaning while presenting both of my hands to Nervia-san, making a gesture which implied「Hug ! 」to her. [2]
Though I was straightly looking into her eyes, she gave a reply after restlessly looking around, saying 「Eh, me!?」. No, who else is there besides you.

「 U~h! 」
「Aaaah! I understand, sorry! Please don’t be angry!」

While Nervia-san was panicking to the extent that it’s pitiable, she stood up from her seat and stretched her hands out towards me.
… But, just before she touched me, she murmured「Ah 」and then retracted her hands.

「I-it might hurt if I still have my gloves on…. and the sword is dangerous too… b-but if I take them off…」
「Uu~!!」 [3]
「Uwah! Forgive me, I will immediately take them off!!」

Nervia-San’s promptly removed her gloves, her elbow guards, her breastplate and also her sword, changing into her casual clothes with much clattering.
She didn’t wear anything except black underwear beneath her armour… [4]
… Eh, what enormous breasts she has there!! [5]

「Uh, Umm, Sefi… chan…? I am sorry, pardon me okay…?」

Nervia-san, with that somewhat frightened attitude, softly lifted me up and then gently carried me.
She carefully handled me like glassware, so serious so that she wouldn’t commit any mistake; it looks like she is revealing her true character.

I showed her my