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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 014 - 0 Years 9 Months pt 1

It appears that there there isn’t anything like the four seasons here and the temperature differences seem to be subtle as well.

It has already been 9 months passed since my birth and I had thought it to be weird that neither summer nor winter had come, but I understood after hearing an explanation from Onii-chan.


However, recently I feel that it has become somewhat cooler.

I’ve put on an extra layer on the top of my usual thin clothes, and right now I am playing house with the Onee-chans from the neighborhood.


Yes, ever since『 the disappearance of Onii-chan incident 』 , at first it felt like that the villagers were keeping a distance from me, but finally they ended that kind of act!


The culprit, was Chief Bashbal.



On that day, I stopped pretending to be a baby in order to search for Onii-chan .

As a devout believer of 「Hero Religion」, the chief had become overjoyed and had gathered every head of each household to hold a meeting.

He then preached to them about how qualified I was as a Hero and my overflowing talents, in other words he completely brainwashed everyone.

Especially the elders, as they already had a hunch even before Chief’s explanations, they immediately believed that I was a Hero and didn’t doubt it even a little.


And for those who had participated in the meeting, they told their own families that that kid was special, different from the normal kids, so it would be rude to be too familiar towards him and if by any chance he got hurt, it would be a big offence against the world. The result was everyone began to keep a distance from me as a result of those excessively thorough instructions.


… When Marianne-san secretly informed me about this, I immediately stood up and visited Chief’s house to engage in 『friendly discussion』.

Yes, I really went to have a really friendly discussion.

There was no threatening or cornering involved, it was a very friendly discussion []

It was a friendly, amiable, full of composure talk, with no offensive language involved, from the beginning to the end.


By the way, on a different topic, it seems that the Chief has been staying in bed recently.

That’s worrisome.



Well, because of that, right now many people started to visit my house again like before, but…


「Haai, Sefi-Chan. Oppai here~~」

「… y, ya-y 」



Peria-chan who was playing the mother role, with not a shred of embarrassment stripped off her tunic and exposed her chest.

Though I tried to show that I felt happy about it, I really don’t know what the right thing to do would be.

Should I suck it? Is it even fine to suck the breast of the 4 years old kid?



As I timidly peeked at Peria-chan’s expression, mama Peria grinned and pushed the tip of her breast onto my cheeks.

… Looks like to suck is the right answer. What an immoral thing to do…


That might be so but I hesitated, while feeling somewhat sorry if I refused, so I reluctantly opened my mouth.[6]

As I being careful to do that because my front teeth had already been growing a bit, Mother Peria’s nipples… [7]


… just when I wanted to put it into my mouth, I felt something cold run down my back and I immediately turned around.


The one who entered my line of sight was mother, who was supposed to be helping out in the field, peeking with bloodshot eyes onto us from the entrance.

Eh, what? What kind of look is that? Why is she glaring at me?

Don’t tell me… Mother, you didn’t get jealous over a 4 year old kid, did you!?


As I once more brought my mouth closer to Peria-chan’s breasts…




Mother let out a small cry.


Ah, she’s completely burning with jealousy! It is the look of「how can you suck another woman breasts!」

Mother, it is childish you know! Even though your figure is similar to junior high school student, can you have a little bit more composure!?


In the end, I separated from Peria-chan without sucking her breast, then I called out 「Oka~san ! 」 with a full-face smile.

The moment after, mother rushed over to me and her previous expression changed to a smile that seemed to melt, and she then whispered words of love while rubbing her cheeks onto mine.


As for the Peria-chan who saw that, she shrugged her shoulders with a「yare yare」-like feeling while smiling a bit wryly. [8]

Mother, you lost!! Defeated by a 4 year old kid at something so human!?[]


[1] (TLC: Originally Bashubaru, blame Japs for their lack of an L consonant.)
[2] (TL: this kid make people hard to believe it ) (ED: Like a Boss!) (TLC: I can already imagine the sinister/innocent smile…)
[3] (TL: No, something must have happened in your “peaceful discussion” , you …. Trap!) (ED: Now the score is, Chief 0 while Sefi 1, can Sefi raise his score higher? Just stay tuned!)
[4] (TL : I want to keep it ~ ) (ED : This kind of event amazes me?) (TLC: hentai tendencies? More like u wanna touch it, yes TLer? *insert trollface.)
[5] (TL: NO) (ED: OMG, it’s a 4 year old girl, she wouldn’t have developed those kind of things, would she? So it can be said that breast = chest, and also it looks like Sefi is being considerate here.. xD) (TLC: You forget that’s an Ossan in his 30s there…)
[6] (TLC: I can’t look! Kyaaah!)
[7] (TLC: That doesn’t justify it!!!)
[8] (TLC: Watchers of Jojo should know what yare yare is. Yare yare…)(TL : Kyon-kun catchphrase)
[9] (ED: This yandere family never ceases to amaze me)