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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 015 - 0 Years 9 Months pt 2

Shortly after that, lunch time arrived and the neighborhood Onee-chans, including Peria-chan, returned to their houses for lunch.
My ear caught something right before they left; one of the girls murmured「it is really terrible」. I wondered what could it mean…?

Let’s leave that for now. As I looked at mother’s happy face while sucking her breast, mother caressed my silver hair; it looked like she remembered something and started to say what’s on her mind.

「Come to think of it, just now I overheard something. It seems that Knight-sama is coming to this village this time, you know?」
「You know, a famous person from the Empire. I hear he’s a member of the country’s military order. 」

Military order… somehow it gives me a bad vibe.
After all, just a few days ago I had our religious fanatic punished… ehem, I mean a friendly talk over, which is why I don’t want to hear anything about this religious talk anymore.
Just in case, I will bet at this little chance and try to confirm this.

「… Is this about the『Heroes creed』?」
「Ye, yes. It seems so.」

What else could I have expected…
It is the biggest sect after all. It’s within expectations that they will hold a lot of influence within the empire.
Furthermore, right now in the middle of war… They would be longing for the appearance of a Hero.

「Bu, but, you know, they dispatched the Knight-samas this time to eliminate the robbers.」

Ah, come to think of it, there was that rumour. Was it about around 2 months ago?
I haven’t heard about that problem at all recently, so I thought that they had already been caught… but they’re still there huh.

「About that, how many people are coming?」
「That is, only one I hear 」

One person!? They only dispatched one person for a robber supression!?
What is this? ……. Perhaps, it will leave a stain on their name if they left the violent acts of these thieves alone forever so they will ‘deal’ with them as a formality, maybe that is their plan.
If that is true, then the imperial is really black huh …… maybe it would be better if I didn’t become a noble.

Ah, by the way, I’m still hiding the fact about I could wield magic from the villagers; of course I didn’t report it to the empire either. Thus, I’m not holding any court rank peerage.
At first, because mother danced enthusiastically on my first time using magic, it looks that I would be thrown into war… I had already given up halfway.
But Onii-chan, vehemently opposed the idea of me becoming a magician and said…

「If you become magician, you won’t be able meet Oka-san ever again…」

… something like that. In response, mother firmly said「Don’t tell anybody about this, okay!」with serious face. …The speed of her hands was so fast, so quick that it looked like a sonic boom might come out. [2]

Though it seemed like that mother had never seriously intended to make me a magician from the very start.
However, if I had ever done something amazing, she couldn’t shake off the tension and ended up rampaging. [3]

Well~, because of that, right now it is still undecided whether I will become a noble or not.
Due to that reason, I can’t welcome the knight, or should I say the imperial dog, into this village , especially if he is follower of the hero religion!
…… Before that knight comes, maybe I should tie and lock “it” in the basement… No , I won’t say who ‘it’ is. Basb… ehem!

And then, 3 days after.
I was very surprised seeing the knight who came to our village.

「Uh, uuuuuum, that is, n-nice, to meet chu…!」

That knight-sama was, just a timid girl whose appearance was similar to a senior high school student. [4]

[1] (TL: or should I write “Lord soldier”? Which is better?) (TLC: knight should be left as knight. Now should we leave the -sama there or not?)
[2] (ED: I thought it was sonic blow for a second)
[3] (TLC: Godzilla rawr.)
[4] (ED: So our MC is surrounded by girls of every age, isn’t he? Mother = junior high school student, Knight = senior high school student, Peria = primary school student, Marianne = College student?) (TLC: Peria = 4 years old = kindergarten no?)