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Prodigy Sefiria’s Program to Overthrow the Higher Ranks

Chapter 001 - 0 Years 2 Months —— Prodigy Sefiria


Work, was something to be searched for without fear of death.[1]

The second time I came to this world was inside a small village with around 30 person living in there.


The village location was roughly a 3 day trip by carriage away from the 『Beorant Imperial capital』, which had a population of roughly twelve thousand people… The village was unbelievably, incredibly remote.


Furthermore, almost all of the men were absent, enlisted to the human-demon race war. So now, most, if not all the households were in dire straits.


The remaining women and elderly, through helping one another, managed to get by in a hand to mouth existence.


「Sefi? Sefi~?」


Towards that familiar voice, I looked away from the opened book on the floor towards the sound.

The sounds of footsteps headed my way and just when it ended, a girl’s face suddenly peeped in.


She looked like a junior high school student but, this year she is already turning 19 yeas old.

Although it was nothing flashy, she had semi-long, almost transparent blonde hair that suited her own beauty. Her purple eyes that looked like jewels were really pretty.


「Mou, you’re in dad’s room as expected.」[2]


Saying that, she — who was my mother, Masya-san —– showed a troubled smile.

Her hands gently stretched out and easily lifted me up, then she put the book back into the desk drawer.


Ah! It was reaaaaaally hard to take that out with this body!


Seeing my sullen face, mom gently stroked my platinum blonde hair.


「It’s still to early for Sefi to be reading books. Let’s read it when you become a little bigger okay?」


Mom’s words were, definitely true, in the first place I couldn’t read any of those words .

Well, in this poor village, they might not even have anyone who could read.


「Really, already engrossed by books at this age, I wonder who do you take after?」


That “this age” phrase was something I want to retort back to mother…

I mean, no matter how you see it, a junior high student…! Not to mention, she’s already a mother of two, of course anyone would be taken aback.

… no matter how you think about it, my father was a lolicon .


And just like what mother had said, a child that showed strong interest in books was definitely unusual.

Why? In this world, they didn’t even have the concept of compulsory education .

So for the poor people who don’t have much money, not even an adult can read, write, or do simple arithmetic..


But, I was different.

Because I had the memories from living in japan as 『Oiki Chihaya』.


Be it fate or mistake, I retained my “previous life’s memory”.


The language used was different, because of that my Japanese reading and writing didn’t mean much here … But my basic language ability should be plenty.

Arithmetic, chemistry, history about the paths carved out by previous pioneers and even the skills that I developed as a working adult when I entered into society: everything was still engraved in my head.


Because the general knowledge level around me was low , if I were to use this knowledge from my past life it should be enough to raise my position… probably.


However, negligence is forbidden.

Certainly if you were to see my situation right now, I have far more knowledge than the people in my surroundings.

Having said that, our great pioneering predecessors had left us with these great words.


『10 years a prodigy, 15 years talented and past 20 years you’re just normal』


In regards to praise towards those of young age, it is always followed by the phrase “at that age.”

At that age, that is smart .

At that age, that is a good drawing

At that age, that is already a splendid way of thinking .

But most will consider it normal for adults who had accumulated enough experience to be able to do all that.


Because of that, for the sake of my future I won’t skimp on the studying and self improvement!


….. The me in my past life, couldn’t see beyond what was in front of my eyes.

Because I always got full marks on primary school, it made me misunderstand and think: 「eh , am I a genius!?」 and that made me suffer in middle school.

In high school and university never did I take studying and club activities seriously, afterwards taking the exams and job hunting became quite difficult.

After when finally i got a unofficial job offer at some company, it ended up that company was one that exploited it’s employees, and at the end, after being worked figuratively to death…

That’s right, I don’t remember the moment of my death but…..


It was probably “death from overwork”.


Because of that, I cannot make any mistakes! I bet on this horrible previous life memory of mine, absolutely!

Once a person works, they lose! That’s the truth of the world!


But if one was content with a poor life, they’re third-rate.

First-class is without work, yet living luxuriously… that’s the best. Niyari. [3]

I’ll make the imperial capital ‘my home.’


So for that reason, I can’t do things slowly.

Because, a “prodigy” could do a lot.

『The appearance of genius baby?! 』 that kind of newsworthy topic, the younger I was the more effective it will be.


In this world, both girls and boys were considered adult when they reached 15. In short, I must consider that『15 years you’re just normal』.

Thus, the title of prodigy only lasts before 7. And then talented before 11.

I can’t waste any precious time!


At present, I’m a 3 month infant since my birth as 『Sefiria』. I was born into this world as a boy.

For the sake fulfilling my ambition to become great, I was currently suckling at my mother who’s looked like she belonged in junior high school.

Remaining time to achieve『Prodigy』, currently 7 more years.

Notes :

[1] (PR: The meaning of 死ぬことと見つけたり is very deep. (Reference Here)

[2] (PR: Mou, as in, like …. a sighing expression.)

[3] (TL: sfx for smiling PR: *Grin).