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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 011 - 0 Years 7 Months pt 7

Wait just a second… being treated as a hero even though I still can’t wield any magic, isn’t this a little bit too strange?


I was first confused due to this sudden hero-treatment. However shortly after I rethought about it.

Even though this was rather unexpected, isn’t this a great situation I can take advantage of?


When people get to know me who was being hailed to be a hero, then maybe an opportunity to promote myself to the empire might just come by.

Having the average intelligence of an adult though still a baby… this will be a huge topic.


Maybe there will be an eccentric rich guy who will be my patron in raising me into a future magician, that kind of possibility is not impossible.

Since if I were to even temporarily enter the military, I will not be left alone for sure.


Besides, even those sweet possibilities did not happen, if the villagers have expectations that I will become a hero that will save the world, maybe they will donate their money so I can go to school.

This is certainly not just some optimistic prediction of the future. I believe that it will happen if I intentionally guide them.

After seeing the elders prostate themselves in front of a baby, I have just realised that these old men and women who were born and raised in countryside possessed such strong faith.


However, just one wrong move and something terrible may happen instead.


If everything were to occur like how I want it, I should be able to get the education to become a magician.

However, what will happen if the timing was bad and the situation at war worsened?


The impatient empire would try to drive in as much magic information into me, who is both a magician and hero candidate with great haste.

Then, if I can’t fully grasp the understanding of magic when they already placed their high expectations on me, what sort of treatment will they have for me I wonder.

In the worst case, in the case I learn magic half-baked, when that happens, to improve the course of war, I am sure that they will throw me into it.

After all, they still have high expectations because of the hero thing. There is no mistake that they will gleefully send me to war.


The only future that lies before me when that happens, is the honour of dying in battle by doing a suicidal attack.

I politely refuse that kind of future. Dog-like deaths should be left to the country loving dogs. [1]


The future that I’m aiming for —— is to live leisurely, without work and inconvenience.

While being surrounded by father, mother and Onii-chan, living happily together is my dream.


Being something like a magician, is just one of many ways I can use to fulfil that dream. I think like that because it is the most realistic way for now, but it’s not like I was that obsessed about it.

Instead of that, if I carelessly become a magician just to get promoted into an elite, I’m sure that they will work me hard till death as the Empire’s dog.

I think that they will use me with caution if I became a magician, but I am also sure that if the state of war worsened, regardless how precious a person is, the empire will surely sacrifice them to protect themselves. …except for the royalty.


When I thought about it like that, the obsession towards becoming a magician inside of me started to diminish.

Ironically, now that the situation allows me to become a magician, the passion towards it has already cooled down.


After all, there is still about 6 years left for me to live as a『Prodigy』, it may be good to search for other steady ways to live.

There is really no need for me to charge into a high risk-high return path.

At least, let’s wait and see for a little bit longer, perhaps I should wait until the human race could fully seize control of the course of war.


I feel like, if I were to use my knowledge as a modern Japanese, I’m sure I’ll have a one or two ways to get people to work for profit under me me if I think hard enough.

If I succeed earning money just once, I could use the profit as capital to develop new businesses. Then I could repeat that process, even making the capital my home …… it would no longer be just another absurd daydream.


… Though, it will be bone-breaking work to convince the Chief and the elders who have practically become zealots that I am not a hero. I must say that I think it will be impossible to convince them otherwise.

On the other hand, if I decided not to completely deny them the possibility I was a hero, it could keep my family in the villagers good books and get them a better position within.


While looking at the view of Chief Bashbal’s shining crown as he prostrated himself in front of me, I closed this topic with a very baby-like phrase.

Thus, neither choosing to accept or deny it, I decided on this option.


I jumped into Onii-chan’s chest who’s been right beside me glancing this way with a worried look, and then with moist upturned eyes said this in a spoiled tone.


「Onii-chan… I am scared…」 (TL : Sefi used PLEA)


The effect was instant. (TL : It is super effective)

Onii-chan immediately hugged me tightly and shouted at the chief and elders. (TLC: Roguna has been charmed)


「What hero?! Don’t scare Sefi!! 」 (TL : Onii-chan used ROAR.)

「Ro, Roguna… but it is…」(TL : Chief resisted ROAR.)

「Go home! Sefi is still a baby! Don’t blabber such weird things to him!!」 (TL : Onii-chan used ROAR.)

「U, umu…」 (TL : It’s super effective! TLC: Chief has fled.)[2]


As expected, against the assumptions of these kinds of people, rather than using logic and talking things out, looks like it is more effective to leave it to Onii-chan who follows his emotions and didn’t want to hear what the other side said.


There was also my executed scared pose; with this the chief and his entourage have withdrawn for today.

Nevertheless, it seems that this appearance that resembles a girl has some great merits I can take advantage of. Fu fu fu .

Onii-chan, I’m sorry for taking advantage of you. I will make sure we have a good life in the future, so forgive me okay. …but, don’t get tricked by mischievous women, okay.


For now, I think I will decipher the grimoire bit by bit during my leisure time, but I have decided that I will have search for futures that don’t involve becoming a magician.


I just decided… but to say that it was on the whim of the goddess of fate, how should I put it…


Immediately after that, I experienced having the whole world know me as the invincible


[1] (TLC: I took some liberties w/ the dog comment but u get what I mean)

[1] (TL: I’m gonna delete this later, TLC: but it’s cute :3 TL: let’s keep it then :>)